Washington we have a problem ( wolf attack )

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  1. If those mountain beavers are from Rockport or Marblemount it could be a very traumatic experience. Especially if you are a metro sexual from Seattle.
  2. What? "Squeal like a beaver!" :clown: BTW made me think, what noise does a beaver make other than the odd water slap! As a big shitty slicking beaver centric male, I have no idea!

  3. Could it be (from the non-hunters perspective) that the elk herds are doing just fine, and the wolves have had significant impact.

    I was in Yellowstone this summer for the first time in years. I saw 1 elk, total. 25 years ago they were running around Mammoth like feral cats. I also saw several wolves on the same trip, watching a bear eat a dead elk. Could it be that this is the more realistic wilderness reality. The elk herds are thinned and the survivors seeking cover from top predators. I understand the elk hunters frustration but I doubt the wolves are unhealthy for elk herds, although they are definitely unhealthy for individual elk.
  4. Opinions are generally subjective. The arguments that make up opinion very rarely adhere to logic, because logic is a set of objective rules of formal argument. Logical arguments do add more validity to an opinion. The word logic gets thrown around ambiguously, cheapening the reality of its meaning, but to people interested in truth, it still means something.

    In other words, no, I don't think it's splitting hairs. I think anyone who wants their opinion taken seriously should avoid linking to sites filled with fallacies.

    Not to mention its the internet--it's my opinion that this is all made up. Wolves don't even exist. It's just another way for the government to keep us from unifying. Tom O'Riley is clearly a member of Homeland Security. And since most of you have never seen a wolf in the wild, there's not much you can do to prove me wrong, aside from providing me with hearsay. And since I know the rest of you are liars, there's not much you can do either :)
  5. I mentioned before about a book called Wolfer. It was an interesting book and when I finished it I really could not tell you whether the author Carter Niemeyer was pro wolf or anti wolf.
    He was hired to kill them and he did and he believed that many of the ones he killed were killers of livestock and could not be effectively relocated. But on the other hand he proved that many of the killings blamed on worves were false. He personally inspected every dead cow, sheep and domestic animal killed in Montana for several years and there were not many that were really wolf kills.
    He studied wolves and there behavior and may be the most knowedgeable person about wolves with the exception of Kevin Costner who did not just study them he danced with them.
  6. I'm calling the thread! Ding Ding Ding! Game over. There are no wolves.

    Thanks Flyborg.

