Weird Things on the River

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Coach Duff, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Great Story Freedon!! Love The Thread Coach!!! I Love Reading About Others Weird Experiences On The Water, Substance Induced Or Not!! Guys, Life Is Too Damn Short To Worry About What Others Think.
    With That Said, I Have Seen The Pyramids Of Rocks On The Road Such As Stephan Stated, Actually Right Near The Spot That I Heard The Funky Sounds. The Spot Was Just Upstream From That Wide Sweeping Corner Of Flat Water Where There Are Always A Crap Load Of Swimers. On The Oposite Bank Right Where There Is That Little Bit Of White Water.

  2. So did it excite you? Did you like what you saw? I mean come on... It's chicks, and they probably looked like dudes. Sounds like it's right up your ally!

  4. So last fall I was swinging a run below the clay bank on the Cowlitz when I notice a hundred feet down a beaver strolling up the bank. After checking it out I made another cast with the spey rod. I look down at the bank and the beaver was gone. Now I did not think anything of it. I have seen a lot of wildlife on the river over the years and appreciate joining the wildlife in their own surroundings. So at the end of the swing I step and make another cast. Then when my line comes to the apex of the swing BAM! The reel starts sqeeling and my index finger is burned as my line runs into my backing. Thinking I just hooked a salmon I tried to set the hook, but I could not raise the rod. After the beast swam into the current below me I see something surface. Yes it was the beaver. It came up just in time for a couple guys in a jet boat to see. Let's just say they got a laugh at the expense of one of those fly tossers. Needless to say my run of adrenaline came to a screathing hault.

    I guess I can say I got into some beaver on the river that day.

    Another weird thing that I saw last year was on the Kalama. After getting a report from A WFF'r, I decided to fish the tidewater section of the river. It was Fall and there was Silvers staging to come in. Well I was unfortunate to go down there on low tide and I got to see all of the garbage that had been washed down the river that last Spring and fewer fish from what I heard. After wading through tires, crates, and dozens of beer bottles and cans I looked down to see something big and blue in the water. For some reason I decided to kick it. Well when it surfaced I see a bright blue dildo.

    ...lets just say I left to fish upriver.

    Freedon, that bird is awesome!

    Coach, thanks for stirring the pot!
  5. A couple years ago my wife and I rented a paddleboat at Green Lake and went for a spin . I love my wife but sweat any event around water and possible fishing were I can't bring a rod. It's a family joke. I put on my best face and we had lunch out there and paddled and laughed and had a good time. It was broad daylight about 1 PM, sunny, crowded and all of a sudden a big old wake (large Pike or Muskie sized) appeared in a snake pattern with spray flying off of the turns. This was a big wake. On the third or so wake with spray flying around right out in front of us, by wife is big eyed and terrified and wants to go in right now! She is no rookie around big fish (she's from Hawaii) and she's terrified! I am beside myself for not bringing a damn rod! How could I be so stupid. I've got some big poppers in the trunk. This went on for a good 6 or 7 wakes and sprays or about 5 minutes. Then it disappeared in the shadow of Beth's Cafe. When we got in we verifyed it with another couple who saw the same thing. They were to our west about 50 yards. I fished all my life all over the world and have seen and caught some big fish. This was a large animal, at least 25 pounds I believe. Hope someone catches it! Coach

    There were no animals injured and no Ranier Pounders drank in the witnessing or telling of this story. There will always be Janes Addiction playing in the backround. If that offends ya, I can't help ya.:beer2:
  6. Excuse my writing, I am getting my masters in a biological field so I probably dont write well.

    Anywhoo, July 2000:

    Went up one evening to fish the South Fork of the Skykomish near Money creek campground. Got to the turn off at Money Creek about 6:30pm. A little late, but still plenty of time to fish. Thought I would give it a try for trout after a previous day of fishing down lower on the river and catching a couple of 14-16" rainbows. So I turned off onto the Money Creek road and drove past the campground. On the right hand side of the main road there is a small dirt road that parallels the railroad tracks. I had been here before and gotten stuck in the sand. Had to call a buddy from Seattle who had to come pull me out, he wasn't real happy. So this day I knew not to go down too far. At the end of the 1/4 mile long road the river goes under the railroad tracks. So I park about 75 yards from the river/bridge, and notice there a glowing orb coming down the tracks, obviously a train. I decide to sit in my car and wait for it to pass. Well, as the train nears the bridge I see a large bipedal black figure come from out of the woods on the other side of the road. The figure jumps up onto the tracks. At this time I am thinking what in the hell is that. It is definately taller than most men, completely black and looked to be hairy. The train is almost at the bridge and this thing is about to be splattered. The bridge is at least 15 feet tall, maybe 20. To my amazement, the figure did not take one look in any direction, and after having one foot on the track it took one step and jumped off the other side. Holy shit, this thing is gonna kill himslef right. Instead, he lands in perfect stride on one leg and goes right into a sprint off into the woods/start of the end of the campground. This is giving me goosebumps right now. I can barely believe what I just saw. Obviously I did not want to fish this spot right now so I started backing out immediately and tried to go to another spot nearby. When I got all rigged up at the next spot and got out into the river I could not stop looking back over my shoulder. I said forget it, and drove home on a rare fishless day.

