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  1. Tim and Jack, thanks for sharing the link and recipe. It is a big help for someone like me. Dave
  2. Tried making tying wax yesterday based on the info from Tim and Jack. Used the 721C. Found rosin at our local music store for about $4. They had the super $6 kind but it already contained some castor oil and beeswax so went for the cheaper that was only rosin. Our coop has 100% beeswax for another $4, and also small containers of castor oil (100%). Took the warnings on pans to heart so raided my old backpacking equipment for a couple of pans that had not seen the light of day in years to make the double boiler. Used the paper cupcake holders for the molds. I weighed everything on a line scale I have. Heated the water until bubbles just started to appear and added all of the ingredients to the second pan and it had all melted within 10 minutes. It was very, very easy and the results turned out great. Now have two small cakes of tying wax. The most time-consuming part was the drive over to the coop in Moscow to get the wax and castor oil.
  3. At one time I used tying wax but have stopped using the stuff. If I'm tying a dry fly with coarse material, I use a paste type floatant. For everything else, I've found a fingertip moistener called Gatherette is all I need. Gatherette is sold at office supply stores. It dries quickly on your fingertips and isn't nearly as messy as tying wax.

    If you use the split thread technique or a dubbing loop, you don't need any tacky stuff with the dubbing.
  4. Way to go Dave. Making you own tying and fishing supplies is fun and satisfying. You might consider making your own fly and line floatant. There are many formula out there but perhaps the easiest one is Albolene (a moisturizer) and mineral oil. Both can be found in major drug store chains in the cosmetic departments. Just add the oil to the Albolene until the viscosity seems about right. I have heard (unsubstantiated) that this is is how Gink is made. For about 10 bucks you get three lifetimes supply. As soon as I run out of my current bottle of Gink I will be trying it.

  5. I've been looking at making some wax also but never figured out where to buy the rosin. Thanks for the tip. I also like the tip on the cupcake holders.
  6. Dave,
    Your report has warmed the cockles of my heart.

  7. Gene, do you use the Gatherette on silk? That is what I am making this wax for. I hardly ever use dubbing wax anymore because, like you said, I use split thread or a dubbing loop or just lick my fingers (except for the yellow fur discussed on this forum).

  8. reusable silicone cup cake holders are good too, in fact anything silicone. I got some ice cube trays from ikea for 99c, they make 5 long sticks of wax....the cupcake holders run for about $10 for 4 or 5...not hard math to figure out which is better deal....
  9. Hmmm.... closest IKEA to Moses Lake is 180.81 miles.... Same problem I had with getting the stools for the stripping baskets last year. But I will look for silicone molds for food items.
  10. I have about 30 silicone cupcake molds, I can mail a couple to you if you want, I don't remember the last time I used them. Pm me if you are interested

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  11. Thoughts on toilet ring wax.
    I've tried it. Don't like it. Too pasty, too soft. The other thing I don't like about it is that I really don't know what the heck is in it????? I prefer to use a good quality refined (filtered) beeswax, a quality rosin (musical instrument grade), and pharmecutical grade castor oil.

  12. I use refined beeswax as my everyday, all purpose go-to wax. I use resin/wax/oil blends as more special purpose waxes. Although if I made a batch of good resin/wax/oil blended wax it would probably become my all purpose wax.

  13. Dave, I haven't tried it with silk so I don't know. I don't see why not. The product simply adds a bit of moisture to your fingers and is safer than licking your fingers... you really don't want to put your fingers in your mouth while touching tying materials. There's some bad, nasty chemicals they use when producing tying materials that you don't really want to consume.

    I talked with a doctor at a fly tying event who said one of his friends was an avid fly tier who would lick his fingers while tying. He ended up with a disease that was attributed to the tying materials. The guy died. The doctor was adamant that no one should lick their fingers while tying flies, so I try to avoid that tactic.
  14. Thanks Jack, you saved me some time and $, I had a notion that would be the case, but was going to try it.
  15. Wally World has Silicone Cupcake cups size 2 5/8" x 1-1/4". Six for $1.97. I think they have a smaller one, too, which might be better.
    I made a few discs of wax this morning. The silicone molds make it easy. DSC01884.jpeg

    If any of you guys ever come across a fly tier who has a stash of the old OVERTONS Wax, I suggest that you become his BEST FRIEND and see if you can get him to part with some.:):)
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  16. I have a tube of Overtons and I'm not impressed by it.
  17. zen,
    Is it the original formula? What color is the tube?
  18. Kids Glue stick, no brainer

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