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  1. Coach,

    Yeah, came across an abandoned still once, and due to a momentary case of old timer's disease, I can't recall where it was. It should come back to me; that's not the sort of thing that's easy to forget.
  2. More salt.
    Commercial fishing, Icy Strait, SE Ak, 1972. Skiffman on a seiner. Early morning set. Pea soup fog. 100' viz max, total grey beyond. Hammer down, bouncing the bow on a rock, holding the beach. Redheaded mermaid swims by, easily 6' long. WTF?
    Took a while to deduce an octopus. Maybe.

    Several decent bear/eagle/etc. encounters while mapping Katmai but none of them were weird.
  3. There is a herd of white/patchwork deer along the Sky. I told my ex I saw a herd of brown and white deer and she said "that is called a cow, dear." She thought it was so funny she told her farrier. It turns out he bowhunts and that a white fallow buck escaped from a breeder and that yes, they do exist. That is the only time she ever got to admit I might be right about something, which is pretty weird in itself.

    When I fished commercially, not a day went by that something weird didn't happen. I was pulling lobster traps once in 30' of water and saw a 30' shadow go under the boat. Like the Everready bunny, it just kept going and going and going.
  4. Kinda weird and creepy. Took the day off yesterday to hunt matsudake mushrooms with my uncle just over the pass. We check all the secret spots, but nada. No big surprise since it's been a dry year, but it's nice to be out with my 85-year-old uncle, who's still pretty spry and wants to pass on mushroom lore to the next generation. On one of the backroads, I see a sign to a lake that I've heard about on occasion. I haven't fished lakes much, but want to check it out anyway since I've heard good things about this alpine lake. My uncle and I get there after a bumpy ride and I immediately see that there's a prolific hatch and fish rising everywhere. I park well before the shore because I judge the way down to the lake shore better suited to offroad vehicles and don't want to bash my rocker panels to s**t. I used to do alot of offroad driving but sold my rig after I couldn't justify the damage to the environment and my rig's ridiculously high fuel consumption. I walk down to the lake shore and hear foreign voices. I run into a couple of Russian / Eastern European fellows with what look to be carp rigs like the ones used on Green Lake. Also, they drove a very low clearance Hyundai sedan down to the lake! Didn't see any damage, but those guys have some cojones or know a good body shop man. I eye the rods and the lake and ask what they're fishing for. Trout they reply. I ask how big the trout are. Two or three feet they say. Well, I'm thinking I've been wasting my time fishing for steelies when there are 2-3' trout in this small alpine lake. These guys were the chattiest fellows around and quickly took off and started chucking out some big tackle into the lake. I must say that the trout I saw were many and decent sized (12" range give or take). Pretty decent I thought. On the walk out, I saw what looked to be a lynching rope tied to a tree branch. Funny way to rig a food cache, or maybe it's there to deal with the dispair after missing a few of those 2-3' trout.
  5. I was on Rattlesnake lake last week fishing in my tube. I was in the process of changing flies and see a fairly nice trout swim right by my foot. I'm watching it swim under my tube and around when something hits the water, drenching me. I sitting there going wtf when an osprey emreges out of the splash and flaps off with the trout. Needless to say I kept looking behind the rest of the day.

    Two or three weeks ago I'm up on the Sky fishing when I hear a funny noise and turn around to see a buck crossing the river about 10 feet above me. He waded on out of the river staggering like a drunk and wanders off into the brush. Not more than 30 seconds after the deer disappears and I turn back to my fishing when a black bear steps out of the woods where the deer must have come out. It walked back and forth, looked across the river, looked at me, turns and ambles off up river before going back into the woods.

    I once caught a seagull casting anchovies off a pier. Damn thing grabbed the bait at the top of the cast and before I could hank it away swallows it. "BIRD ON" What a mess that was. Friggin' bird is flying away with my line and I'm cranking the drag down thinking how I'm going to explain how I got my line stripped by a seagull. I finally got enough drag cranked on to start gaining ground on the bird. When I had it about 20 feet away from me I cut the line. Stupid bird goes over and lands on the rail of the pier and managed to get the end hanging out of its mouth hung up on the railing. It took off, flew a feet, hit the end of the line and did a backflip crashing back down onto the pier. It got up and took off again. Same deal. Did this several times before I could get over and cut it loose. Just one of the reasons I hate air rats.
  6. Speaking of weird co-incidences... While fishing on the Yakima and tossing my fly tight to the bank, I ended up snagging what I though was a branch. After a bit of wrangling, the small twig holding onto my fly snapped off. After bringing it in and inspecting the twig, I found out I hadn't caught the twig, but rather my fly ended up passing *through the eye* of another fly that had been lost on that same twig. I considered that to be a banner day as it just illustrated my skillz at tossing flies :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  7. Dkell,
    Try Fishing For Seagulls At The Beach With A Big Wadd Of Chicken Fat!!! Thats Fun That Will Last Well Into The Next Day.