    Notes: While I will say I was not severlely influenced under any substance/alcohol, there is the possibility that there was some influence of ....... I'll leave it to the imagination.

    I was 75 yds. away from the bridge, and while everything looked very clear to me, there is the possibilty that there is some logical explanation. However, since I can't think of one, and there have been no explanations from anyone else I have talked to it is hard for me to deny what I saw.

    Gris- There is some excellent reading that I can suggest to you in light of this post. 1) "Me write book-an autobiography" written by bigfoot himself. 2) "Memoirs of Bigfoot" also written by bigfoot himself. This is no joke, I just purchased these books from a book store. If these books don't lighten you up, then I think you have strayed from the world of fly fishing and what it is all about-having fun, sharing stories, and experiencing the outdoors to its fullest.

    Duff- Excellent post. It has been hard to read some of the posts lately. Many people have opinions that are backed up by beliefs and what they think the authorities will do in terms of opening rivers, closing rivers, how to fish the right way, etc that are often wrong. As a fisheries biologist it is nice to see a post where everyone can share a story that has nothing to do with fishing laws/regs/rights/wrongs/analness.

  7. Coachduff, Great thread idea, and nice piece of writing (first story)... that was surreal!
    I know I must have seen some wierd things, but I feel so wierd myself sometimes, that they might have escaped my notice. A swimming porcupine might look wierd...looks even wierder after it's climbed out and it's shaking off the water and causing rippling waves to run thru its quills.

    I saw a bridge on a logging road going over a small creek that caught my interest. It was constructed of logs and dirt and elk hide... a large log on each side (spanning the creek), with smaller logs laid across...and elk hides had been laid over the smaller logs to keep the dirt that was spread over them from falling thru the cracks. The hides had been wrapped over and spiked to a second set of larger logs that acted as side-rails on the bridge. As old as the bridge looked (40 or 50 years, at least), I was surprised to see that any elk hide remained.
  8. Last summer I was out jigging with some buddies near salmon beach about a mile or so north of the bridge. We caught a ton of dogfish and a few rockfish, but the most interesting things we caught were a very large starfish, and a baby seal that my friend hooked...had to cut the leader on that one...also at one point another friend hooked into something that just tore out the line before promptly snapping it. This was some HEAVY line, so maybe it was an adult seal? Maybe one of the six gill sharks you hear of in the narrows? By the way I had never been jigging before this and have not gone since so I dont know if any of that is unusual, but it seemed so to me.
  9. While drifting the Sky a couple years ago with a buddy we saw deer on the bank and when we got closer we noticed an all white (albino?) deer behind it. We only got to see it for a couple seconds and off in the brush they went. Not sure if this is unusual or wierd but it was the first and only time either one of us has seen such an animal.

