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    Was listening to the John Carlson show yesterday and that WA state is one of the leading states in both number of homes with guns and support of right to own guns being more important than gun control. Were it not for the influence of Seattle, the numbers would be significantly higher. I was happy to hear this as I've all but given up the place as the next CA.

    Anyone opposed to the idea of fencing that area in, running an I-5 bypass up and over, and letting them have the place to operate as they wish...free of the influence from the rest of the state. We'll allow them to buy Discover Passes to leave the Land of Oz ;)
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    Despite the liberal slant of Olympia this state has one of the most gun friendly constitutions in the country.
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    The Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association got a state law passed 25 or so years ago that municipalities couldn't enact a more restrictive law than state law. That sure helped out over the years. That's what made the proposed Seattle law to restrict firearms from city parks unconstititional.