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  1. I write for NWS magazine and would be very interested in doing an article on the volunteers for this program. I have done one on the program itself and another on one of the participants. Would appreciate any help to make my series of articles well rounded by doing this one. Jerry you are definitely on my list. Thank you in advance.
  2. Thanks Josh. Wes and I have spoken briefly. I'm ready when you are. :)
  3. Chuck and Jerry really do a great job getting the troops and the peeps together. I hope when you've written some stuff up you'll post up some links to the articles.
  4. These articles were published in Northwest Sportsman Magazine and I don't believe there is any availability via internet. I went on an outing with them last June to Clear Lake in Thurston County. I will be putting the questions together and e-mailing them in the very near future. Any other volunteers that would like to help me out here along with Jerry? Jerry definitely puts on a good spread best pork I've ever had, in fact a few times as I recall. lol
  5. We never went into details. But what type of volunteers are you looking for? I know a lot of guys on the board have volunteered their boats on trips. So you can find a few here who have done that. But if you are looking for volunteers who help teach tying and casting you won't a ton on the board. orangeradish on here has helped at the WTB. Paul Dieter has helped at the VA. Not sure who else is on the board who is also a regular at either the WTB or the VAs.

    But I'll gladly answer whatever questions you have. Even have lots of pics from events and fishing trips.
  6. The more the merrier. It will help me put things in a full and complete scope and gives me a wider range of the different areas that volunteers take a part in.
  7. After many challenges I am back on-line. I am also happy to announce Jerry's interview is in the September issue of Northwest Sportsman Magazine. Jerry I hope you approve and that it did you and the others justice.
  8. Wow. I did get an issue. Had no idea you were doing just a Q and A with me. Thought it was going to be an article with multiple volunteers. Found out about it from my Uncle who subscribes. Haven't spoken to him in years yet he called to tell me he was proud of the work I'm doing. Approved of the article. :)
  9. Scan it and post it! I'd like to read it.
  10. Would love to see it what a great event
  11. Well deserved Jerry! Great article for such an important org. BRAVO!!
  12. If you want to read you will have to pick one up. Can't scan because of copywrites.

    Doesn't talk much about 2 Fly but more about program in the article.

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