Weird Things on the River

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Coach Duff, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Coach, I dont know how to say this, or how often you hear it, but hear goes...........I think your my new hero man!!!!!!!! Badass writing, and anything with visions of random dead celebs is allright with me.....good on ya brosef.
  2. His wife sent me a thank you note after that. I haven't heard a word from them since. Obviously, people will say the darndest things when their in shock. I should have taken his little pea shooter and pumped that cow full of lead. I'll never forget what one of the locals said when he stopped by that night. "Sho iz a lotta meat layin' der."
  3. Yeah Matt that was a great story! thanks for the repost.
  4. Hellofa story Matt. Coach Speaking of river stuff, does that guy still live in that lean-to above the Wallace on the Sky? He used to live there in the summers with his pitbull.
  5. I once had a chum rise 8 feet to pick up an elk hair caddis my client was using for grayling, that was freaking weird
  6. Fishing On The 'shoug One Day...all Of A Sudden I Heard These Grunts That Sounded Like...maybe An Eighty Year Old Taking A Dooky. And Then The Trees Started Shaking And I Heard Snaps...more Taking A Dooky..more Snaps. I High Tailed It Out Of That Place And Have Not Been Back. I Google Earthed The Spot And There Was No Houses Or Roads Near That Area So I Dunno What It Was. Squatch????maybe...i Wont Believe In That Until I See It Though. I Do Believe That Day Will Come.
    Think About It...north America Is The Only Continent That Does Not Have A Known Primate (aside From Humans) Living On It.


  7. Elk?

    Squatch take Growlers, not Dooky's, it must have been an Elk.
  8. lochsabound-
    I dont know wha the hell that is, could just be a bear standing up, kinda has a face like a bear.
  9. :rofl:
  10. I thought Gris's post was because the board has lately gone from "family-oriented" to much more adult in terms of language, pictures, and themes. That usually seems to the be (d)evolution of male-dominated boards.

    I'm not missing the irony that I applauded when the moderators all decaffienated a bit, but before sending it I do generally think if a post is going to kid or female friendly. (Otherwise, I offend freely ;-))

    Maybe we need an Adult Content (AC) acronym, like the NFR arcronym (although AC is arguably NFR). That way we don't have to argue over the 1st admendment, worry about getting over moderated, or offend people unecessarily.

    As an aside, how do you get a masters in microbiology or whatever without learning to write?
  11. You did a nice job and your points are very sound. Then instead of adding a story or antecdote, your threw your little punk assed aside in. Couldn't help yourself could you? How about we continue our merry discussion and you go try to hijack someone else's thread and turn it into the tedious, draining pissing contest that some of these threads become. We're flyfishermen talking about weird things or funny things we've seen on the river. Maybe you missed the title. Come join us. There's room in the drift boat for everyone. If you want to stir old ashes, we'll let you float through and take another run. You can mentally and verbally joust with yourself all the way down. We're just trying to get a good chuckle and lighten things up around here. Tight lines Coach

    Now how about some more weird shit on the river boys!
  12. Coach, I like your "no BS, I calls 'em likes I sees 'em" style. Carry on, sir.

    Ty, speaking of 80-year olds taking a "dooky", and other wierd sh*t happening on the river, check this out:
  13. ncitrez nice post. So now we have reports of not beavers or otters being hooked, but Bigfoot! Ahhhh now that is priceless. Looks like some of the boys need to go in on a 14 weight and hit the beginners hole between 10 AM and 4 PM or whatever. Has anybody called Orzel on this? He might have beached it and released it and never told anybody. Old man Pritchard is smiling from ear to ear somewhere, tying Kalama Dynamites. Nice post. Coach :D
  14. Hey Coach, Matt,

    Those are some great stories. The two of them together remind me of that Tom Waits song "Big Joe and Phantom 309" Only with Cops, strippers, elk, ex-Marines, nurses, neurological examinations, a flipped Crown Vic, and guns.

    Keep it up.
  15. windtickler, you missed my point that Gris was talking down to us and acting holier than thou. I refuse to answer your aside comment. Cheers
  16. One time I was looking at and thought I saw a gizzley bear but it was really just a tool well past his prime. That was nutz.
  17. Actually, if you care to look a little closer, it has a face that looks like a tree stump that has been hit by lighting. :rolleyes:
  18. people who fish.

    and i don't think i need to go

    any further than that.

  19. So the Yak routinely gives up weird stuff on the river. We have seen college kids having sex on the bank, rescuing floaters that have capsized their inflatable rafts, can't swim, and are almost too heavy to lift onto the drift boat. Yes, this one gal almost didn't make it, luckily my brother-in-law is stronger than an ox.

    My fav on the Yak which brings this thread full circle was a guy screaming out as he drove by on the Canyon road: "fly-fishing is for pu...ies!!".
  20. I was attacked by a crazed chipmonk; however, I don't wanna talk about it any more.

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