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  1. It turns out I will be watching our beloved Seahawks game in Spokane next weekend. I thought I would ask some like-minded Washingtonians: Any recommendations for a good sports bar with decent food? We were thinking downtown area but out toward the mall is fine too. Thanks! Any hotel recommendation would be appreciated too.
  2. The Swinging Doors on W. Francis is a good choice if it's not too far out of your way.
  3. ...take a hanky-I can't see a team that doesn't score going very far in the playoffs. As good as the defense is at some point you have to score...

  4. if you enjoy beer, manito tap house on s grand ave

  5. +1
  6. Oh yeah, and the Hawks are going to lose.

    By the way, I went 4 for 4 last week. Wait.... I mean 0 and 4 :eek: :D
  7. Yeah I plus 1 Swinging Doors. Good game atmosphere and crazy TVs, get early for a good spot. Some good places elsewhere, Tailgater on Boone & Howard. But best TVs are at the doors and focus of entire bar will be the game.

    And if you're worried about the outcome of the game, just think about last month's Saints game to give you any idea... ;)
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  8. That's why I think they're in trouble. That game was over in the first 6 mins.

    Everything that could go wrong for the Saints, did go wrong. I don't think the Saints will "slip up" so easily this time. Hawks will have to bring their "A" game, witch has been a "C+" for 3 of the last 4 weeks of the season.

    Teams that end the season well, usually play well in post season (win or lose). Teams that end the season playing poorly (Hawks), don't make it very far.

    I hope for the Hawk fans I'm totally wrong.
  9. I guess we'll see on Saturday. I agree with you on momentum ending the season, heck Giants seemed to always win 9 games and go to the Super Bowl. But I don't think it's that huge, we lost tough ones and Saints lost week 15 to Rams and 16 to Panthers. I personally feel Drew Brees has nightmares about coming up here.

    Well anyhow it's going to be fun to watch isn't it? And that should be what it's all about. Enjoy the game folks!

  10. LOL!!!

    Did you see the postgame interview with him, after beating the Eagles? Oh man, it was PRICELESS!

    He's standing there talking about the game he just won, etc, all smiles and stuff, then the gal asks him about Seattle next week... and his face just fell! You could just see all the joy of winning that game, getting sucked out of him the second he was asked that question.

    I really like Drew Brees as a person and all, but that was funny!
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  11. That's actually not true. Lots of media hype about momentum, but when you look at the actual records of teams going into post-season, win streaks don't hold up. Harvin playing would probably change that "scoring problem" in a pretty big way.
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  12. Seriously, 3 days left still! Bye weeks suck! Thanks for the tips guys.

  13. I guess I should have put an "astrik" next to my statement. It's been true over the last 10 years or so - Giants (twice), Ravens, GB, Denver (twice-Elway), TB, Steelers
  14. Ravens lost 4 of the last 5 games last year. Giants had streaks. Will look back at Giants. Elway was more than 10 years ago....
  15. I guess my point is getting lost in translation. My point is, I would not be shocked at all, at all, if the Hawks lost.
  16. Check out Waddells on the South Hill also. Best Burgers in town and great beers on tap! If you like spicy hot foods ask for them to put some inferno sauce on your burger or bring it on the side.... stuff will LIGHT YOU UP!

  17. Jack and Dan's on Hamilton near Gonzaga U.....decent food, great service, and owned for many years by John Stockton's dad. You won't have to put up with yahoos there.

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