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  1. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Whats the weather like there. I just looked at and it looked like you were all catching lots of rain there.
  2. Kaiserman

    Kaiserman content

    Where's "there" ?

    Here in Spokane it's snowing.
  3. teedub

    teedub Active Member

    Snowing in Cle Elum - we have about eight inches of new snow since last night and it snowed here most of the day Sunday.
  4. GAT

    GAT Active Member

    Raining in Corvallis... supposed to rain off and on through the weekend. Which would be okay if it was snowing in the Cascades but the freezing level is somewhere around 7K feet when it should be around 4500 to 5K to increase the snow pack. We may be in for a very dry summer.
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  5. ryfly

    ryfly Addicted to flyfishing

    Heavy mist/light rain in Issaquah.
  6. IveofIone

    IveofIone Active Member

    Monday the 24th. I just finished plowing for the 3rd time in the past few days. Now it is snowing again! Winter came late this year and arrived in a bad mood. No nighttime temps above freezing are predicted for at least 10 days. Unless March is as good as February has been bad, spring fishing is going to be tough sledding early on.

  7. Matthew LeBret

    Matthew LeBret Active Member

  8. casaboba

    casaboba Member

    Seattle, WA
    Lt Rain, Fog
    • Humidity89%
    • Wind SpeedNW 5 MPH
    • Barometer30.04 in (1017.1 mb)
    • Dewpoint40°F (4°C)
    • Visibility5.00 mi
    • Wind Chill40°F (4°C)
  9. Kaiserman

    Kaiserman content

    Geez, that doesn't tell me anything... Where's the tide at?
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  10. Cruik

    Cruik Active Member

    I was going to buy a skiing pass for Alpental this year, but didn't because it didn't open until mid-January. My thought process was "Fine. This just means less runoff and more stream fishing." Now we're already heading into an above average snowpack year with no indication that it'll slow down. So not only am I not skiing this year, but the streams probably won't be fishable til July.
  11. Peyton00

    Peyton00 Active Member

    This is my first year not buying a season pass for Crystal.My goal was to fish more this winter and not ride all season long on the slopes. I was doing just fine with the lower water and excellent fishing. I wasnt missing the low snow conditions or the season pass price. I rode last week in 4ft of pretty dry powder. I wanted to stay the night.

    I was looking forward to March/April on the Yakima with overnighters and big bruisers.

    If the snow keeps coming, i will buy a preseason pass for 2015 and get to ride the end of this season, waiting for the rivers to drop in July.
  12. teedub

    teedub Active Member

    I just finished plowing my road and a couple of drives. Been plowing since 11 am and its still snowing. Weather, especially moisture regresses to the mean - what ever that means!
  13. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I guess I should of said Washington on the wet side. When I looked at the weather Radar page it looked like it was pouring there.

    All the snow I get is powder. No moister in it at all. The sun comes out and it evaporates. It don't go into the ground because the ground is still frozen.
  14. Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith Active Member

    Can't wait to buy that winter home in Bariloche!
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  15. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    The lawn is still to wet to mow in marysville,Don't expect it to be mowable till late april
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  16. Kevin J. Burnham

    Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

    It's friggin Seattle. It rains 90% of the time. I want to be a Seattle weatherman. Come in on January 2nd with a bunch of different shirts. Just put one on and say on and off again rain showers with temps. between 40 and 50. Then change shirts and say on and off again rain showers with temps. between 50 and 60. Change again and say snow possibility then turning to rain. Change again and say temps above 80 and how you can protect yourself and doggy from the excessive heat. It's that easy !!!
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  17. Kaiserman

    Kaiserman content

    Not the case in Spokane, they predicted sunshine through the weekend and Monday... it snowed - all three days. I guess that's "crystal sunshine".

    Being a weatherman, would be a sweet job!

    The only line of work, where you can be consistently wrong and still keep your job.
  18. Kevin J. Burnham

    Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

    You'd never be wrong in Seattle !!!
  19. Trapper Badovinac

    Trapper Badovinac Author, Writer, Photographer

    We've gotten nearly 2 feet of snow at my house since last Friday with highs in the 20s.

    What I did for 3 hours yesterday and we got another 6 or 7" since then.

  20. Jim Ficklin

    Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

    Rained yesterday & into the night. Light snow & 30 now. I imagine it's a bit more severe up in the Seep Lake country.

    Nice snow shovel, Trapper!