We are losing a WFF member!

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  1. Jim, I think that's (all) an excellent/brilliant idea. How better to remember a very gentle man. :D
  2. And we will call it BOBFEST, or the BOB BASH. I agree we should do an anual. And not on the OP in MARCH.
  3. Pick a local river (out of Seattle) and the Bob Jones Memorial?

    When Bob was down here with me the two rods he brought were 'inappropriate,' but my guess is that's what he had. No problem, just pulled a couple off the garage wall and 'try these.' He brought/tried his .. 'inappropriate' and fished with mine.

    "What fly should I put on?" There he had some darned good choices so rigged him up. "I can do that. Not to worry Bob, I have a way that works here."

    Landed two and came up-pinned from another.

    Soooo? A pick two flies and that's all you get for the weekend? Like just two; not an original idea, but one that I think would have pleased him?

  4. Jim:

    Please, no fund for us, but I'm always up for a good BBQ! As I mentioned before, if someone wants to contribute something to Project Healing Waters in Dad's name, that would be the kind of gesture he would appreciate.

  5. Fred:

    That reminds me of fishing with my brother. I show up with what I have, which isn't much, and end up using what he sets me up with.

    If no one objects, I'd love to meet you all and joining you for a memorial event would be especially great. I have to warn you though, I cast almost as well as he did!

  6. An exceptional "Genital Man" who should be acknowledged?There are others, perhaps him?

    Just my .02 cents
  7. That's what I meant. I will creat a post hinting at another Orad Bash in your dad's name. I'm rolling something around in my head on your dad's behalf.
  8. I fly fish even worse than you Doug LOL I'd probably hurt someone if I tried :) I'll leave the fishing to you guys. BBQ's and fishing....Dad sure would be happy to have that.
  9. Indeed TT, Not 'one of a kind, but one of our kind.' Me thinks.
  10. I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch with Dad's good friends on this forum. I thought I would let you all know that on Father's Day last month Dad's ashes were unceremoniously but thoughtfully scattered(dumped?) by his kids into the Deschutes River in front of our favorite campsite at the Trout Creek campground. If any of you who knew him are ever in the area, pause a moment, perhaps drink a toast, and think how nice it would be to hang out there forever like him.

    Here is a picture from 2008 of Dad and I with my son Sam, looking into the river at the spot where his ashes were scattered:


    Best to you all,
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  11. Thanks, Doug. I was just looking at his photo gallery shots of his trip back to Yosemite the other day ("My dream trip back to the High Sierras after 50 years.") and thought about how all of us miss him. Looks like he's found a great spot.
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  12. Planting a tree for Bob on the riverbank at your special spot is a good way to remember. As a kid growing up near the Deschutes we used to stop at trees planted in memory of loved ones and add a bucket of water until the tree grew beyond a sapling.
  13. Seeing this thread come up again takes my breath away. I hosted Bob on his last fishing trip (Rogue River). Picked him up at the Greyhound bus station and wanted to take him home for a rest. (How many hours on the bus????)

    'No, I'd like to go fishing.'

    Chucked his gear in the back of the Jeep, next to the Dog, and went to Denmon Bar. Bob knew this was his 'end game.' So did I. But let it be a good game.

    Over the next few days, Denmon, Casey, Last Chance, Argo, High Bridge, etc. Was all it could take for him to wade (all soft/safe water for that) but stumble through it he did. Lost his fold up wading stick, an "accident looking for a place to happen" anyway. Gave him mine. A solid stick that he could 'both hands' as needed. A lanyard around his shoulder so he couldn't loose same.

    Needed? It was, fell in twice. Get him out of his waders and 'It's very warm, we'll just wet wade.'

    Dog and I did very little fishing, we just walked behind.

    Frederick A. Evans
  14. Nice view Bob. Hope to float through. Well done Doug.
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  15. Planting a tree is a great idea DimeBrite. Funny thing is, looking at that photo, that gap between those tress is half the size since they have grown so much since then!
  16. I still look at those pics you sent from that trip, Fred. Good times! He was definitely working hard to make the most of it, but at least he was making the most of it! With a little help from his friends, he was living whole-hearted till the end.

  17. Dad hooking up on the Rogue, with Fred Evans!
  18. It's a great drift if you can, Ed. Let me know and I'll try to meet you there.
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  19. Here is the message I wrote after our weekend. I'll try to get a few pics together too. Sadly, the fishing had turned off, but it gave us the time to sit and relax together. Thanks for your kind words, guys. It means a lot to me to know that you are all still remembering him fondly. (TarpTown was our name for our favorite spot, which was often covered in tarps during inclement weather.)

    It was a very special Father's Day yesterday. We spent the morning in a casual, loving, and peaceful way and scattered Dad's ashes into the Deschutes River in front of TarpTown. He will always be in our hearts, but especially so whenever we return to that most special place.

    I felt very close to all who were there: My beautiful wife and sons, whom I am very proud of, my brother and his wife Tina, who mean the world to me, my dear sister Christie and her partner, Terry, who were terrific company this weekend, my step-brother Ron whose combination of peacefulness and wit are always a pleasure, and our dear friend, George (aka "Mayor of Trout Creek") who has now become part of the family.

    Sorry to those of you who couldn't make it, but know that we were thinking of you too.​

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