  10. JEB,

    Fairly/somewhat common here in the east. Not sure about the west, but regardless a beautiful site to see and experience in the wild. I've still never seen one alive.
  11. There used to be a beautiful albino fawn that lived in a field in Smokey Point about 8 or 9 years ago. She might still be there, only all grown up and a lady now. I used to stop there and park and watch her for a bit each time I was heading up to whatever river. She had a purity about her. One morning it snowed, and I drank my esspresso and watched her frolic about, tail buzzing and ears flippin around and her rolling and prancing and hopping and it warmed up my morning. Coach
  12. I have more weird hunting and fishing stories that I can count, but the most recent occured on the first day that the weather decited to get a little chilly at night early this september. I had made up my mind that I was going to visit a little lake that holds some big trout here in eastern washington, I had planned on getting up around o' dark thirty so I could get there before light. The problem was sometimes my friends dont understand the dedication it takes to get up at the butt-crack of dawn, so as I came home from work on friday and was met at the door with a tall boy of busch light and a shot of jager. If that gives you any idea of how my night went you can imagine what my wake up call felt like. In my infinate wisdom I decided (correctly I might add) that the only way to wake my self up after two hours of sleep was to set the alarm clock to 900 decibles, to say the least it was startling. Although I fell twice getting up I was determined to get out on the water, so stumbling like a wino at last call I made my way to the truck, packed my gear, and proceded to go down the road well above the legal BAC. Some how I made it out to the water and wrigled into my waders, strung my rod and headed down to the lake. Now this is the part that gets creepy, on my way down I couldnt focus my eyes, no matter what everything was blurry. I was staggering down a trail into the thickest fog that I have ever seen, the cold air and the still luke warm temps. of the lake had created a sock in that you could cut with a knife. Take into consideration that Im still a little drunk and unnerved by the fog any ways, and youve got one six three, three hundred pound sissy. Aside from that I was still determined to cast a line and catch some trout, so I tenitivly waded out and began my casting stroke. To my suprise I actually put my fly just when I wanted, and just like I had done a million times before I stripped my little wooly bugger in. The second cast I hooked and landed a handsome 16" rainbow, and with a flawless release I began to cast again. As soon as my line hit the water a blast of sound came not 10 feet from my left I tripped on my own two feet and fell strait into the lake, sending my gear in a yard sale fashion. As soon as I got to my feet I looked around for the culprit and saw nothing, now a little spooked and embaraced I decided in defiance to cast again. SLAP!!!!!!!! the same sound and the same reaction by me, but now I can see my assailant, or his wake any ways. Now I am scared, and that doesnt happen often, I am now standing in the middle of the flat im fishing weilding a 3" long pocket knife and waiting for the attack of some unknow sea serpent. Just as Im about to attack, the wind starts to blow the fog away, I can see the opposite shore and as soon as I look away from the water to get my bearings......SLAP!!!!!! and I fall again. Ah, but now I can see the cause of all this mayhem, a beaver is looking at my sorry, soaking wet ass, as lifts his tail and lets the water have another whack. Now Im soaking wet, no longer buzzed, but a little shaky as I start to wade back to the truck, almost feeling defeated by a creature a tenth of my size. That was the last time that I will ever get that drunk before going fishing that early. The moral of this story is dont let a little beaver scare you!:cool:
    Anywho a little long winded but had to tell my recent beaver story!
  13. In the interest of the brotherhood, I have deleted what I said to Griswald. Some things have happened today that have made me reflect. I believe it is very important to admit when I am wrong, and I was. I apologize. Please, more weird stories!!!
  14. Good on ya for stepping up! As for weird stuff, not much to report. My dad caught a golden-eye on Chopaka and a buddy caught a night hawk at Rocky Ford. Neither occasion was too weird, but both provided laughs.
  15. Matt Burke,
    Thanks for the apology, you have nothing to worry about with me.

    Lex and Coachduff, I apologize publically to you too. I came off as an arrogant prick, and that is not who I am. Would love to have beers or share flies or the river with you anytime.

    Post away anything goes.

  16. Griz, sit your butt down in the driftboat. Right there in the front. Lex and I and Burke have been waiting for ya. Now that we're all back on the river and happy and boat is drifting again, how about something weird from the Griz! Coach
    PS That beaver story from the big fella had me crying. Coach:D

    PSS --- Has anyone ever run across any moonshine stills up around the Sauk, Suiattle, or Whitechuck? Bobbytrapped stills?
  17. Meth labs on the islands of the sky.
  18. On how big of a scale? Coach
  19. While it's not on the river I have seen some odd things fishing the salt. Out at Neah Bay I saw a shad in the carcass bin of the cleaning station. I've never heard of anyone catching a shad in the salt, I know they're out there, but it's a big ocean.

    At the same cleaning station I saw some tool who didn't know how to drive his boat basically put his boat in full throttle and run right over a smaller boat, the smaller boat was pushed down under water while the larger boat with the tool at the helm slid right over the top of it. There was a man in the smaller boat who was lucky enough to duck down to avoid getting decapitated. No one was injured and the boat damage was minimal. To top that off About 5 minutes after that accident another idiot boater was not paying attention and he ran right into the cleaning station dock doing about 10mph, again, no serios damage, but still odd to see 2 marina-wrecks at nearly the same time.

    On a seperate trip while launching we saw the boat in the picture below being cleaned up by divers. The story we heard was 5 fishermen out of Tofino were all on 1 side of the boat looking at a fish that was being landed when a wave overtook them and swamped the boat. They all survived and the boat was later recovered off Capa Alava on the Washington coast then towed back to Neah Bay to be salvaged.

  20. another salt story, we were beach fishing if florida, and my dad hooks a pretty good size fish. hes fighting it, and all of a sudden the rod nearly doubles over and the line snaps. The fish didnt seem that big. The next day we were walking the same beach, and a fish carcass with the lure my dad was using was in his mouth! what must have happend is a shark or something huge nailed it while he was reeling it in.

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