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  1. [​IMG]
    Dipping Sally
    Hook: Tiemco 2499SP #14
    Thread: Benecchi 12/0, yellow
    Head/wing: Elk, bleached
    Extended abdomen: Acrylic yarn, bright yellow - furled
    Thorax: Snowshoe, cream - in split thread
    Video here - please view in HD, if able:

    Hans W
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  2. You, know, I don't have a pattern that represents the Sally worth a darn. I love this one.
    I'll give it a try. I like the wing approach... as usual, not how I was taught to tie in a hair wing but I like how you did it much better that the traditional method. The only change I'll make is to use a synthetic dubbing for the thorax so it doesn't absorb water as natural fur does.

  3. Hans, thanks for another great video. I've watched several of them and they are clear, well made, and give me a chance to see the details of the techniques used (thread splitting, etc). From this one I've seen how easy it is to make the extended furled bodies.
  4. I just tied some of those and really like them. The twisted extended body is cool.

    I'm going to use the technique for larger caddis adult patterns in different colors.
  5. I really enjoy tying this pattern and have a few pointers to pass on for anyone trying to duplicate what Hans does so effortlessly in the video.

    First, I seem to have trouble getting the hair wing tight enough such that it doesn't want to rotate around the hook when tying in later portions of the fly. Hans must have the exact tensile strength of 12/0 down to where it will bind hair securely without breaking or spinning. I've resorted to cheating with a bit of zap-a-gap on the first thread wraps which has stopped the problem.

    Second, no mortal human can split 12/0 thread with such little effort! I do, however, have one little pointer that helps. I've found that after flattening the thread as Hans does in the video I can split it more easily if I lift just a bit of the tension off the thread. Probably obvious, but I used quite a few swear words before figuring this out.

    Third, I would really emphasize placing the fuzzy portion of the snowshoe fur (as is the video) into the loop rather than the longer hairs you'd prefer in a traditional fold over wing. When I don't incorporate enough fuzz, it seems too sparse when complete and I suspect it won't float well.

    Finally, I seem to have trouble with the bullet head wanting to slip forward and nearly block the back portion of the eye. I find I can tie a better looking fly if I start the rabbit wraps back one turn from the tie in spot of the wing. That way when you fold over the bullet, you pinch more hair and aren't slipping as much down a fuzzy slope with the bullet wanting to slide forward. The alternative would be to tie a traditional elk hair caddis like wing, but what fun would that be?
  6. I tie the pattern with the traditional dubbing system and cut the elk hair as I do an Elk Hair Caddis.

    Works for me. I don't believe in suffering pain while tying flies ... I'm not one of those kind'a guys :)
  7. Indeed ;) For that I tie the CDC&Elk... and I do tie/fish a lot of those...

    Hans W

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