WFF Urgently need 1 rower for a boat and 1 rower with boat for 2 Fly!!!!!

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. We've had a mass of dropouts in the last 24 hours. We went from +1 to minus 2

    Here's what we need. 1 person just to row a boat. We have one that will be at the camp ready to go. We also need one confirmed rower with boat as well. We are scrambling right now. But would love some people locked in right now. Event is this Saturday.

    Let me know asap.
  2. Jerry, I tagged you in a post on Facebook between myself and a buddy named Brian. He may be able to help..
  3. Thanks. Just replied.
  4. I would love to get 2 boats. Would love a back up on hand too.
  5. I am available but keep me as a last minute back up. If you don't have confirmed boats by Thursday night, I'll pull the Hyde over and would be happy to help.
  6. Ok thanks PT. I'll know by Thursday night for sure.
  7. Jerry,
    Do you have me counted in on the list ? Bringing my boat and rowing. We exchanged PMs and you should have my name and phone numbers, but have not heard any near term confirmation nor seen my name on list of rowers bringing boats. Anyway, I'm there solid. Plan to be @ KOA on Friday evening.
  8. Yup you are on list. That older thread was shut down and moved. But per pm you are in.
  9. Thanks PT. You are my ace in the hole. Send me a pm with your cell too. Would like to call if I need you. I may not be to Ellensburg til Thursday late. Will contact you asap
  10. Anyone who has done this before, please send me a PM. I'm curious what to expect as far as the fishing. Strictly fishing from the boat, wading, etc? I just want to be prepared with the proper gear. This should be awesome!!!

    Thanks, Dave
  11. Last year, fishing was all from the boat. I expect it will be the same this year. Rower is the judge, measurer, score keeper. You'll want a net. They provide the measuring thing. Jerry posted rules last year. I'll see if I can conjure them up.

    Oh, and thanks for stepping up!
  12. The rules were on the facebook, but it looks like they were removed.
  13. Ok, I hope we're good. See you all up there. :)
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