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  1. I have a pair of Redington sonic pros, they're great, the only issue I have with them is the neoprene bootie. my waders are sz L but the boot size seem to be in the 13-14 size range, they're huge. Not as soft of neoprene as my Simms either :)
  2. They sent me new ones in less than a week recently, no questions asked.
  3. I also picked up a pair of the Patagonia Rio Gallegos this past fall and, so far, I love 'em. My previous pair were also Patagonias, which lasted me about four years with only one small leak that was easily fixed. Can't beat that price at the Gig Harbor store either.
  4. I've always used Dan Bailey Lightweight waders and there sweet. In my opinion the gravel guard design is the best, they are plenty durable ( I fish between 1-4 days a week) have a nicely designed chest storage pouch without being unnecessary, and the Dan Bailey warranty is unmatched.
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  5. Dan Bailys or

    Patagucci from MRFC.com during online sale now!

  6. Been waiting three weeks so far. :(

    Update: A little over 3 weeks and a new pair just showed up. Happy camper again.
  7. Another vote for the Redington Sonic Pros with the zippered front. Have almost a year on them now and so far, so good.
    They're ez on and off, and ez pee, too - these are things that weren't important to me in my younger years, but are now.
  8. Boy, I wish someone made waders ez pee for me too!
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  9. Wellllll..... that one is a little more tricky :D
  10. Loving my Orvis Silver Sonics $259...steal
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  11. Over the past 15 years I have had two pairs of Patagonia and one Bailey. All three have been solid but my Patagonian have lasted significantly longer and in the future if I can continue to buy last years models I will keep paying the price for a good wader.
  12. Avoid simms - they still make all of their waders too slim for anyone over 100 pounds; you won't be able to layer underneath them; If you don't believe me, try some on with a polartec fleece such as you would wear in the fall/winter.

    I've had several bailey's (lightweights) - these are nice and sloppy loose-fitting, I like the gravel-guard design unique to this brand, and the built in belt. The first set leaked like a sieve; the second set hasn't leaked in two seasons of heavy use. The bootfoot on the second set is sloppy large so you get folds of neoprene that are a bit uncomfortable (I'm medium, 9.5 shoe; the bootfoot is like size 12+).

    I don't wear breathables in the cold. I wear neoprene; 3 mm Cabelas - full price ~$60, sometimes on sale for as low as $40. They last a very long time without leaking.
  13. From over 40 years of experience, with just about every kind of wader you can name, and working as a guide in waders for almost 20 years, I am very happy to rely on Simms waders now. Made in America, Durable, Comfortable, best value buy for the money. I don't mind paying more when I get so much more. You are buying quality, durability, and the best customer service in the industry. And I have never had a problem with the sizing options or my ability to layer more beneath them in winter. In my opinion Simms tops them all.
  14. I got an older model of Patagonia waders. Not sure the name but they work great. They were on discount since they were from last season. was more than half off and was just a bit more than the reddington's even though they retailed for double.

    Personally i found that the Reddington's didnt fit me as well as the Patigonia ones did. The really nice Simms one also fit well but were well above my budget.
  15. I bought a pair of Simms G4Z xxl king on the internet for 50% off retail this past year. Still pricey, but the quality is outstanding and not having to remove layers to take a leak is pretty damn sweet. Prior to these I'd always worn Baileys because of the fit, but haven't had the best of luck with them.
  16. Just got my Sonic Pro zip-front returned from Redington; 13 days including shipping. A new pair to replace the ones I sent in with a leak at bottom of zipper. I think it was in the weld, not the zipper, but not positive. They had about 40 days use on them.
    Yellowstone Angler gave the Orvis a better rating than the Red's, but Orvis is not making them with the zipper yet.
    Given the service experience and the price, I'm sold on Redingtons.
  17. In the State I live (California), there are 3 brands of breathable waders worn by 75% of fishermen, in this order; "adamsbuilt" (nee Hendrix); Redington, and Dan Bailey; the other 25% are a mix dominated by Simms, people who shiver in the winter because they can't layer in the thin legs of this brand, sweat like a pig in the summer because Simms "breathables" don't really breath, and they can't really kneel down because the seat is too tight.

    At some point - when the "cool" factor of wearing a simms product that has the fit of tight jeans, wears off, and they lose more market share to its competitors, I believe Simms will come to its senses and revise the sizing.

    Until then, my recommendation is to try the products on with normal fishing clothing, and decide for yourself.
  18. I'm a fan of the G3 GUIDEā„¢ STOCKINGFOOT waders. They are about $450 MSRP, but are super dependable. A great company to interact with and they do have several custom options available as well.
  19. Another plug for Dan Bailey's. If money is tight, go with the Bare Bones. If you can afford the Yellowstone Guide models, well worth the extra bucks. Service from Dan Bailey is supreme. You'll never go back to Simms

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