We are losing a WFF member!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Drifter, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. I say go for it, Jim. After all, Elvis has been faking his own demise since 1977.
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  2. Thanks again for all of the wonderful comments. I have uploaded some photos of Dad (Bob) to my gallery. I am assuming you can get to them through my profile. If not, let me know.
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  3. I'm glad I had the chance to meet Bob through Mark! The first time I met him and talked fishing , he tore off to the back room and brought out about 10 rods and reels from the 1940's ( ha ha ! ) anyways they were old school ! I think he built about half of them himself! I used to joke with him and tell him that if he sold all of those rods, he could buy one good one ! He just smiled at me ! Bob brought out his lanyards and let me pick one out, now part of Bob will be there with me on the water . I valued my time with bob even though it was a short time that i knew him .Very nice , gentle man ! Going to miss you buddie ! Rest in Peace Thoughts and prayers to his family !
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  4. Been a long week; first Bob and now news I've lost another old long time friend/Business World Mentor.
  5. Wow, Fred. Sorry to hear that. Take care.
  6. When I was a 'young/newcomer' to Mortgage Lending he was the head of the Appraisal Division of FANNIE MAE down in Los Angles. Apparently he'd gotten my name from the folks at FHA in Seattle and wanted a local appraiser/lender to do a few field reviews. Said 'OK, why not?'

    90% of the appraisals were just fine. 5% the valuations were 'ok,' but how he got there was enough to make you roll your eyes (I'd supply 3 or 4 more comp sales). The last 5% were total disasters, including down right fraud. When Norm retired I'd moved to Santa Rosa, CA into a new VP position and asked what he was going to do in retirement?

    'Don't know at the moment.'

    'How would you like to do review appraisals for me?'

    Had a one million dollar budget (across the US) for these. He made lots and lots of money ....
  7. Funny, my wife was in mortgage banking for almost 20 years. That's where we met. Interesting business, to say the least.

  8. Some guys have asked about this: If anyone wants to get in touch with me directly, my email is dougj321@gmail.com
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  9. Thanks Doug, will pull up my pics of Bob and send them to you as an attachment. Never had a seconds success on 'posting on line.'

  10. Pic's sent.
  11. Been away from the site for a few days and just read thru this. I'm at work and my eyes are all screwed up. I don't think I ever had the pleasure of meeting Bob--he will be added to the short list of people I really wished I had met and spent some time with. My heart goes out to his family, to Mark, and all of his friends. Bob, rest in peace and remember to hit it. And, Jason, thanks for the great music.
  12. Bill, Bob is/was well worth the effort. His last trip (here on the Rogue) I'd help him out into the river (he was that frail) and get him planted. The only one "AH SHXT!" was he lost his wading staff.

    For context, I'm 70. Tossed my spey rod toward the bank (didn't even bother to reel in) and I'm at a dead run/slog a few yards up stream. Caught him and took him to the bank for a rest. Had another staff (an old ski pole) in the Jeep and got him rested/sorted.

    "No worries Bob, I've got all the time in the World."

    God was on his side that morning; Landed two. A good thing me thinks.
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  13. Well Done Mark. You are a sterling human being. I salute you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. The world could do with a few more like you. Tight lines.
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  14. DSCN0033.JPG DSCN0034.JPG DSCN0037.JPG I poured a sip the day he passed, put a fly he tied on the end of my tippet that evening, and even managed one to the net:) RIP Bob.
  15. WOW! That sucked the breath out of me.....

    "We few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers...."

    "What you do for the least of mine, you do for me."

    Fred Evans
  16. Oh, boy. Me too. Nicely done, my friend.
  17. Looked at Bob's Facebook page today; choked me up.
  18. Very sad. And thanks, guys, for sharing such fine stories about a man I never met. Now I feel like I know him.
  19. I will add to my first meeting of Bob. I was picking up some materials for PHWFF from him that he had for me. I stopped by his house when he lived down the road from me. Upon loading the stuff in my truck, we started BS'n (Bob really hated that as we all could tell). We were talking about tying areas, and told him how eventually I wanted to get my bunkhouse on my property converted over to a full fledged tying room, but it'd be a couple years out, since I had too much on my plate as it was. He pulled me aside to his garage in back and started grabbing out lumber that was shelf grade (still have it ready to go in fact) that he insisted I use for my bunkhouse. You had a helluva hard time telling the man no. At same time, that back garage was where he kept his fishing stuff. So he went through it all with me. We BS'd quite awhile over that. Then of course, I was brought into the house to see his tying area and his lanyards. He had so much pride in everything he did. He knew about my work with PHWFF, and asked if he could come in. That's how his involvement started. He couldn't always come, but when he did he would talk the soldiers ears off. Think I got him to sit down and tie once, but he just enjoyed the company and talking with the boys at the WTB.

    I know for a fact I have more pics of him. Especially at the WTB. I took them on my old phone, but can't find them anywhere
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  20. that was a great day though, we'll have to do it again in Bob's honor. Maybe another BBQ get together with the whole gang present like the Orad Bash, something for you to work on it would be a great reason to have an annual get together. Maybe we could work on some kind of monetary donations and set up some sort of a small fund for kids or his wounded veterans grooup. sorry kind of got on a roll. Jim

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