Walrus Tents?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking to pick up a 2-3 person backpacking tent that isn't going to cost me a fortune. I found an ad for a Walrus tent, but know nothing about the brand. I was hoping someone might have some information for me. Its only $50 and the pictures looked like it was clean and in good repair. Thanks!
  2. I've got an older Walrus 2 person tent. I haven't used it hard, but it's been fine for me.
  3. Back when I was doing more backpacking they had a good rep. I think the company was created by a couple of guys from Sierra Designs or Marmot or something like that. $50 sounds like a bargain.
  4. Great old brand founded by one of the father's of the outdoor industry and one of the founders of Sierra Designs. Many of George's designs and innovations are still in use. While the tent won't be light by today's standards, it will be bombproof and have a long life it has been taken care of properly. For $50, I'd snatch it up if it is in good shape. Do you know the model?
  5. Thanks guys. I called the poster to set up a viewing and left a voicemail. The posting said that it would be taken down opun sale and its still up. The poster lives in my neighborhood so hopefully I will see it tonight. I don't know the model, but from the pictures in the ad and comparing those to the pictures on the walrus website I think it is a Starstreme XV, not sure about production year. The MSRP is 260

    Thanks for the advice everyone, this is one of the many things I love about WFF, people that know a lot more than me about certain things willing to answer reasonable questions! Cheers :)
  6. Love my walrus tents. Traded away one last year. Bad move on my part. If you hate it for fifty bucks, let me know...
  7. I bought it last night. It is about 10 years old, but in spotless condition. The seller said that he hadn't used it in 4 years because he has a family of 4 now and that he wanted to see someone else enjoy it as much as he had in the first years that he bought it. he also said that its the driest tent he's ever owned. The only negative is that its a bit on the heavy side, but the guy said that it has been a rock for him and that it should have another solid decade in it. I was so excited about it that I pitched it in the backyard and the girlfriend and I slept in it last night haha! I was able to pitch it in the dark in 5 minutes on my first time, so super easy to put up and a comfortable night outside. Thanks for the help guys, I probably wouldn't even have looked at it if you hadn't given me the info.

    Ed, I think I'm going to keep it...but if I decide I want something else, you'll be the first person I contact. :)
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  8. Photos! We need photos.
  9. I took it down this morning, but I will take some tonight when I get home, I may just sleep in it again.....
  10. Here are some pictures for you guys. it fit me at 6'1" 280 plus my girlfriend easily with enough room for a dog, small child, or gear. 20120719_071410.jpg 20120719_071422.jpg 20120719_071553.jpg 20120719_071615.jpg 20120719_071658.jpg 20120719_071751.jpg 20120719_074355.jpg 20120719_071803.jpg
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  11. Nice tent, Gary! We had a smaller one for a number of years. I gave it to my son, where it's still going strong.
  12. Good quality. Though the model I used to have was a pain to setup and take down. I use ultra-light tents now for backpacking that can be set up and taken down in about 2-3 minutes.
  13. Nice tent. Hope you hate it and need to sell it to me!
  14. Sorry Ed, 2 trips and a couple nights in the back yard have me in love with this thing!
  15. You are young...I'll wait it out.
  16. The way this tent is built, it'll probably be around for as long as you wish to wait.
  17. True. My two person walrus came to me via eBay in 1997. Shipped to Spain where I was stationed. Sheltered me in a lot of the countryside. More of the same since arriving here. Plenty of use. Plenty of life left. Traded away a slightly larger walrus a year ago...mistake!

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