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  1. LOL, I have one but truthfully, it is not worth the hassle - plus the downside of not using it correctly can ruin your whole day!
  2. I bet. And some think that there's nothing worse than leaky waders.....
  3. Ha Ha, that the funnest shit.

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  4. I just got some new Dryft waders, http://dryftfishing.com/waders/, and I love them. Give them a look, because I think they are a high quality alternative to the over priced Big names in waders.

  5. Try washing them. I have a pair of Patagonia's that I love. Was tired of replacing waders with a 1 year warranty every 13 months or so. Use a cleaner that is designed specifically for breathable clothes like GoreTex or eVent fabrics, use a DWR rejuvenator, and dry them in the dryer WITH heat! I wash mine fairly often, especially after fishing the salt. You can tell they need washing because you'll start seeing water absorbing into the material. I use Nikwax Tech Wash to wash them, then use Nikwax Tx.Direct that reapplies a DWR coating to them. Then throw them in the dryer on medium heat. I do all this without turning them inside out, and finish by hanging them inside out to finish drying the booties (the fuzzy inside takes longer to dry). Lots of people don't realize that these breathable fabrics loose their water repelling abilities when they get dirty. And they absolutely need to be dried with heat. It actually 'reactivates' the fabric. Check out GoreTex.com, they suggest the above directions too.

    Plus, with the Patagonia's they have a lifetime warranty. Granted it doesn't cover misuse or normal wear and tear, but as others have mentioned they are very liberal with it. Hope this helps-
  6. Dan Bailey is my current breathable wader. I have a pair of Simms G3's I liked as well, but I'm currently to fat to wear them (fixing that, but that's another story)....

    But honestly I only wear breathable waders for a narrow window in the fall. I wet wade all summer and then fairly quickly swap into neoprene (Hodgman) when it gets frosty. Long underwear and neoprene = never cold.
  7. Just wondering what people's opinion is here...

    I have had a pair of Simms G3's for 2 seasons that have started to leak bad at the upper inside leg seam area on both sides. I'm just curious as to what the life of these waders is and if I should send them back for repair. Is it worth it? I usually get out to fish every other weekend and vacations during the season. I did think these would last a bit longer than this. I have developed leaks from briars and such in the past that I could always repair with Aqua Seal but that won't work this time. I'm wondering if I should just trash them and move on to something else.
  8. i am currently wearing redington's zip front waders and likeing them a lot. a feature that hasn't been mentioned about them so far is the ability to get some different feet-body size pairings (i don't need big feet but i do need a king sized body) without paying custom build fees.

    I will probably never buy another pair of orvis waders because they often leak out of the box, their warranty service is less than desirable, and their neoprene feet are sized for ronald mcdonald (i hated having two or three folds at my toes).

    the simms i had were fine, and i got almost 3 year sof hard use out of them. they priced themselves out of my market when i could get the redington's for way less than the simms and they had a zipper too. final judgement pending how long the redingtons last.
  9. I actually picked up a pair of silver labels a few weeks ago because I can't ware he others any more. I like them. They're very light and I never feel damp in them. From day one with the G3's I always felt damp.
  10. Orvis actually came up with the sonic weld design. Every time you buy redington sonic pros you are also paying orvis. That being said I just got the redington sonic pro zip fronts and the are freaking awesome!

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