    Go sox,

  7. Haha, Funny stuff. Well, I have seen wolves in Idaho. I have had them come in to my elk calls and it is not that great. Kinda freaks you out when all you have is a bow and arrow. They are much bigger than I expected. Thougth they would be the size of german sheppards or very similar. Wrong. Much bigger, as the pics show.
  8. That is what the pro wolf group had been advocating and preeching. That theory the state of Idaho held onto until they finally came clean and like the commissioner of the Fish and game said in that previous article, they have a big problem on their hands.
  9. We can argue and debate all we want, but like Jarrod (flyborg) pointed out, it doesn't matter, because the powers that be have finally come clean and admitted the wolves are a problem and need to be dealt with.
  10. This attack greatly concerns me as I am a resident of WA state and live somewhat close to this incident on Blewett (correct spelling)Pass. I am assuming this may be one of the packs in WA state called the "Lookout" pack, if not am even more concerned, as this may be a pack unfound by WDFG and should be investigated by the same. If is fair to say we will be experiencing more of these attacks on humans. It is known that the "Super Grays" (those wolves from Canada that were illegally introduced into Idaho and neighboring states) are now moving into our state and also into the management hands of WDFG, as the Feds have delisted them off of their current Endangered list. These wolves are non-native and killing machines which reach huge size and kill for the sport, rather than for hunger. Idaho is one state that is experiencing a nightmare because of these wolves. Game herds are suffering and in the Lobo area of Idaho, the elk herds are down by 83% since the introduction of these wolves. They have been seen in school yards, near bus stops (so much so that the children wait in "cages" to be protected) and running in and out of people's yards. They have become so prevalent that IDFG has now allowed for trapping and endless tags handed out to help diminish this problem. Eastern Washington does not have the numbers of wildlife needed to support these monsters (some reach sizes well over 150 lbs.) and will soon be moving in on our human populations. Anyone that sights a wolf, hears the howling of wolves, or comes across their scat, should report this immediately to WDFG. It is my hopes that our state will not end up like our neighboring state, Idaho.
  11. The story about the lady who shot the wolf is true. It was on KXLY news and also part of a documentary done by Jeff Humprheys. This has been about 2.5 or 3 weeks ago.
    As far as the wolves are concerned we see them all time.The first wolf I ever saw up close just didn't compute. He was huge. And he was on the route of the Hiawatha Bike Trail at Taft Montana. I don't even get excited about them anymore. I will tell you that I do not let my dogs out alone anymore. And when I do take them out, I take a handgun. But based on others experiences with more than one wolf, I am going to buy a shotgun. More than once we have heard them howl really low trying to entice the dogs. It isn't like a normal wolf howl as it is only meant to be heard in the immediate vicinity. We have at least 3 packs maybe 4 in this area. Separated by a few miles. I can locate fresh wolf sign within 300 feet of my house. I have heard interesting stories about wolf encounters from some of the flyfishermen who fish the St. Joe River. If I was fishing up and down the river, I would have a gun.
  12. Oh brother...................................here we go again................
  13. Children are waiting in cages? Seriously? I had not heard of that. Doesn't mean that it didn't happen, however I'd have to see it to believe it myself.

    Until they start eating our steehead and walking down the streets of Seattle, I don't think many are going to care what problems they create.
  14. This past August I had two lope past me at about 20'. They didn't seem at all concerned that I was there. They were definitely larger than a big German Shepherd, one grey/brown and one mostly black.

    We knew they were in the area but were surprised at how unconcerned they were to be in our vicinity.
  15. That's it. I'm going to the hunter forums and embedding shakethatbear into all their posts.
  16. I am serious, there are pictures available, but am new to this site and don't know if I can post pics. It is unfortunate that those who live in the cities are unaware or do not care about the rural wolf problems, but the bad effects will trickle down to you eventually. That will happen when these wolves start to impact the farmers and their livestock or when you come camping or visiting in Eastern WA. There is quite a ruckus going on in Idaho between the Pro-wolfer vs. the Anti-wolfers. After this turkey day is over, will try to find you some links and/or pics for you so you can be made aware of what is happening in Idaho and what we can look forward to (not in a good way) as Washingtonians and as these wolves start to impact our state. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your comments.
  17. No opinions were harmed in the production of this thread.
  18. Genesismoon,

    Go back and read the first 17 pages of this thread. There are already a bunch of wolf scare links and pictures posted. One of the reasons that this thread has gone on as long as it has is because much of the anti-wolf sentiment has been rooted in emotion-based opinion, with a mix of facts. That would include your prior posts above. One of the qualities of this forum is that members are quick to see when someone is bullshitting them. And bullshit has the invariable tendency to discount even the good and valid information included by posters. Any member who has participated in this forum very long learned quickly that in order to be taken seriously by persons other than dipshits, you need to post verifiable facts and leave the BS and your emotions at home.

    Welcome to WFF.

  19. Who do we call or write at NMGS.NOAA about the stupidity of the spring C&R cutthroat closure?

    Go Sox,
  20. Post your picks, I want to see this "cage" for kids... I might be able to use something like that to help the wife find peace and quite while I'm at work.

    In all seriousness, it can be a polarizing topic. Check out that book Jesse spoke of a while back. There's also a PBS show that is a great watch as well. But don't mistake the true concern with those who just want to chime in and state their ignorance. Sometimes it is better to be thought of as a fool, then speak and remove all doubt.

    Sg is right however, you can say what you want, but it needs to be backed up with facts. But still, I need...my wife needs that cage. :clown:

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