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  1. Jack, I see you just posted this....Why are you not out fishing? I was planing on going today but woke up with a cold and feel crapy, thats my excuse, what's yours?

    Oh by the way Jack... do you do dental work on the side, I need some crown's and you seem to do everything else so I thought I'd ask, is there anything you don't do well? Those are fantastic paintings, you should post more of them.

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  2. Jack, closer shots of the paintings would be appreciated. I don't have a huge screen :)

    Nevermind, I forgot about the "click to enlarge" function. Nice work!
  3. I'm pretty good with a dremel tool and a chainsaw if that helps?
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  4. How much do you charge??
  5. people would be staring at Mark's teeth because Jack would have carved in a fish and bird scene so awesome and intricate that it changed depending on how much saliva bathed the gold
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  6. LMAO! good one wadin.....You're probably right, Jack won't know when to stop.
  7. Less than your Dentist for sure. BUT, you would probably end up spending more at the Emergency Room.
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  8. My cell phone not the best camera. Too many reflections in glass.
  9. Cell phone or not, Jack those paintings are amazing!
    Especially love that head close-up.

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