We doin' this again or what?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Don't worry about it. I got enough money for a license. My wife takes good care of me. She makes sure I have what I need when I take a trip. I never leave home broke. I might be that way when I get home. After all one way is over 800 miles and then I have to go back home.

    But this will be my last trip to Washington, unless my granddaughter needs something. Getting to damn old for all this driving.

    Besides you all need a trip in the summer time. Winter and fall is the wrong time.

  2. On the 21st and 22nd the Quillayute Valley School District will be holding their big huge awesome annual fundraisng auction for the Forks school kids scholorship fund. The deals are awesome, so much stuff its incredible. They hold it at the Bank of America on Forks Ave. Not to be missed if you are in town. Lures, flies, rods, reels, trips, food, food, vacations, local and out of town offerings, clothing, artwork, food, toys, gifts, electronics, crafts, food... a great event that I donate to every year. They have raised over a million bucks for those kids scholorships so far. I participate to remind some people that fly fishermen are real people, and we care too.
  3. Just an FYI. I have a ton of elk steaks in the freezer. May bring a few to share on Friday night for those who are there. Maybe fry up some potatoes and onions and toss the steaks on the grill. :)
  4. I think you can count Mumbles and me in for a couple. I don't know OMJ well enough to know if he still takes solid food.:D:beer2::D
  5. Mmmmmmm! Elk!
  6. MMMMMMMMM FOOD. What, Elk? Oh hell yes.
  7. Wait one second. Tell me this is not going to turn into some nasty "you should have caught and released your elk, not bonked it" thread.

    Just kidding all, all these serious a hell posts really have me in a mood that needs a good laugh or something. I guess I'll just turn on WEC and watch some dudes beat the stuffing out of each other.
  8. Yeah, I caught and released it Mumbles. Released it into my belly! ;)

    I guess you could say I bonked it. A 30-06 really puts the bonk in anything. LOL
  9. Wood shampoo...stone shampoo...sniper shampoo!
  10. Well, either way, I'm planning on bringing a dozen or so elk steaks with me. I'll be prepared to share. :)
  11. HUH??? :confused:

    Sweet! Put me down for one! Looking forward to the food and seeing your setup Jerry, although I would say don't go too crazy on the breakfast stuff, since many of us will probably head out to fish early, unless the kitchen is up and running at 0 dark 30! :)

    Bill (founder of the Mumbles needs to change his creepy avatar Foundation...)
  12. Yup, I've done a many hunting and fishing camps, not including my tilla's on the steelheader board. Depending on how I feel from the night before, normally I have the coffee on by around 330-4am and cooking. If that's not early enough, well then you won't get breakfast. ;) LOL.
  13. Jerry, you are da man! :beer2:
  14. Hey, are we having shirts done again? Was cut/pasting this link for a friend and realized we never finalized on a shirt. Only a couple weeks away, just curious.
  15. Plenty early, and I may be up and able to help with breakfast! No complaints either way, I just know last year we fished hard during the day and hung around the camp fire pretty late. At other events, we've had way more partying than fishing.. for me, I'm planning to fish as much as I can!
  16. That's how alot of the events I do are. Party hard at night, up early to fish (Can you say Puke and Rally!) ;)

    Not a biggie for me. If people don't want breakfast, I'll sleep in a bit. I'm not a "first water" type. I've caught plenty of fish after boats and people have fished through. Plus, I do alot of fishing during the year. I don't want to do a "hardcore fishing trip" when there's a hundred fisherman there already. LOL. So it's more of a social gathering and a chance to wet a fly on one of my favorite rivers. So a win-win for me.
  17. I tell you what. If anybody wakes me up and it's still dark out they better run for the hills as I'll have beating somebody on my mind.

    I get up to an alarm 6 days a week. When I'm away from home is the only time I get to sleep in. So eveybody is forewarned.

  18. Come on Jim, you're just encouraging bad behavior with a post like that. You know that there is going to be someone there that is willing to "poke the bear". :D
  19. Jerry, yeah that was me that mentioned shirts, but I have no money to invest. I'm there to fish.
  20. Grumpy old man, you'll have plenty of time to sleep in 25 years.

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