Update on pinks please?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mark Buick, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. In the rivers yet? Any good on the beaches?
  2. Watch the Saltwater forum for updates on the beaches.
  3. so far we have been slow in area 11. going to fish it again on Sun. no one has said much, just they are coming. will see. tight lines.
  4. heard that there is a possibility of showers saturday and sunday. maybe that will draw some into the rivers?

    meanwhile im going to hit the beach next week with my new setup (early birthday present):

    Sage response 697-4
    Hardy Ultralite DD 7000 reel
    Rio Outbound Short WF6I
    and a whole bunch of pink turds
  5. Most rivers are still closed for them. I've been on the MA11 beaches several days in the last week. It's very hit and miss for me, with 30+ hookups one day, then 3 the next. This morning was slow with just being 3 hooked and one landed. Probably the slowest day for me yet.
  6. cuttbow, yep, pink turds are the way to go. glad to hear your using em. sounds like a nice setup ya got there. Happy Birthday when it comes. now go get em. tight lines.
  7. I find Evan's way of determining if fish are around rather refreshing........
  8. I just got back from fishing up around oak harbor putting time in on the boat with my uncle. I saw one fish landed in 19 hours on a boat over the last week. There are a few getting caught up at deception pass but not the numbers we are all looking for.
  9. Yeah, asking how the fishing was yesterday doesn't help a whole lot. I've gone out every day I can, and caught fish every time. Have a lot of coho filets and smoked humpies as a reward.
  10. Oh for christ's sake. The freakin' Skagit is freakin' plum full of the damn vermin. I wondered down to the Gardner boat launch the other day and watch about a half dozen landed in 20 minutes. Went over to Mt. Vernon and watch from the reventment and seen another dozen or so caught while drinking my latte'. Go freakin clog up the rivers with your boats and your gear, take someone fishing that has never caught a salmon and have some fun. The freakin' pinks are everywhere.
  11. I'm going to hit the Narrows after work will let you know if I see any or better yet hookup with some.

    I have a friend who lives on the canal just up from Hoodsport. She said she has been seeing some there rolling through and the guys (tribe I assume) now have nets out in the water by her place.
  12. Tickets have been issued to people fishing pinks in the Stilly. It doesn't open for salmon until Sept 1st.
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  13. From a MA11 beach last th fri and sat mornings there was no whooping and hollering heard coming from a nearby pier.

    Few schools passed through.
    When they did, fish were caught by a few anglers on the beaches.
  14. Like that outfit. However, in looking at my crystal ball I see a WF7 line in your futue...
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  15. You are more than welcome on gardner bar just bring your own rock, the rocks that are there are all spoken for!!! TIP OF THE DAY--- use a pink wing bobber & shrimp
  16. Go down river from the launch to Johnson's bar or park behind the ball fields in the park up river from Gardner and walk over the dike to the bar. Park along side the soccer fields on Whitmarsh and fish above the railroad bridge. There is plenty of room if you look. And plenty of slimers.
  17. Just go and make your own report! I've been out 3 times in the last 9 days.. saw some caught, brought one home a friend caught, watched a young kid I took fishing get his first saltwater fish on a fly (that he tied) and hit a couple of different beaches. They're out there, you just have to get out and do it! Not going to post where, but I've seen a few other board members out there.. should be really good in a week or two!
  18. Instead of telling me how to catch pinks, will someone just let me film them catching them so I can sit in my living room and relive the action over and over again? I'm not really wanting to actually get out and do anything, just watch others have all the fun. Could someone help me out with that?

    Christ, maybe I'm just tired and grumpy from no sleep this past month, but I've fished almost every single day since July 1st in some form or another, and amazingly enough this has allowed me to learn that are a few pinks around to be caught. I have pinks, coho, and chinook heading into the smoker tonight. Mmmmm.

    Get off your butt and go fishing.
  19. As Kerry has stated ther are plenty of places to fish humpies & they are a great fish to get somebody started in the sport of fishing. That said the lower skagit is a boat or plunking show and I would wait until the upper river opens if I was planning to fly fish as there is a crowd at most public bank spots
  20. Hell, even I have found a few.
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