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  1. Welcome from Ireland

    Hi Everyone
    I am Lawrence Finney from a small village called Moira in Northern Ireland.
    i have browsed the forum and decided to take the plunge and join.
    Looks a good forum, and i hope to get some tips in the future.
    I usually fish the rivers and Loughs of Ireland (not much success though)
    I qualified as a proffessional game angling instructor earlier this year in fly dressing, so i hpoe to pick a few brains for new patterns and exchange a few of mine
    all the best
  2. No way! JK. Welcome Laurie and Ian and everyone else.
  3. 'bout time to introduce myself...Gary Dills. Spent my teenage years learning to fly fish and tie...during the 60's...Bamboo, then Fenwick Glass...Thompson vise. Then my buddy bought a Ranger Bass boat and that became the go to fishing for both of us. I fly fished much less and became too busy with career and other things. I've begun to rekindle the passion I have for the sport...the Puget Sound is a little different than what I cut my teeth on in the Sierras. More variety of fish...more interesting weather...but I am once again rekindled! I love still water fishing and tying patterns for such...and you can't beat the small streams and rivers with the 3wt. I've yet to catch a steelhead but will!
    This is a great site and I've visited often this past year...even bought some stuff...I've learned a good deal...who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks...
    Learn Something New Each Day
  4. Hello everyone! I've been lurking here for quite some time. I'm a hybrid fisherman, If you see me fishing you will see that I have both gear and fly rods in the boat.:eek: I blame this on growing up in SW Washington (Ilwaco/South Bend/Kalama). Salmon every summer, steelhead every winter, cutties in the fall, surf perch and rock fish in between.... and don't forget the crab!

    I've been flyfishing since I was 12. My father gave me an 8wt Shakespear glass rod that he purchased at the Naval Exchange after his enlistment was up. I've been tying and tossing flies ever since. I'm not very skilled but I've picked up a lot of pointers on these forums. Thanks for all the great info!
  5. Hi,

    So, here's yet another introduction by some newb. :)
    Not only new to the site, but also to fly fishing.

    My first real fly fishing experience was this April, over in Colorado. My brother-in-law got both my wife and I hooked on fly fishing. Of course that means needing some gear of our own. (His and Hers for anything that can't be shared.)

    Looking forward to breaking out the atlas and exploring some of those little blue lines, but for now, reading lots of old posts. :)

  6. Hello everyone,
    My name is Jeff Newcombe and I'm originally from Maine where there is some great fly fishing, if anyone is planing a trip let me know and I can steer you to some great rivers. I work for a company which builds wind energy farms and will be living in Walla Walla. If anyone lives in the area I would appreciate some advise on rivers and wouldn't mind tagging along with anyone on a weekend for some fishing oppertunities.
  7. Hello all Josh Sharp here. Moved to Camas 3 months ago from Michigan. I would not consider myself and avid fly fisher, but I have done quite a bit back home. Just bought a new launch and need to try it out. So if any of you live in the area and find yourself fishing, I would enjoy the company and knowledge of the area and its rivers. Thanks
  8. Hi,everbody my name is Steve Robbins from Centralia Wa. I was looking for a great fly fishing site to join and i found this one which is very infomative and interesting. I began fly fishing about 25 years ago in Vermont and have been hooked ever sence, I don"t claim to know it all i"m learning everytime i go out and hit the water, the fish keep teaching me new stuff all the time. I"m fairly new to the area of Centralia so if anybody has any ideas where to go and try to cast a fly i would appreciate any advice. Just send me a PM and we can hookup sometime. Thanks to You all. Steve.
  9. Hey everyone....been on this site for a little bit now...lots of great info. Even a couple postings I've contributed too...Names Ryan, love fly fishing...love learning more from thsoe more experienced~!
  10. Hi, fellow fly anglers. I've had a look-see a few times at this forum, over the years, so I might as well join up. Name's John, in Nanaimo, B.C., on Vancouver Island. Born and raised here on the coast, and lived here all my life, except for brief stints in Massachusets and Maryland. I was lucky enough to spend my formative years living beside a mountain stream inhabited by cutthroat, and also close to the ocean. I can't remember if my first fish was a shiner, sculpin, or cutthroat, because I was very young, and that was 50-odd years ago now. Apart from sport fishing, I also have experience commercial trolling and fisheries work (government and private).

