[vid] a brown dog runs through it

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by coonrad, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. That was great!!! You almost lost it during the tying procedure :rofl:
  2. gear head! you might try a 12wt fly rod!
  3. Great sport, Coonrad. Reminds me of fishing for chickens, or squirrels. But there's nothing like getting a 80+ pound Chessy on the line. Well done. As others have said, "My wife liked it, too."

  4. Brilliant
  5. If only my dog wasn't chicken shit of water. She goes apeshit for tennis balls.
  6. Great job! My yellow Lab Sandy pushed me off my chair going for the ball. Need to clean my monitor screen.:hmmm:
  7. Now THAT IS FUNNY!:thumb:
  8. Nice work!!!! Winter can actually freeze over a bunch of our local spots, so I've actually spent a fair amount of time in the off-season looking for a warmer alternative but along the same lines as the Chessie. Ever try the indoor version for the elusive and tough-to-land house cat? There's a ton of pre-tied kitty flies available at petsmart. Some even come with a powerful attractant known as catnip. However, I've found that angling for this particular species requires the use of an ice-fishing rod and spinning reel for fishing structure such as under the kitchen table or behind the couch. good luck and thanks again for the laugh!!!!
  9. Good one coonrad, thanks for the chuckle!!
  10. Very nicely done Coonrad.
    In the shade it could have been my Yellow. Two things he's absolutely ape s--t over, ball and fud. We play every night.
  11. I've been spending the last year teaching my chessie (mix) NOT to chase my line (with decent results). Maybe I have been missing some good sport though. better not let him see this.

    oops here he comes now!

    Nice work!


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  12. Hilarious. You're clip makes me think that's what a Mel Brooks' film on fly fishing would look like.

    If the tennis ball fly is refused, would you suggest going down to a #1" ball or switching to a duller, stick fly? What's been your experience with regards to the need for a fluorocarbon tippet? I expect to see you put on a clinic at this years tour of fishing shows.
  13. I spent my teens with a kick-ass chessie named Buck...He passed in '94 and I've never been capable of having a dog since then because of my work schedule (I work on a 28/on28/off rotation). You reminded me of my unique relationship with Buck and how much I love his memory. He was a good dog...

  14. I've said it before,

    two words,

  15. Just beautiful. Caused me to harken back to my days when I pursued the oily-coated Chessie. They were the best of times, they were the worst of times; all dependent on his mood. Ever caught one on a greenhead drake pattern?

    Well done.
  16. Coonrad, that was brilliant filmmaking. I do have a request though........would you please do a sequel that features Chihuahua Punting or Chihuahua Field Goal Kicking?

  17. hey, glad you guys got a good chuckle out of this. I had some laughs making it.

    #$@*&, I knew someone would nail me for that. nothing slips past this group.

    I was lucky enough to be demoing the new Gloomis "K-9 unit" high strength, ligthweight dog rod.

    Indeed, the version where I was using cats as bait ended up on the editing room floor due to a PETA lawsuit.

    I created this video for the children. To teach them to let the dogs go. For their children and their children's children.

    I won't lie, it is easy to floss a big dog although it looks fair hooked.

    great looking pooch. He looks just like my brown dog but with a little golden or something in him.

    My experience is that these large dogs are impervious to tippet material. I would start out with someting thick like a 24 strand arborist rope or the bowline from your boat.

    hey cool. I'm a brown dog fanatic "the best all around dog." he makes a great fishing/hiking/camping buddy.

    I've tried an assortment of traditional flies, but if your willing to risk the scorn of your flyfishing buddies, you just can't beat live bait (cats).

    Pending the resolution of all the PETA lawsuits not ending in my financial ruin, yes. I'm hoping to make a bowhunting movie that stars my neighbors dog that never stops barking.

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