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  1. 4 mm and 5 mm neoprene blocks the sun pretty well. I'm about to slather up with Neutrogena "beach defense" broad spectrum SPF 70 with "helioplex." Says its water resistant for 80 minutes.
    Swell period is rather short, so I'll be paddling like some kind of monkey to get back outside after a ride, so 80 minutes is about right.

    Hey Ive, that Banana Boat Kids sounds pretty good, but please read the label and make sure that it doesn't have any "vitamin A palmitate" in it. I have read that it is an ingredient that may make some people's skin more susceptible to burning and cancer if its applied before one goes out in the sun. Its one of those things that one should apply afterwards, when one is going to be in the shade.

    I read the label on my tube of Banana Boat, saw that it had vitamin A palmitate in it, and then tossed it in the trash. Then I bought 3 different containers of Neutrogena, each a little different. SPFs 45, 70, and 100. I also bought some Bullfrog SPF 50 that has a lot of titanium dioxide in it, and leaves a white goopy mess on my face, which I often forget about, and then remember is there after I wipe my hand over my nose (only wear that stuff when surfing).
  2. Because I used to be an active climber and backcountry skier (before bad hips put me out of the game) I would go to a dermatologist every year for an all-over exam.

    After retiring and going into a different medical plan I've sorta put that off for the last few years. Been thinking about goin' back in for a skin exam but have just been thinkin' "ahhh....I'll do it tomorrow"!

    So thanks for the reminder, Larry! I'll contact my primary doc today and see who she'd recommend for a dermatologist and make an appointment.

    As far as sunblock, didn't I recently see that one of the consumer review companies, Consumer Reports maybe?, recommend a couple of the less expensive ones? IIRC, one was a Wal-Mart brand and the other was from Target.

    Edit: Ah, found a link for that info: http://pressroom.consumerreports.or...buy-more-protection-from-harmful-uva-and.html
  3. Tim,
    Thanks for the link. Interesting they mention continuous spray sports. That is what I've been using for about three years now. I like that it isn't greasy and doesn't run when you are sweating from hiking.
    It dries quickly after being applied and has worked very well for me. I fished nearly 12 hours on Saturday with no issues. We had that hazy marine layer most of the day but those types of days will still fry you if you aren't wearing sunscreen.
  4. Glad to hear that you like that stuff, Brian. I'm heading to Oahu and Kauai in September and was thinking of taking some of that stuff along so thanks for your input.

    Yikes! 12 hours of fishing!!

    Man, you're a machine!!! :D
  5. I am susceptible to sunburn on my lips and been using a product called Labiosan for years. Similar to Zinc oxide but its not easy to find. Ski shops used to carry it but now I get it online. Give it a try for lip protection.
  6. Jim, no Vitamin A palmitate in the kid's stuff. Maybe that's the ingrediant that smells so bad!
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  7. Wasn't it not to long ago that people all wanted to get a good tan and show it off. Now they want to all have lilly white skin and all look like zombies. Nobody can make up their minds as to what you all should look like.
  8. Yah, back in the late '60s I can remember my sister and me having our annual tanning contests.

    Anyone remember using baby oil mixed with some iodine as a tanning agent? :eek:

    I'd hate to tell a current day dermatologist that!

    Anyway, she usually won because I think she got more of our mother's Cherokee genes than I did. Even nowadays she still looks like an Indian princess!
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  9. Sorry to hear about this. Best of luck with the treatment, hopefully it will be brief. My brother had to have some skin taken off his back due to sun-driven skin cancer.

    As a side note, to those of you discussing sunscreen, lots of rules have changed in recent years. Nobody can claim sunscreen is "waterproof" anymore. Those bottles have been relabeled to something like "Water Resistant for 80 minutes". Its the same "waterproof" stuff you were buying last year.

    As far as the SPF goes, anything above 30 doesn't do anything extra unless you are using essentially the entire tube each time. You can read the basics about it here: http://ph.she.yahoo.com/spf-100-no-better-than-spf-30--says-dermatologists.html -- the highlight being "A study conducted by his team revealed that 'products promising an SPF protection of 50 rarely provide an SPF of 15 in real-life settings ... A sunscreen labeled a SPF 70 and 100 only gave a level of protection of 30."