    Tied my first flies when I was about 8 or 9, and have recently added fly rod building to the obsession. I rarely use gear anymore, although I used to cast Buzz Bombs for coho and chinook in the Strait, before their populations plummeted. Now I beach fish for them, with a 7 or 8 weight, as time allows. Most of my fishing is done in rivers and the ocean, so I'm quite ignorant of lake techniques.

    These new-fangled computer forums are great for the never ending learning curve, eh? (Had to get an "eh" in here!) And I hope to contribute when I can, as well.
  11. Tied flies a decade ago in high school in Outdoor Education and though it was fun but didn't pick up fly fishing till this summer, when I realized that I was missing out on some significant salmon fishing action.

    I'm always game for salt or freshwater fishing excursions and meeting new people, so shoot me a PM if you want to go fishing (salmon, trout, flounder, whatever). Anything within 2 hours of Bothell will likely spur my interest.

    tight lines,
  12. Hey everybody!

    My name's Tony, and I've been a registered lurker on the site since I moved to Bellingham 5 years ago. I figure that it's time to join in on the conversation, since I've taken so much from this site.

    I started fly fishing when I was 9 or 10, in rivers and lakes around my boyhood home of Kettle Falls. Soon after, I began tying flies -- I still use the same old stationary vise that I started with, almost twenty years later. I fished using both gear and fly equipment for a number of years, but since moving to Bellingham, I only used gear a couple of times.

    Following high school graduation, I did a year at EWU, then joined the Navy. I participated in both Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, and when I got out of the Navy, I moved up to Bellingham to start a band and be at one with myself. I am currently in college studying Entertainment Business, and graduate in March. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to go straight through in pursuit of a Master's, but it's starting to look that way.

    My fly experience lies in Eastern WA streams, spring creeks, ponds and lakes for rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. I spent almost my entire childhood in the woods, and found my share of secret spots.

    Since moving to Bellingham, I've fished all over this side of the state. I marvel at the breathtaking views one will see when swinging a fly through a run on any one of the fine rivers on the west side of the mountains.

    Although I can't seem to dial in anadromous fish on the fly (there's no salmon/steelhead where I grew up -- thanks Grand Coulee Dam), I have had decent luck on stillwaters over here for trout. I have, however, experienced the thrill of having a steelhead on the end of my line, and it was enough for me to dedicate several dozen days a year to chasing them. I haven't had the fortune of catching another one, but my excitement for this fish hasn't wavered.

    I look forward to participating in future conversations on this site, as well as meeting some of you on the water.
  13. Hello all.
    My name is Evert, I'm 42 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
    Besides flyfishing, I like to tie my own flies.
    This forum is a great way to learn more about flyfishing and flytying
  14. Hi everyone!

    My name is Kaz, originally from Japan. went university in Billings, MT because of FF. now live in Richmond BC.
    Love to fish for Steelhead and trout in lakes.

    Great site looking forward to getting know the members.

    Thank you
  15. Welcome Kaz!
  16. I recently relocated to Vancouver from San Diego. I still have a house in San Diego and spend a fair bit of time there. I got into offshore fishing in San Diego as there isn't much flyfishing to be done. I'm still a hack but have a great time flyfishing. I started when I lived in AK a few years back. I'm new to Vancouver and would very much enjoy hooking up with a couple of people here to make some day or possibly weekend trips out of Vancouver.

  17. Hi everyone,

    My name is Kale, and I actually run the website for the tv show Sport Fishing On The Fly. Most of the fishing on the show is done in the Pacific Northwest, so hopefully some of the info, video and fly patterns I have can be of some use here. I just recently found this board, but it seems like a very active and friendly community that I am looking forward to contributing to.
  18. Greetings Kale!
    Welcome to the board.
    I was just on the SFOTF site watching a video of a " much younger" Don and Brian tying a chironomid.
    I watch the program fairly regularly here in So. Cal. and enjoy the unfettered approach to things.
    Looking forward to your input.
  19. Hi, fellow fly rodders.

    I am a long time reader, and a first time poster. My name is Gordon, and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I got my start fly fishing from my dad, who took me outside the city to fish in the local streams. My first fish was a trout, caught using a nymph my dad tied. I unfortunately, have not been able to duplicate his fly tying ability, but am constantly reading and getting better all the time.

    I like to read and write about the fly fishing books, and what I have learned from them. My latest book that I reading is Fly Tying For Beginners: How to Tie 50 Failsafe Flies. I find that it is really helpful, and hope to post a review soon.
  20. Welcome to this wacky forum Gordon! Lots of good info and good folks here.

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