Wanapum Dam in Trouble???

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  1. $50 says they find Jimmy Hoffa :D
  2. censored
  3. Hmm, you could try rappelling off the off one of the bridges, LOL. In all seriousness though, most of the bridges have riprap leading up to them and you might be able to launch off the riprap to avoid the waist deep mud.
  4. I took a drive down to Wanapum today to assess the sitch.. levels below the dam were normal and that is the better smallie and carp fishing. I saw one boat out there fishing so it would seems like all is fine below the dam and that is what matters most. Above the dam is a different story. I saw 10 people at least out there wondering around far from shore an enforcement efforts are weak at best and you couldn't miss these folks. I was told by a local a woman sunk in the mud so deep she couldn't breath properly and that was a safety concern for officials. The real downside is if the mob that utilizes the Wanapum Pool moves down on the Priest Pool that will be a pile of folks out there :( They are working of a new fancy pants launch just below Wanapum on the east shore also. So with all the improved launches this won't be the same and access and traffic are going to increase, bummer. Even since they put the fish slide in the west launch was useless unless you were running a down rigger and going around in circles just off the launch due the massive waves and current that the slide sent all the way across the river preventing boats going downstream more than a quarter mile.

    I did see a boat on the Wanapum Pool so there has to be a way and it wasn't a small boat. Might have been the Sheriff's Dept. but I could not be sure at such a distance. It would seem one could launch off the old Vantage bridge roadbed(West shore).. the road had some temp. signs up saying closed for construction :/ the road was in bad shape but I can't see them fixing it as it goes nowhere since the I-90 bridge was built.

    Freestone - Somehow I think there is a ticket or worse in the mix if I drop a rope off the I-90 bridge and lower myself and any watercraft down to the river. If it comes to that I'll be sure to mention it was your suggestion ;)
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