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  1. I saw my grass the other day. It's still brown. It turns brown in November and doesn't turn green until May. I like that.
  2. Old guys with arthritis weakened backs should only use 60" hydraulic driven shovels.;) I actually do most of the work with the rear blade.

  3. The crocus and daffodils are ready to bloom in our front yard. As far as they are concerned, it is now Spring in The Valley. Danged determined flowers!
  4. You're a prudent man, Trapper. If I still lived back there, I'd have one too!
  5. Living rurally, I can't imagine how I'd get things done without that tractor. I use it mostly in the non-winter months for MPB killed trees as I have a chipper that runs off the PTO, but for moving snow, it's pretty nice.

    Here's a photo I took today.


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  7. I couldn't get my Volkswagen off my block this morning, thanks to a foot of snow. So I walked to work. What a wonderful reminder that I live 4 blocks from the amazing Clark Fork River. That beast is frozen solid, interrupted by riffles and scary holes in the ice. I will take a picture of beautiful, snowy Missoula from the California Street Footbridge tomorrow morning.
  8. If it's got open leads it isn't frozen solid. It might be ice covered but not frozen solid. If it was that way all the fish would die.:p
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  9. Thankfully it was solid enough for a lost dog I saw walking on the river this morning. I whistled and he came, then the damn thing followed me to work. No collar, of course.
  10. While driving home from work yesterday I noticed a guy mowing his lawn!!!!

    Com'on man! Don't be mowing your lawn in February or the other spouse type units will expect the rest of us guys to start doing the same thing.

    I almost stopped and asked the guy for his man card so I could rip it up.

    Mowing your lawn in Oregon in February is a justifiable reason to lose your man card.
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  11. My lawn is 2 ft under white stuff. Weather man was wrong today. He said sunshine and cold, I see clouds and flakes but he got the cold right.

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  12. I've decided to not pay attention to what the weatherman says anymore. They said that it was supposed to be in the 40's this week. It was minus 2 here this morning. But the sun is shining. And with the sun shining on the snow it is starting to melt. One can only hope the weather is going to get better.
  13. I looked today and the 1st 70 last year at the house was March 31st. Only 1 month away Yippy !!!
  14. The roads finally got plowed here. There are several ski tracks up on Mt. Sentinel. Apparently it's pretty tough getting there, you have to hike in from Pattee Canyon or go straight up the mountain. What a beautiful valley, at least when the sun shines. DSCN0655.JPG
  15. Wow, that's amazing. But, maybe that's why so many folks want to live in Oregon.

  16. Our first 70 degree day last year happened on April 27th. The forecast for Saturday, March 1st if for snow and a high of minus 7. A low near minus 20.

  17. Boy, I'm sure glad I don't live in Helena. Here is Dillon the weather is just a little nicer. I don't even look at the weather page anymore. It's wrong 95% of the time.
  18. Is this a road or the river ?????
  19. Around here is only this part of Oregon that has such mild weather. Once you cross the Cascades to the east, it's a completely different story... same as it is in Washington State.

    However, I can see why the Oregon Trail ended at Oregon City and why the settlers preferred the Willamette Valley over the remainder of the state.
  20. I was in Grants Pass, OR last week, over 6" of rain in 24 hrs.
    Three solid days of rain, the rivers looked like chocolate milk.
    I heard the fishing was great two days after I left.

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