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  1. So I'm in the market for a new rod and I went by the fly shop and cast the vapen which was really nice. But then I was thinking what's the cost of last years used models and the sage one is around 4-5 hundred. What would you guys do? Buy used and get more rod or buy new? Does the warranty transfer on used rods?
  2. Or even like a sage zaxis
  3. The warranties generally do not transfer on used rods. St Croix has a good warranty policy for non-original owners where you only pay like $75 I think. When I started out I bought mainly used st croix rods because of this. However, I have sent Sage rods in for warranty repairs and they have fixed them and only charged me $50 and I was not the original owner. You just have to understand that if you are not the original owner that you run the risk of them not honoring the warranty.

    I have owned rods from the following manufacturers: Redington, Sage, St Croix, and Scott. For whatever reason I have enjoyed the Sage and St Croix rods the most, but they each make decent rods. If you are willing to spend $300-$350 you really can get an exceptional rod in the used market. Keep an eye on the classifieds section on these forums as good rods/deals pop up all the time.

    Let me know what wt rod you are looking for and I may be able to offer you a deal, I have more rods than I use at the moment.


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  4. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm looking for a 6wt.
  5. I've cast both the Vapen (Red) and Sage One, though not all in the same weight. I felt that the One was a better feeling rod, but for the price the Vapen is real good. Both Redington and Sage, being part of the same parent company, stand behind what they sell. So, take your pick, you'll be happy. Note that buying a used rod with a blank warranty card adds value to the rod.
  6. Thanks. What are repair costs like for unwarrantied rods?
  7. Buy new from a local fly shop!
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  8. Not that this is an official policy, but if you drop by Bainbridge Island (Sage/Redington) with your gear needing warranty you usually leave with it fixed or replaced and I've never been asked for paperwork. It might be different if they were doing an actual rod repair but I kind of doubt it. When I broke my Redington CPS, they just replaced the tip section. If they wouldn't have had that they would have replaced the rod with the new comparable model (Vapen). On a Sage if they don't have the section you need, they'll repair the rod or build a new one. BTW, this is all free if you're a walk-in at the factory. Can't beat that service!

    If it were me, I'd get either the new Vapen (from a local shop) or a used Sage One WITH a warranty card. Try to cast a One before you make the choice though. I'm not terribly in love with the Z-Axis I own and prefer the Redington CPS. (both old models)
  9. ONE.

    Last summer I got sick of my 17 yr old 6wt Sage RPL+ and went shopping for an upgrade. Ultimately ended up with a new One (10ft 6wt for the beach). I absolutely LOVE that rod. The RPL+ was a decent rod and served my purposes, but compared to the One it felt like a 2x4. The One feels like I'm shooting a laser beam.
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  10. I have a Z-Axis (actually 3 of them: 4, 6 and 7136) and like them all. The 4 weight is my absolute favorite rod of all the rods I have. I tested out a 4 weight ONE and it's very nice, but I didn't prefer it over my Z-Axis. I have a 6 weight XP that I prefer over my 6 weight Z-Axis. Just goes to show that it's all subjective.

    So, to confuse matters even more, I'd recommend you seek out a 6 weight XP as another option ;)
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  11. Hook me up with a 6wt! If you want to unload one let me know
  12. First off, I like both those rods and own both of them in 5-wt models. The ONE is a much faster-action rod than the Vapen. The Vapen performs more like a Z-Axis -- as does the Sage Response. (Yes, I have those in my quiver in 5 wt, too, as well as Donna's Z-Axis and a 5-piece 5-wt backpacking rod, a Redington CT) but I'm going to throw out another option: Orvis Helios 2.

    The Orvis H2 has the casting power and accuracy to match (or beat) the ONE, with a tip-responsiveness and sensitivity that exceeds any of the others. So when I don't quite know what conditions I'll face on the river, or if I expect I'll be changing up styles (i.e. dries to dry-dropper, to nymphing, to swinging) I want a do-it-all 5-wt and that's when I'll ALWAYS go with with the Helio 2. It truly is the Jack of All trades and master of all of them, too.

    Then again, the new G.Loomis PRO4X is a VERY fine rod that I'm really enjoying using this fall.

    BTW: I would likely be interested in divesting myself of a few 5-wts. That Response and maybe the Vapen could be available if there is interest. As well as a Redington Link in 4-wt. And maybe an Orvis Superfine 4-wt.

  13. Actually not looking to unload either of my 6 weights. I fish one, and keep the other as a back up. Always have to have a back up, right? :)
  14. As a well established gear freak, I'd advise that you also have at least one back-up to your back-up!
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  15. Good point, Dan. I need a Sage ONE 6 weight. As a back-up, back-up.

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