  8. I was walking along on the NF of the Sky about 10 years ago. I was on the northside of the river, so no roads or easy access to this spot. I was bushwacking around a high bank area, when I came upon a vegetable farm. There were buckets to catch rainwater, plants all over the place. I was afraid I might have stumbled into some guys hemp farm. I carefully looked where my feet were going, so as to avoid any tripwires, and got the hell out of there. All I saw were veggies, tomatos, onions, etc, no wacky tabacky.

    Another solo trip on the NF of the Sky I was walking upstream to the next hole when I noticed a woman walking toward me. As we got closer, I noticed she was wearing a camo tank top, and carrying something. Soon it became apparent she was holding a 12 gauge shotgun and she had an ammo belt, full of ammo, across her chest. I am thinking 'this ain't good'. She yells out to me and asks me if I had seen any bears. Whew, I don't have to worry about some psyco woman, just a pissed off bruin. As we got closer she told me a sow and two cubs had just come down the river bank. I never saw the bears, but I was talking and singing pretty loud as I walked down the trail to my car.

  9. I was fishing/backpacking in the N. Idaho Selkirks in late Fall about 10 years ago, and it was COLD. So cold, the big lakes had started to freeze around the edges, and the small lakes were near frozen-over. I hiked past a little tarn (a small mountain lake or pool, esp. one in a cirque), maybe 60 feet across, and noticed it hadn't frozen over, so for want of a body of water to cast into, I threw a loop, even though I doubted it held fish. As soon as my fly hit the water, the water started to freeze, starting at my fly, and line, and spreading outward. In about thirty seconds, the whole thing was covered in a thin glaze of ice.

    It was riveting, amazing, and a little spooky.

    I later found out very pure water can be cooled below it's freezing point without freezing, but if you add a nucleation event (dust, wind, a fly), it kicks off a chain reaction of ordered molecular freezing that can happen in seconds.

    It was one of the craziest things I've ever seen.
  10. I was up in canada for a few days to go camping with some friends, I didnt bring my fly rod because i didnt want to have to buy a canadian fishing license. So one evening while i was camping their i decided to skip rocks on top of the water, After about 10 minutes of just being bored and slinging rocks into the water i saw this HUGE fish/eel thing jump out of the water it was a good 4-5 feet long and scared the crap out of me. i ran back up the trail to my campsite as fast as i could and told my buddys about it, but they just laughed at me.

    Another time while fishing at lake oasious (sp? its a lake on the USA, Canadain border) we were trolling around when we spotted a what appeard to be stone crypt about 10 feet under the water, i dont know if we imagined it or not, but after about 15 secounds of looking at the thing we decided to head to the other side of the lake.

    Another time during the winter me and my friend headed to Beaver lake, it was still frozen over near the boat launch so we decided to break threw the ice with our plastic oars so we could get to the unfrozen side of the lake, after about making it threw 35 feet of ice with only about 10 more feet of ice left to break threw my paddle snapped in half and my friends had a large crack threw the center, We decided to head back after breaking my paddle not wanting to get stuck in the middle of the frozen lake.
  11. That's pretty interesting. Were you able to retrieve your line and fly without damage?

  12. Lost the fly and tippet, but the fly line peeled out of the ice okay. I had cleaned and dressed my line right before the trip, maybe that helped? :confused:

    And just to clarify: That's one of the craziest things I've ever seen that didn't involve humans, drugs, or guns.:eek:
  13. alright, I used to have a great picture of this however it was lost when i dropped my old cell phone in the anyways, i'm swinging for steelhead on a pretty well known run on the snoqualmie...I swing my fly next to the bank when all of a sudden it stops....FISH ON!!!...I set the hook and this is the deadest steelhead I have ever run, no nothing....what the hell is i keep reeling and see this blue shimmer coming towards me in the water...WTF :confused: finally as the "fish" gets closer to the bank I am made privy to it's identity......all I have to say is that after catching this I will probably never be surprised at anything I catch or hook in that river....second is that it was succesfully caught and released, and no, I didn't touch it with my is a pic of something similar without a purple egg sucking leech stuck in the tip...... no joke...
  14. Snake, that really is amazing, I'm gonna have to try that sometime on a smaller scale when it gets cold around here. Approx how long did it take for the whole lake to freeze?

