Washington we have a problem ( wolf attack )

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  1. This just in from a very reliable source, and considering the new pack that has taken up to living in the Blueit pass area maybe should all be packing our 44 mag while river side. P.S the Blueitt pack has already attacked a herders dogs this summer.

    It happened Monday, Sept 26. Headquarters is a town 18 miles from my house (as the crow flies) on Idaho State Highway 11. I've done some hunting in the area, in the past. The North Idaho Correctional Institution is in Orofino. Her son works there.


    People we have been preaching for years now that wolves will start attacking people when their prey base runs out. Read this and tell me if it isn't a sign that things are under way

    "William Anderson 9/27/2011 9:25 AM
    This email should be read by anyone who hunts, camps, or spends any amount of time in the woods in northern Idaho . Last night I received a phone call from my mother who lives in Headquarters. She informed me that on Sunday while bow hunting she was attacked by a wolf. A few of you know that she is not your typical mother or grandmother. She has worked as a professional hunting guide for many years, so she has spent many hours in the woods. She has seen wolfs on many occasions and this is the first time one came at her.
    She said as soon as the wolf saw her it charged. She was able to drop her bow, draw her 44 mag. out of its holster, and put 1 round in the wolfs head at a range of a few feet. Please let any of your family and friends know of this so they can take whatever precautions needed while out in the woods. If any of you have any questions please feel free to call me. Thanks
    William "Jeff" Anderson
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  2. Cool. here we go with another 22 pages of what gun is best... how do I protect myself... my friend has a friend who...
  3. Where is Blueitt Pass?
  4. GEEZUS, that's a big dang wolf! Amazing story and one I'm sure your mother will not soon forget. was the wolf alone or have friends that she or others saw? I suspect you are right, these incidents are more than likely going to increase.
  5. No need to fret and fuss wolves only attack the sick and the weak. As long you don't have a head cold or the flu when hiking, camping , fishing ... you are safe.
  6. Between Clelum I 90 and Levenworth Hwy 2 but I may have misspelled it. This was not a anti wolf rant just a whatcha your back kinda thing. Also this not my mother but a family members
  7. Your post reads that she was attacked, but then later you write that she was charged by the wolf. Which is it? Was she harmed?

    Incredible that she had time to drop her bow, unholster her sidearm, and put one in the head at a moving target. She's an incredibly brave person, with a very accurate shot.
  8. The turn off is just before Cashmer
  9. Is that anywhere near Muses Loke?
  10. Just sent along the report I recieved But Yeh she a cool customer I would have had to change my pants
  11. I am not doubting your friend, but I have seen this photo before--a few weeks back. Also, Bluewit (sp?) Pass is a long way from Idaho--it is just west of Wenatchee and east of Leavenworth and runs north-south over to Cle Elum.
  12. So what happens when one shoots a wolf under circumstances like this? I'm assuming they are protected an illegal to hunt, so this would fall under the "Officer (judge), I was in fear for my life" response? Can she keep the wolf or does F&G take it?
  13. Prob since this happened in Sept as I said this is a credible source, also the Blueitt pack was on the news this summer check channel 5 I believe
    and just remember there were no Griz in western WA till sombody got cell phone footage of one up by Mt Baker wild animals never seem to stay where you put them
  14. This is gonna be an epic thread!

    Go Sox,
  15. Usually the photo and a good variety of stories that don't go along with it go viral on the interwebs.
  16. At the distance that this story seems to be describing, I'd consider a wolf that size charging at me to be intent on attacking me. But that's just me.
  17. You know, I've always been curious about that sort of thing as well. I mean, whatever trouble one got in would be worth it if you really thought you were saving your own life. On the other side, we all know that there are more than a few jackholes who would spin "it was me or him" yarns in order to be able to nab some big game when/where they weren't supposed to.
  18. Doubt many people hunt wolfs with a hand gun.....but if they did I say let em have at it!
  19. i'm all about "triple S" only reason anyone gets in trouble, is because they make the mistake of reporting it, then saying too much about it.
    Tap and Scat i say.
  20. So I'll go ahead and stick my neck out on this one for better or for worse (just my 2cents coming).

    It surprises me that it would have taken this long to see such a report in this (or other) internet forums. The 'attack' happened in late September and it's almost middle October. That's approx. 2 weeks. It would also surprise me that the local (and national) media would not have gotten hold of such a story sooner and run with it. Keeping a lid on this would be difficult for the best of us I suspect (afterall...there is a photo). I'm naturally a skeptic, and goodness knows there's enough negative feelings about wolves out there for someone with an anti-wolf agenda to fabricate a story, but I just don't buy it. I could be wrong, but something just doesn't feel right about this story.

    I'm not here to criticize anyone for the story, but doesn't it just 'fit' with what you might expect from an anti-wolf lobbying group? I'm not 'pro-wolf' per se (I've heard all about what they've done to the elk calves and herds in Wyoming and elsewhere), but am I alone here? Has anyone else thought about this critically? Does anyone know of anyone else who's had such encounters? Certainly they MUST be rare, if not only b/c wolves themselves are relatively rare, but b/c they it should not consistent with their behavior (I'm no wolf expert). If this story is true, I'm surprised this wolf was alone....aren't they pack animals?

    Anyways, as I said, that's just my 2 cents. No hard feelings towards anyone on this, and hopefully none towards me for my response.

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