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    Kcahill requested an SBS on how to tie in weedguards on bass bugs. There a few ways to do this and I will show you two of them. Both these methods are double weed guards but can be tied single as well. If one is good, two has got to be better, right?

    This is a double weed guard that starts at the beginning of the fly tying process and is also one of the last. To speed up this SBS, I will tie just the weedguard and not the whole fly. The two bass flies here were tied by the premier deer spinner, Pat Cohen, and were not harmed in the making of this SBS.

    Start your thread at the hook point and dress the hook to the barb.

    Start with about a 6" piece of 35 - 50 lb mono. Align the ends and crease it in the middle.

    Tie in the butts. Superglue. Fast forward to the last step of the fly.

    Bring the mono around the hook and leave it long enough that it extends past the hook. Secure the looped end just behind the eye.

    Another way is to take a smaller length and crease it in the middle.

    Place the look over the eye of the hook and set back at an angle. Throw some X-wraps over the mono. Trim the tag ends to length.

    Get out and hit the lillypads.

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