  15. One day I walked up to this little lake behind my house that has a coupla docks on it. We walked out to this one dock, off the road and there is this naked guy there, with all of his clothes neatly folded. Weird we think. He takes off and we walk to the lake edge where in the middle of the woods is this tree with all of these memorial plaques on it comemorating the people from this one family who have died over the years. I really need to go get a picture of that thing. I mean, it's in the middle of nothing. So then my friend Cracker is tying on and I see this sea monster in the lake, undulating like pictures of 'Nessie. I'm going, this is not happening. But it just went on and on. After a while I realize it's two otters chasing each other around. After frothing the water for a while, we figure that the otters probably cleaned the lake out. So we take the logging road out. Part way down we hear a single pistol shot from the lake. I was thinking, maybe that naked guy went up to that Memorial tree and offed himself and thought we should go back. My friend was fresh from the Gulf and said "I've seen enough dead people," so we kept on. I went back later and couldn't find the clothes so I figure the guy maybe just died from embarassment.
  16. Early morning heading to the Ford below the lower dam. Two of my buddies are sad to see a rig parked down next to the creek. This was 10 to 15 years ago. As they drive down 2 guys come up from the creek toward the rig. So they park and get out and as they do my buddy all of a sudden has to take a dump. The 2 guys start over to talk about fishing and my buddy says to the other hey keep talking to them while I go over and take a dump behind some sage brush. My one buddy looks in horror and asks "YOU CAN'T FRIGGIN WAIT" NOPE !! So he talks to them about fishing and all of a sudden the dumper comes out and introduces himself and joins the conversation. All of a sudden one of the guys jumps up yelling "WHAT THE F**K !!" My 2 buddies look down and see that the wind has blown the shit paper 50 yards around the sage under the truck and around the leg of the guy. End of fishing conversation !!!
  17. I'm at Echo Lake behind out by Home Depot in one of those donut flloat tubes that we all owned. This is about 10 years ago, maybe a little less. I'm catching some rainbows, the monster of the night a 16 incher. Everything is very clear to me. This naked woman walks out of her lower porch (one of those two level basements) that sits right on the lake. So this woman walks out naked and drags a canoe from her yard and starts to paddle out. I'm the only person on the lake, just me my tube and a few olive willies. That and 15-18 feet of 6X flourocarbon, William Survey, Kevin Stubbs and I had a little system down back then especially in planter lakes. We were having 50 and 60 fish nights in ditches that supposedly had no fish. So this attractive woman paddles out in the middle of the lake sobbing uncontrollably and tips the canoe over herself. She makes no attempt to swim at all. My worst nightmare has been realized. She's trying to drown herself! Not to be callous, but like any angler worth his salt, my first worry is my Sage SP and reel. I've got to get out of this donut, secure my rod and then go be Sgt. America. Believe it or not, we used Force Fins in Force Recon for surface swimming, and I kept mine. So, I flop out of my donut, and guess what? My fins are stuck in the holes and I am upside down. Only a genuius of my intellect can pull off a manuver this stupid. It was "go" time and now I'm upside down and remembering my dry suit training with the Norweigen Special Forces in the North Atlantic. An air bubble not burped out could leave you upside down while the fellas got a good laugh at your expense. Thank God I had the Force Fins on, somehow after what seemed like 45 seconds or so, I got my feet through with the fins on. I set my rod and reel across the top and let it sail, hopefully to shore. Now the issue of the naked crazy woman trying to drown herself. No embellishing here boys. I didn't jack around one bit. I went under, grabbed her ankles and twisted as hard as I could. I could hear her scream. Then I had her in rescue stroke and told her if she fought me the least bit I would drown her myself. I know boys, it doens't make a whole lot of sense that a woman who was trying to drown herself was suddenly afraid of me drowning her, but who cares, Sgt. America was bringing in the precious cargo. I yelled "call 911" in the general direction of an open patio door 3 or 4 times as I got ready to pull off my circus donut flip. Seattle's finest were waiting for us as we pulled in the last 20 feet or so. By that time she is limp in my arms and just sobbing like a baby. I got a high five from the cop and hugs from her kids (4 of them) who were outside now in a panic. She wasn't a bad lady, just had a few too many and husband was never there for her. (Probably a steelheader I thought). Soon neighbors and friends joined the scene and I knew it was time to take my donut and run. As I threw it in the back of the Hunter Green Bronco I had micro-beers at the Mecca on my mind. This kid about 7 or 8 ran up and yelled at me, "My parents said your're a hero mister!" "No kid, I'm no hero, The guy that tied this fly is a hero. It's named after his son William. It's got magic in it." I stuck an Olive Willie in the brim of his hat, messed up his hair, put his hat back on him, climbed into my rig and slammed the Bronco into 1st gear. "Yea, something unfiltered with a lemon might do the trick tonight." I never fished Echo Lake again. I hope she's okay. I really do. I hope even more William Survey is happy and knows peace in his soul. A toast to you William, a toast to you.

    True story Tight lines boys, tight lines. Coach :beer2:
  18. Thanks Coach, you made my night after putting the kids to bed. With a separation going on (not a bad one my friends) i need a mental vacation like that besides the good old standbys.:cool: :beer1:

    Snake. Facinating, you witnessed super-cooled water.. did you know that super-cooled water initiated the the break in the ice dam that blocked glacial lake Missoula during the last ice-age? This caused the cataclysmic flood(s) 800ft thick that carved out the Scablands, left enormous boulders(of a forein geology near Missoula) and made Dry Falls, etc.. in eastern WA. I would love to experiment with supercooled water, as you inadvertantly did.

    Burnham - F'n hillarious. I have to try and remember this one for the campfire this weekend at the Yakima with the guys.

    Windtickler and Gris: apology accepted. We are all brothers and sisters here.
  19. pffffft!
  20. Damn, I say a couple things about fat steelhead and virgins in heaven and a chick and I get kicked off, again. You guys talk about naked women and lesbians and its all good.

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