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  1. Some patterns are equally at home on still water as also on running water. The LaCroche is one of those patterns.


    Hook: Grip 14723BL #16-8
    Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
    Rib: D-rib, small, olive
    Shuck: Z-lon, silver
    Abdomen: Coarse dubbing, olive and bright green mix
    Legs: Whiting Farms Coq de Leon hen saddle barbs (or brown partridge)
    Wing/shoulder: Deer hair
    Thorax/head: Squirrel (or hare's ear), dark

    Video here - please view in HD, if able:

    Hans W
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  2. thats VERY nice Hans. im going to be whipping up a few of these in a variety of colors for sure. i think ones going to have to be purple.

    thanks for sharing!

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