Update on "Burned by Fedex"

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  1. hey guys
    Last thread of mine was locked but id like to give an update.I was told by fedex on the US side and the South African side to fill in the claim as the rod was "lost".I didnt give up,didnt fill out the claim.One lady in customer service on my side,Alta,took it upon herself to find my parcel.She emailed every day with progress reports.A few days ago she mailed me to tell me she had found my parcel,but wasnt sure if it was damaged or not.I received a call yesterday from her to say the parcel was on the next flight to me.
    My doorbell rang at 7pm and so my "lost" rod showed up in 100% new condition.

    I am obviously exstatic and ive learnt two things from this.Make sure you INSURE the parcel for its correct value,no matter the cost.
    Never give up!
    And it only takes one person to make a big difference in someone else's life...

    Thank you
  2. Awww, Papa Jerry's gonna be so proud of you!
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  3. Awesome, that's got to feel great.

    I'm sure he can find something to bitch about
  4. Makes for a great start to your weekend.
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  5. Told you they rarely just "disappear" like that. Usually if you can find that person in the hub that truly cares, it could surface. So many nooks and crannies it's super easy for a small package to get lost.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Beautiful! Happy endings make my wife cry, but I just have something stuck in my eye. :D
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  8. unicorns and rainbows needed Evan

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