We are losing a WFF member!

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  1. Mark you are truly kind to bring Bob into your home. Thank you for calling 911 and being a friend and host to someone that needed it, perhaps more than any of us will never know. Mike
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  2. Nice of you, Mark. All the way around.

    Bob will be missed.

  3. I was the yongest and greenest of a dozen or so local flugenflangers who started a fly club in Bellingham. The 4th Corner Fly Fishers is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The other Founding Fathers have gone Where the Leaders Never Tangle. So have a few dozen other, subsequent members. The passing of Bob Jones, or any others like us, is not a tragedy. The only thing to regret is how many other good fly fishing people have passed close by our lives without ever intersecting ours, and making it even richer than it is.
  4. Bob did have one last good trip, down here with me on the Rogue a very few weeks back. Even landed two good sized summer run steelhead (good sized ones at that). A happy Camper. We'd fish in the morning (Subway sandwiches and a thermo of coffee for breakfast on the beach. Frail, very very frail, had to be very choosie where I put him in the river. One time I had to ask a 'Local' if Bob could take 'his spot.' (That's where he hooked his fish.)

    Very warm down here so we'd knock off late morning and go home. He'd tie up some flies and take a long nap or peck away on my spare lap top. Posting here? Probably. Saw a couple of movies at the local theater .... at our age the tickets are only $2.50 for a first run show.

    Talked to Bob at least twice a week and corresponded more often via e-mail or facebook.

    It was a reply to a FB posting (How's the new digs working out???) from his Daughter that I found out he didn't make it.To say he was looking forward to his 'new home' would be an understatement. He was elated.

    But he got to fulfill one dream, one last good go on the river.

    Frederick A. Evans
  5. Bo b was a great guy, and I'll treasure the time we spent joking at places like the two-fly! God speed my friend; I'll raise a dram to you this evening!
  6. RIP Bob.

    Mark, you are a good man. That's karma for a lifetime, and a great model of helping a person in need in our increasingly selfish society.
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  7. Rest in peace Bob.
  8. I don't think that I have ever met him, but we did talk back and forth on here about one thing or the other. Or we would give each other a bad time.

    Rest in peace Bob Jones. You and you comments will be missed here.
  9. I'll pour one for Bob tonite; and another for Mark and Fred.
  10. Bob Jones was a funny fellow with a huge heart. Sadly, the life hand he was dealt in his "golden years" was one that none of us would want to play. Thank you Mark for the kindness and hospitality you showed him in his last days.

    I first met Bob a couple of years back at the PHW 2 Fly event. After we finished our beat and got back to camp Bob came around as a few of us were about to pop a top and BBQ some fresh oysters I had brought from the coast. Of course he was invited to share. He opted for a soda rather than a beer, but declined the oysters... then spent some time, as in a while and in his own way... telling the rest of us how he disliked oysters. No problem, it didn't take long to bonus his share amongst the rest of us. Then, he decided "...well ok, I'll try just one"... "Mmmm...those are pretty good...". Needless to say we had to give back our "bonus"!

    Thanks for the memories Bob... God Speed!
  11. Prayers to him and his family. I shall raise a glass to Bob tonight.
    My hat is off to you, Mark. Kudos!
  12. RIP Bob
    "May you be in heaven for three days before the devil knows your die"
    I'm sorry I did not get to meet Bob. We were going to fish together someday.
    Thank you, Mark for being Bob's friend.
    I'm feeling kinda misty right now.
  13. Bob finally passed a bit over an hour ago; he was at Peace. I posted the link here on his Facebook page; the families reaction to the Eulogies was very profound.
  14. Mark, Fred and all of Bob's friends and family, I am deeply sorry for your loss. Mark, thank you for taking in Bob and being a real friend in his time of need. We never met but had communicated about a group trip his health ended up preventing him from attending and it is my loss for not having the honor of meeting him.

    I went out at midnight last night, looked at the moon. said a few words and raised a glass to Bob. Fish in peace, Bob!
  15. Quite a bummer. A glass to you, Bob. To all of you really.

    Though its difficult sometimes in the middle of the hectic lives that most of us have, it is important to remember that nobody is guaranteed anything in this life. You may have 50 more years or 50 minutes. Spend time with those you love, make sure they know how important they are, and waste as little of life as possible on the petty shit that does nothing but drag you down. And spend as much of life as possible doing the things that feed your soul, or whatever you choose to call that part of you. There are fish to be caught, beers to be drank, food to be savored, and with any luck, something like 18,000 more sunrises.

    Now, if only I could remember how to take my own advice....

    RIP Bob.
  16. RIP Bob.

    I met Bob only one time. It was at O'Rad's food and brew bash a couple winters ago. I've never met a nicer or friendlier guy. He was incredibly upbeat despite his physical and other misfortunes.

    And good on you, Mark, for offering Bob a place to stay when he urgently needed it.

    Tonight I'll raise a glass twice, once to each of you.

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  17. Mark,
    Congratulations to you and Bob...As already mentioned, how many of us are so self-absorbed as to not take the time or energy to make a relationship that isn't convenient?
    I am truly happy for you, Bob, and others who had the took the chance to form a friendship with him and have the memories...
    We should all be so lucky as Bob to be eulogized in such a manner.
    Congrats, Bob....Well played.
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  18. censored
  19. Very kind words indeed.

    Lets name one of Bob's fishin haunts after him. A run in a river perhaps, where ever that may be. Lets get a plaque put up in his honor. sounds like he definately earned it.

    Lets make it happen forum,

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  20. I do remember the post looking for a room. This is a great story. It was great of you to offer the room, but it went way beyond that. I am sure that you got plenty out of the relationship as well. Thanks for sharing and our thoughts will be with Bob and his family.

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