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  1. James, between May 23 and June 23rd, you'll be able to fish somewhere - it just depends on the runoff and weather. The numerous smaller tribs may still be high but do drop into shape sooner and can be fun on a light rod. If it stays cool, the lower elevation lakes should still fish well and those a bit higher should be great. The Methow is likely to be too high for the best wade fishing. Most years, most people don't wade fish it much until sometime in July when the flows come down. It can fish well from a boat before then, although pontoons might find it a bit fast and pushy.

    If you do come up though, I just scored you a free trip with a local guide who is a vet and did two tours in Nam. I was discussing the options during your timeframe with Rod Griffin of Griff's Flyfishing Adventures and mentioned that you were a friend of Jerry's and coming home on leave. Rod knows Jerry and has helped out with PWHFF so he immediately said "Heck, I'll take him out!" I was surprised but I guess you soldiers are a tightknit bunch, LOL. Anyway, get in touch with him if you want to head north.
  2. Thinking of heading up to Winthrop with my wife and pup for a weekend of camping. The weekend forecast seems to be looking pretty good. Anyone have any good family and pet friendly camping spots suggestions? Looking to do some hiking and some fishing.If we don't do tent camping maybe we will stay at the KAO.. What do you all think?
  3. If you are looking for a campground with showers etc, KOA, Riverbend or Big Twin are all options. For pet friendly I would vote for Big Twin, which has a lot of open lawn and is generally not as crowded as the other two. For river fishing, the Methow (above the confluence with the Chewuch) needs another week or two to clear, below the Chewuch at least a month. If you want to fish moving water, try Boulder Creek off the Chewuch. I haven't looked at it, but it is worth a drive to see if it is clear. I second checking with Leaf-he is an awesome guy despite posting lots of pictures (but then Cameron L Owen (CLO) doesn't like anyone posting pictures!;) as I well know after he reamed me a new one after posting a picture of a Methow River trout!) Rick
  4. BTW-Big Twin, Little Twin have both been fishing well. They have boats for rent at Big Twin Campground. If trolling, try a dragon fly nymph with a Type 5 line trolled slow at the 25' depth. Also, some damsel fly nymphs in the shallows (on a clear intermediate) or trusty black chironomids under an indicator in 12-14' of water is usually productive in that lake! Rick
  5. Cameron-if you could see how Leaf cares for his Downs Syndrome son and the big smile on that kid's face after he caught a big brown trout from a lake that shall remain nameless you would do nothing but love the guy. Rick
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  6. I've been out with Leaf about 10 times and I also used to work with his dad in Wenatchee. They are a good family and Leaf is a good guide. He knows all the water in the area well and will put you in the best places to catch fish, whether it's the Methow, the Twisp, or whatever is fishing best at the time.
  7. Look out Mark-CLO won't be happy with your avatar!
  8. Anyone ever stay at the Methow Tents featured by "Rolling Huts"? Looking at going this Sunday - Thursday.
  9. James-I've eaten at the Rolling huts Restaurant (now called Kelly's) and looked at the Rolling Huts, which are very cool! I noticed this year they have tents up. I think you would have a good time there. Rick
  10. I used to fish it but there is a ton of poison oak, ticks, rattlesnakes, wolves and bears. Wasn't worth the risk.
  11. I will be secretly packing my fishing gear!!!!!!!
  12. James-I hope you and your wife have a great vacation! I'm sure after a tour in South Korea you are seriously ready for some R&R! I want to personally thank you for your service to our country. I love and appreciate our vets who are sacrificing for our freedom and way of life! If you and your wife are ever in the Methow when the river is in shape, it would be my privilege to take both of you on a fishing float in my 3 man Catchercraft raft. Rick
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  13. Only if it's a Catcher Craft.
  14. Big snakes, lots of mosquitoes and angry farmers. Dont go there ;)
  15. Not much fishing going on... Water is high and fast everywhere right now. Small amount of Mosquitos, tons of deer, and only two large grader snakes...
  16. With the very heavy snow pack and warm temps, I'm afraid all moving water in the Methow and the rest of the eastern Cascades will be high for a while yet! Last time over it did look like the Methow above Winthrop was clearing a bit, so I will check that next week when I'm over there. It is a still water game over there right now! Rick

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