Upper columbia and tribs to open for Steelhead Oct. 16th

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  1. As far as the regs go I need to add the $8 or so Columbia tag to my license. Can I just walk into a Big 5 or something and add it or is it something that I have to do online? Pretty annoying...my Oregon license covered everything, regardless of where that river flowed to.
  2. Get your endorsement where they sell licenses.
  3. Well not anymore. Endorsement is needed for them now too
  4. All I had was a normal license + steelhead tag and I was good on the deschutes. Checked 3 times by odfw.
  5. Be glad that you only have to pay $8 as if we did not, there would be no fishery. The Upper Columbia steelhead (and chinook) were listed as endangered, so it takes a special permit from NOAA every year to even open the river and there are lots of expensive requirements that go with it, requirements that impact the whole system. Without the extra funding, the state would not have enough money to pay the extra expenses related to opening fishing under the permit so there would be no fishery at all.
  6. I'm not upset at paying the $8 at all. I just think its weird that they have an additional tag for certain rivers is all. I'd rather them just charge everyone like $4 more across the state or whatever for convenience. I guess I'm just annoyed about having to spend more time going back to Big 5 to get another permit. Granted I could have done this the first time around but I just wasn't aware of it. Now I know for next year
  7. If I were you, I would do some more reading about this unique fishery before you come over so that you understand the very unique situation and don't get in trouble. There is no other fishery like this in the state or maybe in the country. It was closed for a years because of the endangered species. It took a lot of hard work by many WDFW people and locals to get it back open. NOAA allowed it to be open only under a very strict set of guidelines, again guidelines that are in place no where else. So, it is either follow the guidelines and pay to implement them or have no fishing at all for anything, not even trout in the summer.

    And, why should everyone else pay if they don't fish here? If I'm a warm water lake bass guy, I would be pissed that I had to pay so other dudes can go harass endangered and threaten species.

    By the way, in case you don't know, you are REQUIRED to keep the first 2 hatchery steelhead you catch and you will be fined if you get caught releasing them. So, come prepared with a knife, fish bag and/or cooler along with a pen to record them on your catch card. I write the river numbers on the back of my catch card so I am prepared to properly record them. If you are not willing to harvest hatchery steelhead, I would strongly urge you to stay home as this is not a catch and release fishery for imperiled wild steelhead. The season is only open to remove the excess hatchery steelhead and it is taken very seriously by Enforcement. Heck, it is taken seriously by me and I will be the first one to turn somebody in, LOL, as a few idiots could get the whole thing closed for good, something NOAA had threatened when they find out anglers aren't abiding by the special rules.
  8. Slow down chief I was talking about the deschutes, which is in Oregon...maybe you could do some more reading on the posts you are replying to ;) (just kidding)

    I read all of that from wdfw -- I appreciate the reminder tho. I'll be sure to call in violators as well who don't give those hatch tards the ol Nate TreatMent

    Good luck out there!
  9. Hopefully the catch and releasing for wild fish isn't good as that will shut the season down pretty f'ing quick! The ratio of wild:hatchery is unusually high so it is not going to take too long to reach the maximum wild fish encountered to shut the whole thing down, especially if the usual cadre of selfish idiots release brats so they can keep fishing. I'm hoping for an early heavy snow year to close the passes, LOL!

  10. DAMN I saved your ass didn't I?
  11. You're such a sweetheart. Always looking out for me. I now bring water, food, and a license with me while I fish. I'd be lost without you
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  13. Its worth every penny too. Don't tell them, but I would pay double. Cheaper than moving :)
  14. Ahhh cool. Now I see where all the confusion was from.

    I do like the floater pass req on the deschutes. That river seems pretty well managed. So this new pass will be in addtion to that? Interesting

  15. You need a good sharknado, that's what you need.
  16. What about the okanogan? Does nobody go up there. Don't think I saw it once after the original post.

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  17. Golf your supposed to have Columbia stamp for anything that flows into the Columbia I add it every year just to be safe
  18. Okanogan will be open Big R is a good resource, from the bridge just north of Brewster to just a few mile below Riverside is Indian reservation
    So you would need to purchase a permit if fishing on the east side of the river on that area.
    Kelly Michelsen

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