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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by gbhstrat, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. I am debating a fishing vacation in Vancouver Island this year. I am thinking about a late summer trip and I would like to know if anyone has any good recommendations for rivers to fish for salmon or trout and places to stay. My wife really wants to go some pace where she can learn to fly fish and have other activities like visiting charming towns, etc. I have been searching on the net for rivers and lakes in the Campbell River area (like the gold river) so I need to know if I am on track. I would appreciate all input..
  2. :eek: You are lucky!! I went to campbell river a few years back. Wonderful area, went all around vancouver island. Did a little salt fishing for salmon (tyee) A seal grabbed my salmon while i was fighting it, so i fought the salmon for 15 minutes or so till the line broke.
    I also fished the Campbell river. Lots of small rainbows and brookies. Apparantly it gets some good runs.
    Good Luck!:9
  3. I'd have to recommend saltwater flyfishing for coho and rockfish at Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of the island (about a nine hour road trip from Seattle, including a 2-hour ferry crossing). Weigh West resort in Tofino will set you up with a boat (semi-guided by a fishmaster in a seperate vessel, or with a guide on board your boat for extra $), lodging and 3 meals a day for about $200(US) a day for each of you. It's a very nice place (though not posh), the food is good, and the fishing can be spectacular, particulary in the late summer. If you have an 8-weight and a reasonably fast sinking line, you're ready to go. Almost any fly works as long as it's a chartreuse clouser.

    Tofino is a charming little town, very popular with Canadian and European tourists, surfers, and young hippie kids. There are good restaraunts, coffeehouses, and pubs in town. Besides Tofino (about the size of Port Townsend), the Sound is nearly uninhabited, and the scenery is spectacular. You can also go on whale- and/or bear-watching excursions, rent sea kayaks, take a boat/hike trip to a wilderness hotsprings, shop, and view local art. I've been six times in the last six years, taken my wife and son twice, and never had a bad time.

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