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  1. Well I don't have an answer or a dachshund like digger. If you pave it the city charges you a pollution penalty tax for impermeable surface. I used to use a ground sterilizer that would work for about 6 months. Now they have out lawed that and only roundup type killers are permitted. Now it takes about 60 gallons/yr of roundup weed killer to seep into the water table and do the job but I feel much greener than using the paving that has not required weed killer in 35 years......ps...the propane torch made them grow faster and produced CO2, I tried that too
  2. Not trying to be a wise ass, but what's wrong with a few weeds in the yard? It's more natural anyway!:)
  3. Try telling that to my wife ;)
  4. "Try telling that to my wife ;)"
    I hear that.

    How does it go? "Nature abhors a vacuum." Have you thought about ground covers? I have a gravelled front yard and am giving some serious thought to planting some kind of drought hardy plant to try to keep the weeds in check. The problem is the grass. It is a invasive species and very hard to get out of other plants. Was thinking of trying some thymes, but I don't think they will out compete the grass. Whatever it is has to be able to be driven/walked on once in awhile.
  5. I use Chapparal. It's dry and is mixed with water along with a surfactant. A surfactant works to break the surface tension, but unlike soap, doesn't foam up in the tank.

    Chapparal is an herbicide that will not kill grasses but systemically kills most broadleafed weeds. It won't poison livestock or pets even if they eat the sprayed plants. It's not cheap, but works very well.

    You should carefully test your sprayer to figure out just how much it puts out instead of just guessing on how much to use. Google "chaparral herbicide mixing ratio".

    Spraying when the weeds are young and well before they bloom or seed is of course best. You should also spray early in the morning when the pores of the weeds are open and will more readily accept the herbicide.

    I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll never be weed free. I can only try to control weeds. Where I live if you don't control your weeds they will spread to your neighbor's pastures and that makes for cranky neighbors. Plus, here in Montana, failure to control noxious weeds can get you a hefty fine.


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