Useless fishing report.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Well here I go again with a useless report. I drove up to the Upper Ruby today for a look see and to throw a few flies around. The river up there is about a foot to high to fish it right. It was a little murky but when the sun came out, you could just about see the bottom.

    I tried three dries and no luck. a Caddis, a Black Stimulator, and a Quiggly Cripple. It was cold out and the wind was blowing. I didn't even see anything flying about.

    I also stopped and tried a beaver pond on Long Creek. I guess my fishing just sucked today. Or maybe it was the high and murky water. I also drove along side of Blacktail Deer Creek. Murky and high. Gonna have to wait about two weeks for things to drop.

    Now I just wish that some warm weather would show up. It's the 4th of June and we are having temps in the mid 50's. Plus it seems to rain just about every day. One would think that if one didn't know any better that one was in Washington instead of Montana. Come on nice weather.
  2. Here on Dyes Inlet it's currently clear blue skies and 75°.

    Ya wanna move back the the EverWet state? ;)
  3. The report would be much better if you'd include photos :D
  4. No, I like it here. I can fish skinny water all year around. Can't do that in that Everwet State.

    And to GAT. I don't take pictures of black clouds and wind. Besides it was cold where I was at. 7000' up.
  5. My sister and BIL did a road trip through Montana about 3 years ago and said it was the best and most scenic fishing they've ever experienced.

    The bro-in-law has been a commercial fisherman all his life from Alaska to Mexico to the South Seas so he should know!

    I'd love to pack up the wife into the truck for a trip to your neck of the woods! We'll see if I can convince her to go fishing instead of staying in a posh hotel and visiting the local art galleries! ;)
  6. Pretty sure fly fishing sucked today. Today I came to the conclusion that Lolo Creek has no fish, after my 3rd skunking up there.
  7. I've caught Grayling and Cutthroat out of the Ruby up where I was yesterday. But with the high flows and the cold conditions, fishing really sucked. But the temps are supposed to warm up in the next few days. I sure hope the fishing does also.
  8. I went out exploring today. I found four new small skinny waters to play in when they drop into shape. Lots of water running down hill at the moment. These all dump into the Big Hole so I could do them all in a day.
  9. Hot enough here that I had to switch into shorts for the summer season.

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