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  1. man there are so many chums there as we speak its outragoius. dont even go to hood sport or chico creek fish here no people whatso ever must be a 1000 of them in front of the creek. nailing chums with out a sole on a public beach doesnt get any better than that ill be there till about 11:00 in the morning so stop by ill probaly be the only one there. i know the canal for chums and this is the number 1 public place i can think of for the numbers of fish to fisherman. i was laughing like a little kid. later hope to see one of you there Ben
  2. Yeah, the creek's got a whole heck of a lot of fish in it, I've seen it a couple times when it was just full of fish. But i always see it on an outgoing tide, when the fish are up in the creek. What day did you fish it, and what tide? I'm going out to the Canal this Sunday, so I might stop by and give it a shot.
  3. i was there from 4-530 in the evening, i was driving by and i could see all the rings from the road i got a fish on 4 straight casts right there in the creek channel you just cast and let it sit there for a few seconds, going there in the morning but the whole canal is just loaded with chums. this place is good because i have never seen someone fish there everyday when i pass there to and from work. i would not have even stopped there if it wasnt for the rings. later Ben
  4. oh yeah it was low tide i think , i was standing on oyster shells it was real shallow, there were some dead fish in the creek in the mid to high 20's no BS
  5. Sounds like a blast. I have been catching a few chums lately but not on my fly rod. I am thinking about taking tuesday moring off of work and hitting the beach. I was thinking about hitting Hoods Port but this sounds much better. Combat fishing doesn't appeal to me. I would be greatful for any tips you might be able to offer. Such as fly pattern, sinking or floating line etc..Thanks for any tips you may offer, I appreciate it.
  6. Who was there in Twonah 11/11? There was crowd of fishermen and 3 of them were flyfishers. When I played fish I crossed line with 2 another guys. Hopefully I landed 11-pounder and it's my 1st salmon on fly rod
  7. I was there yesterday at Twanoh. Sadly, my heavy fly-rod was out of comission (stepped on it a week ago), so I had to spin-fish. I was the 16 year old kid in neoprenes and a green rain-jacket. My Dad caught and released a nice, maybe 12 pound chum on a little yarn fly I tied up, and I hooked and lost two. I haven't spin-fished for a long time, and I forgot to set the drag! I immidiately hooked up on a huge fish, and while I was fiddling around with my drag, it took off and snapped my line. Oh well. Vic, were you on of the fly-fisherman in the pontoons, or the one in the boat with his wife?
  8. Hi I was on the right side from the stream inlet in dark-green rainjacket and tan vest sharing the room with 2 another fly fishermen
    And guy in a boat was just in the front of us
    Btw do you use floating or intermediate line?
    I use floater with weighted fly which causes many snags like most gear fisherman do. What should I do to let them pick fly to the mouth and not snag?
  9. When I do flyfish, I usually use a floating line. Some people use intermediate, but I like a floater. I don't usually have problems with snags, and the fish always seem to be in shallow water thats easy to reach. Were you having problems yesterday? It seemed like thw only people snagging on the bottom were the dumb little kids that were chucking buzz-bombs and throwing rocks at dying fish. What time did you fish at Twanoh? I got there at like 10:30 AM, and I think I might have taken your spot when you left.
  10. Was you on the left side whose fish ran too far?
    It was so funny to see how several men playing fish and crossing their lines
    I used 12lbs leader and didn't have problems with break off
    The major problem were people casting dangerously close from my head
    Can't wait for the next weekend
    Tight lines and good luck!
    and don't forget to set the drag :)

    Vic, Seattle

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