Upper columbia and tribs to open for Steelhead Oct. 16th

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kelly Michelsen, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. WDFW announced on their website upper Columbia and Tribs, Methow, Wenatchee, and Okanogan
    Will open October 16th 2 fish limit, see their website for complete details.
    Kelly Michelsen
  2. Dang, I was hoping to keep it a secret this year ;) Time to take Evan and Ian up on their center pin offer.
  3. hmmmm, someone turns 24 on the 16th. think a b-day steelie trip may be in order!
  4. Just announces that the wdfw has canceled said plans to open on the16th. Bummer.
  5. U shoud go to washington lakes and make sure to share the news too
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  6. Internet.jpg
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  7. Hah, so true.

    I've stopped caring with this paticular fishery. Every year it gets hyped up as a "whack and stack, anyone can catch easy limits" fishery on the internets. And every year, floods of "I got skunked on the Methow three days in a row!" threads happen during the season. The Methow and Wenatchee are not easy rivers to figure out... Which is largely why most guys line up at the Miller Hole on the Methow. It took me years of working the Methow over hard in order to find just a couple spots that hold fish. Lots of very very sexy water on that river... 99% of which never seems to have any fish in it. My love for the river is largely because my family roots are in Twisp, and have been fishing that river since I was a wee little grasshopper. I learned to fly fish on the Methow, so it's always going to be special to me.

    People need to keep in mind, the reputation of the Methow as an easy as hell river to fish is because of the unusually massive run in 2009. There were three times as many fish in the river that year as there usually is. For some reason, expectations since then haven't settled back in to usual steelhead fishing.

    The Wenatchee is an even tougher nut to crack.
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  8. Same can be said of a lot of East side rivers, post 2009. I'm hoping to hit the Met for quasi similar reasons. I have family (in laws, but I like them anyway) up there and want to fish it with them and my brother-in-law. If we get up there will we fish the hell out of it? Yep. Will we imbibe with reckless abandon? Ummm...yep.

    Would I drive to the Methow just for the fishing? Nope.

    BUT I am closer to other places to fish (that will be open and have fish as well) so I'm not dogging the Met in any way as a steelie stream.

    It'll pretty as all get out up there, which is almost enough reason by itself to go.
  9. Ah, just go fish it, it has to be better than the Ronde. And a hell of a lot closed for all you Westsiders.:)
  10. So true Evan. 2009 was a year that spawned legendary stories but alas, just a year later things returned to normal tough steelheading. Unfortunately, the legends and mythology haven't died and simply cause the masses to spend lots of time and money to get over here only to be disappointed when they inevitably get skunked. This years returns suck but I expect it will be busy over here the first couple weeks then get quiet again as people get disillusioned.
  11. The stories of double digit days on the Methow spawned from a few irresponsible, unethical, and out right fish hogs that stood in one spot on the lower river and pounded the same water all day, catching and releasing numerous wild fish when they should have retained their first two (depending on the year) hatchery fish and got the heck out of dodge. This was likely done so that these so-called fly-fishing "sportsmen" (and I use the term lightly) could brag to their buddies about how good of anglers they were for catching so many fish.

    I know gear anglers that still advocate for the retention of wild steelhead who many on here would disdain by calling them knuckle dragging lowlifes that have more ethics than many so-called fly anglers. The former would kill their first steelhead and leave while the latter would stay and catch as many fish as possible, thinking they were the superior angler because of their C&R practice when in all actually, both anglers probably resulted in the same number of mortalities of wild steelhead.

    Go figure.
  12. Probably the same guys who almost got the lower river shut down, and had the boat regulations changed for the lower river. Granted, hardly anybody floats the lower river due to the difficulty... But a few of the anglers you speak of actually rowed up from the mouth, and drug their boat up to the miller hole and ran laps through it while the bank anglers looked on in anger.
  13. Thanks for the reminder :(
  14. Although I agree with most of what you say, they would have to catch and release a whole lot of wild fish before there was a mortality on average. C&R works remarkably well. Killing wild fish kills every time.
    Having said that, there is a 2 fish retention requirement and if you hit 2 hatchery fish early, be thankful and get to the schoolhouse brewery for stage 2 of a great day.

    Go Sox,
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  15. Best advice in this thread. Will not be topped.
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  16. +1
  17. Great advice, that is true but it still leads to the believe that catching two hatchery fish, let alone two fish at all on the river is easy.
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  18. I heard the 3 day test fishery on the Methow resulted in no steelhead caught.
  19. Just because they came over the dam doesn't mean they're in the Methow. 2010, they didn't come in the river at all until March. They can be weird some years, just chilling out in the Columbia.
  20. Yeah, somestimes they just won't cooperate :) There were 9,000 or so over Rock Island before counting stopped, and that would be divided between a number of release sites. Not tremendous numbers so far. BUT over half of them are wild, so the catching and releasing might be pretty good. This fits with the Bonneville numbers (good wild return, noticeably reduced brat returns).

    But it's fishing, not math class. You only need one to catch a fish :)

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