Upper Yak vs The Canyon

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  1. I'm going out to wade the upper yak for the first time on Sunday. I've been to the canyon a bunch of times and have had some relative success with throwing dries near the bank during the hatches and hitting the oxygenated water during the day with nymphs and streamers. Not rocket science.

    The natural environment is so different between the upper yak and canyon, do you all change your tactics drastically between the two parts of the river-- with bugs or presentation?

    I'll obviously swing by the fly shop in Cle Elum beforehand, but just wanted to hear if people had any thoughts.
  2. Pink San Juan worms thank me later
  3. I've had some good luck this time of year before they raise the flow for irrigation. The flows aren't as low as they will get in the Fall so I like to find sections that have hard seams and side channels. Don't be afraid to leave a spot and drive to another. The upper river has plenty of timber, rocks and twisty sections so you'll be able to find some good water. You'll find spots all the way from Ensign ranch to Thorp.
  4. Flows at Easton are close to 800 CFS, I'm partial to wading the upper Yak at 350 -450 CFS. Be careful if you decide to go, or watch the guages, sometimes they'll dial em back for the weekend
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  5. Easton area is wade able up and down the river up to about 1k - - just be ready for a workout wading back upstream. I've been exhausted a few times after doing that hah

    Let me add that this requires you to be careful or you'll literally die
  6. Nymphs are probably the ticket (I too like the SJW as well as Pat's Stones, PT's etc.) Definitely stop by the Cle Elum shop. There may be some mayfly activity on the river at this time and they will know. Rick
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  8. I fished a few hours in the afternoon on Tuesday at Hanson Ponds area. Large, dark stonefly patterns are all you need. That was all I caught fish on, they were keyed on the stones. Caught some nice cutts and rainbows on my 4wt, it was a blast.
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  9. I fished with two beginners on Sat. The wind made it pretty tough. All nymphing:(
  10. Was it windy on Sat? Seemed normal. ;)
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  11. It was howlin` in the upper reaches and on the West side when we drove back from a shopping trip on Saturday. The river looked a little high, but the Cle Elum looked pretty good. So did the Teanaway. South to State didn't look that bad, and there were two rigs parked by the highway at the State put out.

    On a side note, has anybody ever eaten at that greasy spoon burger joint out of town on the way to the put out at State? It was open, and there were folks there. I figure it's edible, yes?
  12. Me and my buddy got skunked! It was incredible. Threw everything we had in our fly boxes and got nothing but a couple fleeting hits.

    Would have been a pretty shitty day, except we were fishing.
  13. If its the twin pines drive inn, the foods good there.
  14. I spent the afternoon on the Upper Yak (Bullfrog area) on Sunday and caught one Ytfish and that was it. Beautiful day to be on the river but very tough finding fish. There were even a couple decent hatches and nothing was rising. I keep getting skunked up there, but keep coming back in search of those elusive big fish that are supposedly hiding up there.

    Looking forward to spending some time on the Teanaway once it opens next weekend.
  15. Alex , it will be at least two more weeks before you'll be able to wade the teanaway with out getting your kilt wet. after my alaska trip in eary july I will be wet wading & Tenkara fishing on the river around where the three forks come together that seems to be my summer hang out these days.

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