We doin' this again or what?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Listen, don't close your mind to the idea of being free. Less is quite liberating.
  2. So people aren't backing out because of flows? I would be bummed if I got there are no one was around.
  3. I'll be there Buck. I'll need a second for a shuttle anyways. LOL.

    Rain doesn't bug me. Neither does near flooding. I know where to target. Hoh has stained (or I should say dark green) alot of the year. But you just have to change your technique when river starts puking. Hopefully with the weather like it is, it'll bounce up and down. But say it this way, I've caught steelhead on the fly with raging waters on the Hoh (now, near flooding, that's a different story).

    Oh, and plugging is a backtrolling technique using diving plastic "plugs". Like the Rapalas and such (I use tadpollys, and some of the hotshots). I won't be bringing them (at least not that you can see). We'll pull them out once we leave the launch. ;)

    But I'll be there either way. I missed last years because of my Father in Law passing away. Don't plan on missing this one. Just don't expect to shack up in my camper Buck. ;)
  4. Don't worry about me, I'm strickly in it for the ladies. Not that there is anything wrong with diversity.
    I'm working right now and hopefully if all goes well, I can't make it. That's right, if i'm not there, then i'm making much needed money. I'm a realtor and things have been way too tight. Plus, then new addition to the family and the 3k dollars worth of work being done on the rental is killing us.
    Maybe, if the stars align, and the moon is made of cheese, I can sell my clients a house, and go to Oxbow!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumb:
    I'm assuming if I go i'll need a tent, tarp, sleeping pad, cooler, fishing shit, a bunch of warm clothes, blah blah blah.....I don't camp much. Not in the winter at least. I'd much prefer to have a trailer or a hotel room. It's the way I roll. :) I'll check in later, got to get back at it.
  5. Ah, don't pussy out on us now Buck. Sheesh. Still have your seat saved.

    Well, looks like I may only bring the Steelheader and the driftboat. That way I can scout friday with the steelheader and then my steelheader will be open saturday and probably sunday if anyone thinks they want to drift.
  6. I'll have my pontoon with me and can drift with you Jerry. If there is a vacant seat in any boat I can shuttle and fill that as well.
  7. I'm getting so anxious I'm going tomorrow morning :D. Will be fishing Sunday afternoon, hell or high water. Got the 4Runner loaded (half of it's firewood), gassed and pointing out the garage. Looking forward to :beer2: in camp.
  8. I'm with ya Hoopa. I'm suppose to haul some stuff for my wife tomorrow so I can't pack the truck yet. I have all my gear stacked in the garage just waiting. I'm ready to go. :beer2:
  9. I am hoping I have a meeting get cancelled on Friday so I can head up early and not have to drive from Vancouver. We'll see. I am looking forward to it whenever I get there.
  10. I'm picking up fishdontcare Thursday afternoon and we are headed to Forks. We'll be there through Sunday. I'm bringing the pontoon and hoping to follow Jerry and others (picking up all the fish they miss of course) because there is safety in numbers. We'll be fishing it...not as hard as Matt "I'm fucking fishing" Burke, but fishing it still. I hope to connect with enough folks to be able to shuttle too. I look forward to meeting a bunch of folks, fishing and all that comes with such a trip.

    Buck, your new "restricted freedom" chaps are still too much man, nobody is bitching about my avatar now! Thanks for taking one for the team...not sure where you might be taking one dressed like that though bro...better cover up!
  11. I'm not taking anything for any team! That pic was for fun, now, don't get me wrong, I'm a free man on the river!
    Kidding aside, I don't think I have a chance of making it. I ended up selling that house tonight which means the inspection/septic inspection later this week. Paperwork to follow. If I was rolling in the dough, I'd have my mom or sister finished up the paperwork but $$ is tight so I have to do my job. Boo Hoo.
    I was looking forward to meeting you guys and hanging out. BBQ, fishing, and no little babies crying, I'm gonna miss out for sure. Maybe later this year or next.
    Someone take a fucking camera and bring us some pics. Make sure you get a good one of OMJ falling down drunk. ;) Cheers,
  12. I never get that bad. I know when to quit.

    But I hope I can make it. The weather looks to turn bad about Wednesday this week with temps in the lower 30's. With temps that low we usually get snow. And it snowed last night in the passes out of Montana.

    But I will try.

  13. Well, I hope to meet you sometime soon then Buck...but not sporting them wading chaps! Jim, I hope the weather is favorable for the trip, if not we can arrange our next meeting in a field nest to your house in Dillon, MT.
  14. Well maybe this summer we'll meet trout fishing, or going for summer runs. Jim, drive careful chap and Jerry thank for holding a spot on your db, but l'm officially out. This deal better stay togwther, that's all I have to say!
  15. Well I'm coming. Leaving tomorrow morning. Going to try and beat the weather. Don't have any idea where in the hell I'm going to stay for a few days before I head out the the OX bow.See you all there when I get there on Thursday. And no I ain't going to do no damn tent camping. These old bones can't take the cold,

  16. 20 hours and I'll be on the other side of Puget pond. Whom ever is there, cool. If you're not there, then that's where you're at.
  17. Sweet, I will see all yall on Wednesday!!!! :beer1::beer1::beer1::beer1:
  18. Update. Boy was I ever wrong about the weather. It's been snowing here for the last two hours. Got about 2 inches and the sky is dark and it is coming down. So much for looking ahead.

    I hope I can get out of Montana. If not, I'll see you all when ever.

  19. whatever jim
  20. hopefully the rivers stay down where they are. I am hoping they stay fishable so I can get out of the house for a couple of days.

    57 degrees and raining, which forecast for two days this week, along with rain every day makes me nervous though.

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