Weird ass Met Fish

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  1. it was a whitefish
  2. The website hosting the picture failed, sorry guys for the mass hysteria.
  3. No photo... just the dreaded little red 'X"
  4. Yeah, the picture isn't coming up
  5. Website failed.
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  6. Met as in Methow, Metolius or Seattle Metropolitan Theatre?

    If it's the Met"olius" I'd vote for a lake run rainbow that came up the river. If it's the Met"how" I'd vote for a travelling triploid. If its the Seattle Met"ropolitan Theatre" I'd vote for a trout that likes plays.
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  7. I don't think it is the Metolius Met (the trees are all wrong)... whatever the Met, danged nice trout!
  8. Got to be a triploid. Not good for the river...
  9. It appears for have an adipose fin, so I assume it is not a hatchery fish. It looks like the big guys from Rufus Woods but how could it get in the Met? Nice big fish anyway! Rick
  10. yah um that fish is retarded
  11. What's the justification for calling this a trip? The fact that it's chunky? Also, rufus woods triploids do have adipose fins, but none of the fins generally look that good. Looks probably wild or perhaps a diploid plant from an adjacent waterway to me. I would guess that fish hasn't spent it's whole life in that river. It could have come up from Pateros. I don't think I've really seen too many pure rainbows in the Methow. There are a few rare surprises in that river, though, so I don't think it's impossible to grow a rainbow that big in there. Also, it looks like it could be male, which rules out triploid.
  12. did you forget the 'h' in Met?? Is it a fish that is on Meth??? If so, yes, that has to be the fattest anything on meth ever.....
  13. local nice trout
  14. Aside from being a complete slob, I don't see anything wrong with it.
  15. Definitely a trip. I've caught them in there before, and it's becoming a pretty regular occurrence to catch them. They're getting through/over Chief Joseph with regularity now. It's how so many end up in Lake Pateros and they open that section up for fishing for them.
  16. I have heard there are some huge trout in that river. Not many, but talking with the fish and game that there are several big ones.
  17. Hmmm, picture appears to have succumbed to the Methow trout mafia. Heaven forbid that someone let out that there is another river on the east side of the state that might have a nice trout besides the Yakima. I better check my Gazeteer to ensure that this secret river hasn't been removed from there too.....

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  18. Weird ass thread
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  19. LOL :) That's exactly what I've been thinking.

    What the hell was that all about????
  20. I thought it was an Atlantic Salmon
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