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  1. Which U.S. Presidents were flyfishermen ?
  2. I'll get a couple of the easy ones out of the way. Hoover, Eisenhower and Carter.
  3. I know Obama has actually fly fished.
  4. Teddy...
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  5. George Bush Senior.
  6. The better question, or at least the question that can't be answered via Google search function is: Based on their pesonality types, how do you think they fished or would have fished?
    Being the cheater that he was, if Bill Clinton fly fished, I'm sure he'd be a dirty ass nympher, thingamabobber and all.
  7. So I must be related to Bill Clinton...
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  8. Let's be careful here folks, I'm fairly sure that the mods have had it up to you know where with politics and I'm fairly certain we have a zero tolerance policy now for political poop storms.

    Now with that, my brother used to attend Emory University in Atlanta and while there he had the opportunity to hear Carter speak. Someone ask him if there were any secret Presidential perks and Carter said that on occasion he would some of his "Camp David" trips were actually helicoptered trips into Pennsylvania streams.

    Oh and there was also the President in the movie Swordfish who was killed by John Travolta while he was fly fishing on some stream somewhere.
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  9. Bush caught a >100 pound tarpon on the fly rod with Andy Mill guiding. That should earn him a monument or at least his face on the currency.
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  10. I don't mind civil talk. But if it goes political, those who do the crime better be prepared to do the time.
  11. I believe it was a senator.
  12. Yup, and the d-bag was wearing neoprene in a stream in summer, what a twit...:D
  13. Dwight Eisenhower was by all accounts quite a fly fisherman. Besides favoring the famous H&L Variant (aka the House & Lot) dry fly pattern, he was also reported to prefer Hardy's legendary Marvel bamboo rods.


  14. Oh man, in my head all this time I liked that moment so much more because I believed it to be the president. But yep you're right it was a senator.
  15. just don't bum a cigar from him.
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  16. Jimmy Carter is the most well known. He's even written flyfishing articles for Fly Fisherman magazine.
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  17. Jimmy carter is one class act,after being the president his charitable work has been outstanding & he's no slouch as a carpenter either.
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  18. The way I heard it was while Al gore was out inventing the internet,bill was out on the river fishing beads !
  19. ike.jpg
    This is a plaque on the Magalloway river in ME. It is near Little Boy falls up the Parmachenee road from Boze Bucks camps (after the gate) for those of you who might know the area. Tradition in the area holds that the Maine Warden Service stocked the pool like crazy just before Ike got there. According to legend, Ike got a 23 inch land locked Salmon using a cane rod. Ike had just come from fly fishing in VT where he got skunked so he was very pleased to get the Salmon in ME.

    Remember, also this was back in the day where one wore a tie and vest to go fly fishing.

    If I might make one small political comment, George Bush the father is a fly fisher, the son, W, is a spin fisher. It kind of shows the difference in quality and intelligence between the two, doesn't it!
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