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  1. What? there's a pic? I don't see any fish pic!
  2. Somehow.... and I'm not sure how unless a moderator removed it... the original first post with the fish photo was removed.

    Which I don't understand. It was simply a photo of an unknown guy holding a fish above a river in the typical pose. It was a large fish... species, evidently, not so clear.

    I don't get it. Why was the first and second post removed??? I'm seriously missing something.
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  3. Yeah.... what's up with that?

    Like they say, "No pic, it never happened."

    P.S. - I'm "they"

  4. I can tell you what happened. he posted the pic and got blown up with pm's saying how much of a dirtbag he was for sharing his photos, and that he did not care about the health of these fish yadadadada.

    Last week I put up a report and Thomas and I received at least a dozen nasty grams from other anglers who probably don't even fish the Undisclosed river saying all types of dumb shit.

    Please see my attached thread for all official formats of how reports are to be written so the crank asses can sleep at night
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  5. lol CLO, that rivers anything but a secret. there was no need to remove the pic and try to cover things up IMO.
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  6. someone on this site would bitch if I hoisted a king in the kenai with 50 anglers elbow to elbow right next to me, and tell me I am ruining the river
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  7. Now wait a minute. You mean to tell me the guy's posts were removed because he showed someone holding a fish a few inches above the river????:eek:

    There's plenty of fish photos posted on this site... what made this one so special?? "Featured Photos" at the top of the main forum page is normally made up of fish photos. I don't get it.

    Signed: Confused in Corvallis
  8. I was about to snap a pic of a nice searun cutt that I had led into about 2" to 3" of water over a gravel bottom, when it flip-flopped itself up onto the wet gravel about two feet up the beach! So I just quickly re-positioned my fly rod (for size comparison), re-aimed my camera and snapped a quick shot, before removing my fly and releasing the cutthroat, no worse for wear.
    I decided to not post the pic with my report, since the fish was out of the water for the shot, and it turned out to be neither a unique nor especially great photo.
  9. the moderators only delete if the poster asks it too. I am sure CLO got a bunch of personal messages telling him he was a piece of shit. Such as the report of Thomas and I fishing excursion are inboxes were blown the eff up. We asked the mods just to remove the thread so the people could sit still and reposition there tampons
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  10. Doesn't matter if a river is a "secret" or not. More fanfare = more anglers. Even if I know the river well and I see a post about it, I tend to say to myself, "man, I've got to get over there again soon." A lot of people don't want a river they fish a lot to be "on the map," even if it's not a secret. I don't blame them, especially when it's not a river that can absorb a lot of pressure like the Yakima and leaving out the name wouldn't detract from the post.
  11. the OP said he would only leave the post up for a limited amount of time. Like others said large fish (if i had to guess 26-28 inches 4-5lbs, but i am a horrible guesser I'm sure someone else who saw might be able to give a better guess), fin intacted angler holding it a few inches off the water, possibly pinching the throat just below the gills for grip.

    Pretty sure it was posted just to stir the shit pot
  12. I didn't think you could delete a post if you started a thread???? I thought only moderators can do that.

    Some of the fish shown in the gallery photos certainly are not held "correctly" yet they are not removed.

    I need to bring Sherlock in for this one.
  13. I think that the tinfoil hat crowds bullshit radars going off is going to make this more memorable, and draw more more attention, than anything that the original rainbow pic would have.
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  14. Heres the pic:

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  15. Well, apparently it was a whitefish from the met. Case closed. Hell, if it wasn't for whitefish on the met I'd be skunked half the time there.
  16. mfsno1.jpg Don't know what the BFD is with report and inquiry pics on a known stream. I suppose it MAY cause a stir. But the sort of lunkheads that go running after freak 10# triploid trout in the Methow, when this was one of, what, maybe two?, probably won't fish well or catch much anyway.

    Above is a pic from my latest trip to the MF Snoqualmie. Biggest trout I've caught there. Though I've seen bigger.
  17. 10incher, I can't believe you had your hands in that fish's gills. He probably went belly up seconds after being released. Please refrain from posting pictures of mistreated fish.
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  18. That fish went for the beads.
  19. Nice job with PhotoShop. Either that or a large rubber fish :)

    I carry a 25-inch rubber redside with me at all times just for photo ops.
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