USFS wins NF Clearwater mining case

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dave Evans, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. In the Lewiston paper today, the judge sided with the Forest Service, so mining claims denied.
  2. Strike one up for the little guys.
  3. Great news to start the day
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  4. First rate! We watched while placer miners took over parts of the Yuba in CA, and aggressively "defended" their claims against fishermen. I think that's been ruled a no-no, too in CA, so there's at least one ray of sanity still left there.
  5. Outstanding news and a good sign that the USFS may be rethinking it's traditional tilt towards resource extraction.

  6. That's a shocker.
  7. For those of you who may have never seen a suction dredger, here is "self video" evidence of two guys doing it on some stream in Washington:

    Note two things. First the guy says he is working a "hole" about ten feet deep. Which means, secondly, if you watch the whole video, you can see the sediment plume of what they have sucked up heading down stream.

    I've walked a stream near Blewett Pass about ten minutes after a suction dredger shut his equipment off, and that plume travels a long way down stream.

    It's easy, in Washington State, to get a license to do this. In Idaho, the state opted out of enforcing the Clean Water Act, so the feds (EPA) do it. In Washington, the Dept. of Ecology has WDFW regulate suction dredging. No stream is off limits here. I've seen it on the Yakima, small tribs of the Wenatchee, the Wenatchee itself, and my guess is they do it on the highly regulated Methow and it's tribs.

  8. I had a buddy that did that all the time on Olney Creek. He did it as a hobby. That little creek is being gold panned to death. The last time I fished it the fish were small.
  9. Excellent news, let's hope the Pebble Mine and all those like it also end in like fashion.
  10. my uncle and i used to fish the nf in the early 50's when the only road in was thru pierce and weippe. we hoped we would not hook a steelhead or salmon cuz they would steal our fly. that was before i tied. i wish i owned a camera then cuz the area was pristine and no fisherman. mike w
  11. It's still pretty pristine Mike, and likely to stay that way now that the USFS and courts have grown a pair and taken a stand to keep the get-rich-quick folks from ruining a particularly beautiful area. There's so much water up there that it's really easy to avoid running into other fishermen.

  12. I grew up in Grangeville Id spent most my youth logging and mining.I remember standing in creeks with salmon runs so thick they would knock you over. Those days are gone, not due to dredging. My family worked for the F&G to dredge spawning beds that had got so hard they couldn't be used. I can remember days when you could take home a hundred trout if you wanted, but not the bull trout as kids we were told to toss them on the bank to die....... yes you heard me it came right from the mouth of our local fish and game. At the time they were to blame for poor runs because they ate everything in site. Now comes the conservation groups and we need to ban this and do that to save them. Those creeks now support very little fish life and the bottoms are blanketed with clams?? Please before you point fingers get the facts, not the hype. I have been run out of the woods logging to save they spotted owl......guess what the spotted owl is still dying off we just don't hear about it any more. The video above is why I posted. that hole is max four foot deep and that is the first time those idiots have ever used one, how can I tell you may ask I have been dredging for 36 years. I have seen fish vanish from our rivers and it is sad but not due to a suction dredger

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