Watch your backs out there!

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  1. Aggressive Beavers are attacking fishermen in Belarus. It could be a world wide attempt by the
    beaver population to seek revenge for the fur trade!
  2. My condolences to his family.

    It will be hard to top this one for this years Darwin Awards. He must already have been brain dead to try to handle a live wild beaver.

    That was only an European beaver. Our North American beavers are bigger, if not meaner. Males can get over 80 lbs. Biggest one on record is 112 lbs. Jaws and teeth that can fell trees. I carry beaver spray with me wherever I go now.:eek:
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  3. I've heard of a muskrat sinking a float tube in the past but I didn't know beavers had an axe to grind.

    (A beaver did follow one of fishing buddies around a bass pond one evening -- evidently they have very poor eyesight :))
  4. Beaver didn't like the Russian paparazzi taking his picture.
  5. I've got so many beaver spray jokes in my head that I just got dizzy.
  6. The danged things do have terrible eyesight.

    One day, long ago, I was steelhead fishing during low-water conditions on a coast river and had very carefully, stealth-fully, slowly waded into the water. I was crouched over as I approached a very good looking run. If there was a steelhead holding in the run, I didn't want to spook it.

    About the time I reached the prime casting spot, I looked upstream and saw a beaver swimming downstream with a branch in its mouth.

    I know that they flap their tail on the water when alarmed and that would scare the hell out of a steelhead within a quarter mile so I started waving my arms at the beaver to get its attention.

    I wanted to scare it off before it swam any closer to my position and any possible fish.

    No go. The idiot beaver kept swimming closer and closer. I kept waving, it kept swimming. Sure enough it was about 30 feet from me when it finally noticed I was standing in the river. It, of course, flipped out and flapped the surface of the river like a -- well, like a flipped out beaver. The commotion was immense. So immense I never bothered making a cast and waded back to shore.

    Stupid, nearly blind beavers.
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  7. That stuff will make ya dizzy for sure, especially if you get downwind of it.:D
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  8. much like assult weapons, If we ban them this will cure the problem
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  9. As we say in Oregon, if you want a species wiped out, let the ODF&W manage it for survival.
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  10. What is the best handgun for killing a beaver during an attack.
  11. Probably the same caliber you use on your otters.
  12. A good friend of mine's wife called him one day during "Girls Week-End Out", an annual event from a group of gals that have known each other since high school, asking what the identiy of these creatures scurrying along side the road down to the rivers edge were. He asked her to describe them, and her repsonse was they look like "Land Beaver".

    He told her the only "Land Beaver" around were her group of friends.

  13. The caliber you have not purchased!!!!
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  14. I hear power bait just came out with a new scent called "land beaver" supposed to be pretty ripe I hear
  15. Beaver spray? Absolutely useless, especially in a headwind. Me, I carry at least a .454 Casull or better yet, a 12 gauge with slug loads.

    The worst part about beavers though is their predatory behavior. Whole packs of 'em have been recently documented ripping into defenseless trees growing on public land. Many citizens, fearing for their gardens and ornamental landscaping, have mounted a drive to file a class action lawsuit aimed at forcing the WDFW to kill off marauding beaver packs before they overrun our suburbs and parks. The governor lamely blames our current budget crisis for not having the funds to buy the department the helicopter gunships it's asked for.

    In my view, the only good beaver is a dead beaver.

  16. C'mon guys, aren't you being a little hard on the beaver....:eek:
  17. ~35 years ago camping in the Frenchman Hills area I was awoke very early morning to the sound of what I thought were hillbilly locals throwing cement cinder blocks into the water. There was enough of a moonshine to distinguish the water geysers from across the small lake. When we circled around the "nab" the suspects was when we saw 2 beavers playing around.

    Good thing the wolves weren't around...
  18. Whoa. Seems a little extreme. Poor, fuzzy, nearsighted little guys with a road-kill tail.
  19. Nothing worse than an angry beaver!!

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