We doin' this again or what?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Jeremy, I hear ya! I've been seeing forecasts for highs around 50, not as bad as 57, but the rain everyday definitely makes me nervous. If I can swing it I plan on being there Thursday night. But I plan on Friday through Monday at least. Just tied up a bunch of bunnies today in anticipation!! Now I need to stop by costco and grab some meat and beer :beer2:
  2. Is it 57 over here or 57 over there? I know forecasts can very by area, even across the sound. So hopefully we get some colder nights over there. I plan on being there thursday night or friday morning. For those reading this, I just did a food post on this part of the forum. Check it out please. Thanks.
  3. I'm headed out there with fishdontcare on Thursday evening. We'll be fishing Friday. I'm looking forward to this trip big time. I know FDC is also. I don't think I'll be sleeping between now and then...pretty excited for a multiday trip. This will be the first time that I will have fished more than two days at a location. Most of those have been drive in early, fish all day, stay over then fish the next day until departure. Very stoked though.
  4. Well the truck is packed and I'm ready to go. I'll hit the ferry first thing in the morning. I'll probably swing by the fly shop in Port Angeles since it's on the way. See if they have any good info on river conditions or suggestions. See you guys whenever you roll in. :beer2:
  5. Steve, will you be there all week or leaving sometime mid week?
  6. I'm getting stuff ready now. Getting alot of the cooking gear ready. Boats are about ready. What sucks, driftboat isn't even near ready to go. So will do a makeshift put back together and have her fishable. Just won't look pretty, but she'll fish. Should be tying right now, but am so tired that I just looked at the bench and just stared. Couldn't get motivated at all. So will tie up a bit here and there and figure I'll just do some on friday. I may try and make it Thursday night after work. But won't put me there until after 10pm if I'm lucky. So may just roll in around 10am instead (will drop kids at busstop at 7am and hit the road).
  7. I plan on being there at least a week. I told the wife if I was going to stay past the end of the month I would get into town and give her a call. So I have until April 1st until she sends out the search dogs.
  8. I figured Islander would be there, he paid some money for food already. :) Thanks BTW.

    From sounds of it, I'll be buying up goodies for breakfast and dinners. But Lunch is all you guys. :)
  9. We are on our way.:thumb::thumb::thumb:
    Jeff & Tami
  10. Well guys I got about a foot of snow last night. I don't know when I'll be heading out. And it's supposed to stay this way for about four or five days. So I don't know if I'll even get there.

    Sorry, But I was looking forward to meeting more of you.

    But this was to be my last trip to Washington as I'm getting to damn old for this kind of long driving trips.

  11. I'm OHD...........outa here dudes. ptyd
  12. Damn the energy is brewing. Jim, hope you can make it but I understand how that trip might be too much if the snow makes the trip unreasonable. I drove to Holland Lake this past summer, what a freaking one day haul that was. I'd really not like to think about it in the winter.

  13. It's not bad driving here in the winter. There aren't many hills where I live. But if you pick your days and your route it's not half bad. It is still 28 degrees out but the sun is trying to peek out. It's supposed to turn to rain. So I'm going to try again tomorrow morning.

    The roads are taken care of pretty good here as they try to keep them clear. But if I can just get past Butte going west on I 90 I'll have it made as the roads look good on the Mtgov web site. Just some wet spots.

  14. Excellent, let's hope for tomorrow having clear roads and safe driving!
  15. Hey Mumbles. You don't fart in your sleep do you. I'd hate to get gassed when I get there.. See you on Thursday.

  16. Jim, you cantankerous old cuss, everyone farts in his/her sleep. The question must be are you staying awake at night to evaluate the frequency and fragrance of other people's farts? Get some sleep and relax, it will add five years to your fishing lifetime. See you out there at Barnaby's on Thursday night. We'll be looking for your white truck with a white camper...there now everyone knows what rig you will be sporting. Travel safe.
  17. Well I hit the booze store today. Got some Jim Beam. Shit these prices are high here. I can't afford to drink here. I should of stayed in Washington...NOT.

    I'm just trying to live up to my name. "Very Grouchy Old Man"

  18. Very grouchy Jim Beam drinking fart counting bitching about the weather and newbies not knowing how to clean their fly lines old man you mean?

    You are off the wagon I read...just added another item to my list of things to get/pack.
  19. I just got to thinking. I' won't be on here for about a week. So I have to get my licks in now. About 15 more hours and I will be on my way.


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