Wanted: Long handled wooden catch and release net.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by yellowlab, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. Let me know if you have one that you're willing to part with... prefer the rubberized net material. PM me with photos and your price.


  2. Paul,

    I've been working with Bill Rushton down in BC who makes custom nets. He is making a custom long handle, rubber bag net for me, large enough for Kings. The rubber bag is new to him because of the barbless requirements down there. Up here, with catch-and-kill barbs, the nets get torn up too fast. It's also 100 fish days. From what I've seen and heard, his nets will hold up. He did ask if I've been lifting weights so that I can handle the net he's making...

    There was a guy in California that made incredible custom nets. Every time I contacted him though for a few years even, he would say that he was moving into his new shop. I never asked if he was moving it one piece of wood at a time or anything.

    There is also Kendall Sperry in Maine. Up by Baxter State Park. Great guy. Family guy. I've had his nets for 15 years. They take a licking and keep on... well, whatever.

    Good luck. I believe it's worth every penny you put into it.
  3. Thanks, I'll have to look into the Kendall Sperry nets. I don't need salmon net, as my measure net is probably more suitable for the saltwater, but looking for a long handled trout net for stillwater fishing. I like the Brodin Mackenzie Ghost nets, but does anyone have any feedback on those nets?
  4. I have a couple of Sperry nets and they are well crafted, unfortunately I understand he closed his doors. I believe he has been selling the last of his stock on Ebay over the last coupe of months.
    You may want to take a look a" Wachter" nets also; well made and not too $$.
  5. Paul, I've got the Brodin Guide net, and love it.
  6. The Magnum boat net is $155 plus it would be $20 for the ghost net, so thats a bit more than the Brodin Mackenzie ($149). It appears that the Brodin's are made overseas... I'd remembered someone having issues with them, but I could be wrong.
  7. Check out Stevens Nets - www.stevensnets.com - when you call to place an order you get to talk to the builder or his wife - great nets, I had mine for 6 years - great people as well. Mike
  8. I like my Fisknat boat net.
  9. WOW, I like those nets, and come with measurement markers. I'll have to consider one of these... thanks for the heads up.
  10. Those are some great looking nets!! With an awesome price!!! Help the small business out, i am willing to bet his customer service is better than you will get with big box. :)
  11. I just got one of his nets in today and I must say it is reallllllyyyy sweet!!!!
  12. Thanks all, after some research, I am going to order the Stevens net... I love the inlaid measure marks and the construction. It will be an heirloom I hope to pass along to my son someday.
  13. I own 2 Brodins.
    One long handle boat net, catch and release basket.
    One short handle boat net, catch and release basket.
    Both have been lucky enough to see a good deal of use over the past 15+ years and both have and continue to serve me well.
    IF I were considering another Brodin, I would try to find one of the older nets made in the USA vs his current products which, I believe are made in Mexico.

    I did happen to see a very nice long handled , wood net with a ghost netbasket yesterday at Cabelas. ($69.00)
    I'm not a Cabelas customer but it was a nice looking net with some good looking inlays.

    My .02 cents
  14. I considered the Brodin, but as you metioned, I think they are built out of this country. Not that I am pro-USA, everything US made is the best, but I believe in supporting the local businessman and if it costs a few more for better quality and function I'll go with my local fly shop or local craftsman. I ended up ording the Steven's net, that is handcrafted in Maine and sometimes sold through LLBean. Its a beautiful net with inlays, and walnut fish markers for use in measuring fish up to 22". I paid $90 out the door on Ebay from Kennebec fly shop who has consigned these nets from the builder. I believe the Cabelas nets are made in China and probably costs $5 bucks or less per net that they buy it for, and mark it up and who does the $65 go to ... yup Cabelas, to get bigger and bigger and send more cheaper stuff over for the US consumer. Pretty soon, you won't see any US made stuff, and honestly the next generation will likely be fishing with most stuff that is overseas made. Again.. Im not pro-USA, but I am pro-craftsman and pro-local supporter. I know there is history and tradition with the net that was loving made in Maine versus at some sweat shop that mass produces these by the container. I know, it sounds like a broken record, but for 90% of you flyfisherman out there that buys your flies from the shop, ever wonder what the kids or women who tie those things wonder what their creations are going to be used for? Its sorta comical and might make for an interesting short film. Anyways... Im rambling on, but to each his own, but for me you can't replace my boats, rods, reels, flies or my net =)
  15. Hear, hear; just wishing there were more people like you Paul
  16. Those Stevens Nets are awesome, I will be buying one of those in the near future. I'm glad I was able to find the link to the website through this thread, thank you.
  17. I bought one several months back and I love it!!!!! Really good quality net.
  18. Bringing back this old thread just to let you all know that Alan and Vicki at Steven's Nets are still at it!

    Beautiful handcrafted nets prepared by a wonderful retired couple in Maine. Vicki still answers the phone, and addresses your questions thru pleasant conversation. Several testimonials and links to their website throughout this thread.

    Doesn't look like their prices have gone up much, if at all.:)
  19. Yup, still have my Stevens net and its fantastic!
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