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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Riverman, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. I sure hope Water Master builds a rockered one-man raft soon... similar to the new Scadden rig.

    Anyone heard any rumors?
  2. Why do you hope so?

    Nope, haven't heard a thing.

  3. Simple... I want one.
  4. I'm head out for a photo shoot tomorrow for Water Master ads. I'll inquire when I send the photos.
  5. meeeeeeeeeh I can't row my watermaster, it's tooooo harrrrrrrd. mmeeeeeeeeeh.

  6. scaddeen owner: "dam I should have gotten a water master there customer service sucks"

    watermaster owner: " dam this thing is hard to row and maneuver"
  7. Really? Pretty simple and easy if you ask me.

    Pull on the right oar and it turns left. Pull on the left and it goes the opposite direction. Pull on both at the same time and it scoots right along. My Kodiak would do pirouettes from put in to take out if I wanted it to but never saw the need.
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  8. LOL, wait, didn't you sell your WM for an Assault, citing ease of rowing as the virtue? :)

    Seriously though, how hard is it to row a 9 ft. raft? Or are you talking about kicking? I didn't see a huge difference between the two unless I was really digging in.
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  9. No, I took his WM hostage. He had no choice in the matter... :D

    Where I see the big difference is holding the boat in a current. If you're using the boat as it's intended, you're stopping in current, standing up, and fishing slots. When doing this, the WM is harder to hold than the rockered design of the scadden. Now, when I say harder, it's not like it's a big deal, but it's slightly noticeable. Also, the rockered design makes it easier to row more weight...but it's not like you can take 2 people on a WM anyway, so it's not really a fair comparison.
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  10. I was more less making a joke about the ongoing poll of which one Is better. they both have pros and cons
  11. edit to my earlier post: ;) :cool:
  12. I have both. But yes, the east side guys are holding the WM hostage. If I only got to choose one boat I think it'd be a watermaster. The assault is more fun to row around. But, it's like owning a brand new Saab. It looks cool for about 6 months and then I'm betting it'll age like a prostitute.
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  13. I'm fine with old prostitutes hence why I chose scadden
  14. I checked with Water Master, no plans for a rockered boat.

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