NFR UW Baseball Tickets?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Theron, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Theron

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    My wife and I are moving to the area in April and would like to be able to attend some UW baseball games. I tried looking at the website but cannot figure out how to purchase individual game tickets. Here in Nebraska you just go to the ticket window the day of the game and take whatever is available. Can anyone provide me with any information. I hope I can work in a couple of games between fly fishing and getting settled in a new place.
  2. Seapig

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    That's pretty much the way it is here as well. Husky baseball isn't a really big draw, and tickets are always available on game day.
  3. Stew McLeod

    Stew McLeod aka BigMac

    Seapig is correct. There are no problems getting tickets right at the stadium.

    You're also in luck because they're finally renovated the old stadium. It has been a joke in the PAC 12 (okay the whole NCAA) for years. I'm talking porta-potties and old wooden stands. The renovations are well warranted.


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  4. Porter

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    Thats how I have done same day at window.
  5. Theron

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    That's the way it was here for years. The players used the same toilets as the fans until they put porta-potties on the field for the players. Season tickets were $60.00 and some days there was actually someone at the gate to take your ticket. Then Dave Van Horn showed up as coach and things changed. They actually started to win some games and made it to the College World Series twice. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Tacoma Red

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    Yes same day. General admission seating but I prefer hanging down the third base dugout where you can talk to scouts. I always learn something and makes watching individual players pretty interesting.
  7. golfman44

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    I was just at a UW bball game where they were handing out baseball pamphlets. You can get season tickets for like $40 for some sections, and up to $380 for the luxury seats. There is minimal competition for the tickets, you can most likely go to each game by purchasing a ticket at the stadium.


    Individual tickets can be bought here (via ticketmaster) when they are available/released

    Not sure if you are dead set on college games but weekday tickets for the mariners can be bought for like $12 gametime for decent seats. While the team may suck the ballpark is awesome, especially in summer.
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  8. Tacoma Red

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    Oops no longer GA!
  9. Theron

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    Thanks. I have always liked college baseball. It was all we had here in Lincoln, unless you wanted to drive 150 miles to see the Kansas City Royals, before they added a semi-pro team here. I am looking forward to getting to some Mariner's games as well. I do enjoy hotdogs and beer at the ballpark.