    Just because the bottle says 100 SPF on it instead of 30 SPF doesn't mean you can use less sunscreen. Lather that stuff on.
  10. Very sound advice indeed. I've switched to wide brim hats and have been pretty religious about using sunscreen, but suspect like the majority will deal with some skin issues... an inherent risk of the sport I suppose. Good luck.
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  11. That how I got so sunburned when in my mid 20's. That was my first wife's formula for suntan lotion. I smeared it on and swam in the salt. I didn't dry off like I should of. Result one hell of a sunburn.
  12. I checked the Consumer Reports link, and you have to have a subscription just to find out which products were tested.
    I have a question for anyone here who has a subscription: What are the 12 that were tested?

    If they didn't test a certain product, then what criteria did they use to eliminate it and all the other ones that they didn't even subject to their test? How did they determine that the 12 they selected for testing were the "top 12" to begin with? There's a lot of different brands and products out there. I'm wondering if they did not test some that may be just as good or better than the ones that came out on top in their tests.

    The Neutrogena products I've ben using seem to work well. I wonder if any were in the test?
  13. Yeah, but do the sunscreens labeled SPF 30 give that level of protection, or something less than that?
    I smeared over a tablespoon of the SPF 70 just on my face and neck this afternoon. None on the rest of my body, since I was going to be fully suited up. That amount seemed about right. I re-applied some more to my face at the beach before suiting up, too. That was about 45 minutes after the first app, so I felt I would need it.

    I surfed for a little over an hour, so if I include walking to and from the water, I had at least 80 minutes of exposure on my face. Good sets were slow in arriving...lots of junk, but I managed to snag 5 good ones. The last wave I had peeled off for nearly 100 yards, was my best one of the day, and knowing that I couldn't top it, and was feeling a bit tapped, I went in. I figured, why even paddle back out after that one?:D Didn't notice any more tan or sunburn on my face when I got home, so the sunscreen must have been doing its job.
  14. I'm not a subscriber to Consumer Reports so I don't know which products comprised the list. Perhaps someone here who does have a subscription can fill us in?

    I too have used some of the Neutrogena stuff and found it worked well.
  15. The neutrogena stuff is awesome because it contains their moisturizer. Sure thats not "manly" but neither is cracked, peely skin. If your skin cracks from the sun thats worse than a burn in many cases.

    Costco had a deal on 2 of the big bottles of nutrogena (fred meyer had them for $11 each) and 2 small ones (perfect for a fly vest/golf bag) for $13. They might still have it going.

  16. My point was to be liberal with the amount you put on regardless of the SPF. Many people make the mistake of buying 100SPF and then thinking they can use just a dab for their whole body because its rated so high. Sorry I was confusing
  17. I was guilty of that syndrome for far too long, myself. Now I get ribbed by some of my buddies for "applying too much makeup!":rolleyes:
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  18. Best wishes for successful tratment, Larry. Melanoma is serious stuff, folks. Being "tan" is no longer in fashion, at least from my perspective. I recently lost my son in law to malignant melanoma. He was working away from home (Texas) and had noticed some bumps and lumps, but he ignored them. Big mistake. When he started having severe pain in his back, he decided it was time to come home and get checked out. He went to the hospital and was diagnosed a couple of day later. The cancer had spread throughout his body and into his bones. The pain in his back was from a tumor that was compressing his spine. The Dr. gave him 2-3 months. He made it 3 months. The memorial service is this Saturday. He leaves behind his wife (my daughter) and three girls, 8, 12 and 15.
    I say this only to try to tell as many people that I can how important it is to protect ourselves from the sun and UV light. This can happen to anyone. Please, please be sun smart. Check youself regularly. If you see any odd shaped or discolored moles, get them checked out right away, don't procrastinate. Long sleeved shirts, pants, a floppy wide brim hat and sunscreen is what's "in fashion" with me. A very hard, and sad lesson to learn.
  19. Rod,
    Sorry for your loss. Best wishes to you and your family.
  20. That was the oil of choice over on Guam back when we were keeping the island beaches safe for the likes of Alex.

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