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  1. ... of course it was. That's how it works :)
  2. I don't mind Helena. My wife still works and we live outside of town so we don't have to deal with a lot of city things. It's nice to be fairly close to CostCo etc and a couple of great micro-breweries. Plus, I'm close to the Blue Ribbon section of the Missouri and a 45 minute drive and I'm on the upper Blackfoot.

    We both have 4-wheel drive vehicles, so getting around isn't that big of a deal.

    I do like the Dillon area though.

  3. "Is this a road or the river ?????"
    That's the Clark Fork from the California Street Footbridge, looking east toward downtown.
  4. While the folks in the Willamette Valley are mowing their lawns with Gene cussing them out, I'll be plowing snow.

    The Helena forecast for this Saturday:


    Oh, and 8-12" of snow


  5. Too cold for me! I think I prefer yelling at the idiot neighbors for mowing their lawns than dealing with those temps!
  6. Gene -- we'll shatter records with that one for lows. The record for March 1 is -15F.

    You must have had some very cold temps when you were a kid? I find the older I get, the less tolerance I have for extreme temperatures.

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  7. Yup. I grew up in NE Oregon and temps there are much colder during the winter than they are here.
  8. I posted some pictures of the Big Hole one winter and it looked the same. Somebody asked me if it was a road with snow around it.
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  9. You can see that Dillon is down in the temperate zone.
  10. The Beaverhead is 5 minutes from my house. The Big Hole is about 20 miles from home. Both Blue ribbon streams.
  11. I may soon work a few blocks from the Gallatin and live a mile from the East Gallatin. So there.
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  12. Non stop snow since about 1100 this afternoon on the southern tip of flathead lake. On the way to coffee this morning, I noticed that Polson bay froze over. Don't look like I'm going to put the shovel away this week.

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  13. The weather here in Montana has been shitty through all the Month of February. It seems like it has snowed almost every day. Was supposed to go to Belgrade today but that's out as there is a snow storm in that area. While I don't have as much as the areas north of me, I do have the cold and icy driving conditions
  14. Yep, monster drifts all around my house. Wish I had a 4x4!
  15. Ex wife lives in Hamilton and posted up a picture of her front yard. Got to be at least 3' of snow in there and another big dump due today. Not a bad thing as she needs to loose weight ..... a shovel and snow will work on that.

  16. And she is in position for the skwala hatch later this month. I need to get over there late March, early April. Love that fishery.
  17. Sweet burn!
  18. Probably hoping to happen late this year. Low level snowmelt should have the river high and really cold for a few weeks. The midge fishing will be good in the near future, saw a few risers last weekend in the snow.
  19. All that snow sliding down a hill and inside of a town no less. Should make people that live in town with a hill at their back, wary.

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