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  1. Hello all,

    Joined today after searching the forum and being blown away at how helpful the members are to questions from newbies and experts alike. Congrats on forming such an inclusive group in a notoriously secretive sport. I grew up in Anchorage, AK where I spent my time gear fishing for sockeye and chinook in the Kenai and openwater species in Ressurection Bay. Moved to Seattle and was introduced to fly-fishing by my wife's uncle. Luckily, I married into a series of cabins on Hood Canal near Brinnon have have experienced what a fantastic place that is.

    Looking forward to sea run cuts now and silvers/chum in the fall. Thanks in advance for all of your advice and recommendations.

  2. Greetings All!

    I'm from Corvallis, Oregon. Planning a camping and hiking trip with friends and family at Ohanapecosh campground at Mount Rainier NP. Hoping to sneak away from the group and get some fly fishing in. Any advice or suggestions appreciated. I'm limited to early morning short distances from the campground. Is it true I don't need a fishing license in the park?

    Thanks much,
  3. Hello all I have been lurking around on the site for a spill so I thought I would say hello. I am origionally from Portland, Or. and claim the D-shutes as my hometown river where I spend most of my time. I am currently stationed here in Everett as a engineer in the U.S. Navy. I have spent the last two years learning all this new water. I have decided to focus learning one river and that one is the N.Stilly. I have been tossing the fly for about 10 years now and can hold my own but will always learn and appeciate new information to this lovely sport. I am always looking for people to fish with as I am usually alone on the river. Not many people in the Navy fish or are remotely skilled in the sport. So If you want to hit the river please shoot me a line and lets get into some fish.


  4. Hello!
    Grew up in Seabeck, Washington, bird hunting, fishing and crabbing Hood Canal. Dabbled a bit in fly fishing/tying as a kid too. Spent some time trekking to Rocky Ford with my older brothers a few years back and now I'm looking forward to picking up the fly rods again. Just moved to the Purdy area and have access to the Burley Lagoon. Never flyfished saltwater before and the forums here are outstanding for a rube! Also was very impressed with the knowledge and friendliness found at the Gig Harbor Fly Shop - great crew there!

    Appreciate the posts and sharing of great information that used to be "insider only" knowledge,

  5. Hello fly wetters - I found this site from a reference from hunting-washington.com and I have been hooked. New to fly fishing but been fishing bait and lures forever. Met a gent at Boeing who hooked me in this new adventure. Took a few lessons from him and floated the Snoqualmie. Caught a few and started to purchase my gear. WOW More expensive than my hunting stuff. I picked up a cheaper rod and reel. Lines, float tube, waders, wading boots and lotsa little accessories. Probably ito it $800 already. Coulda bought a loot of fish for that money. LOL Well after that have went out with a few members here and have had a great time. Good people here and hope to continue to learn from you all.

    Thanks to all the moderators, sponsors and everyone who posts.

    Gary G.
  6. Hello to the WFF Forum!

    I just reg'd on the 20th of October.

    About me... I just got back into fly fishing after taking many years off. I used to do a little ff in Idaho and Montana on summer vacations from Southern Cal. This past summer I took my 5yr old fishing down in the Lake Tahoe area. We had such a great time, and he caught his first fish on his own!
    After our time fishing I really started thinking about getting back in to it myself. My most recent B-day I was given a gift card and purchased a nice setup nothing to fancy as I'm really starting out again! I have a Redington 9', 8wt rod with an Okuma reel. I'm sure this will get upgraded at some point for now I'm pretty happy with the setup...mostly having a great time getting out and fishing. Of course I'm looking to improve and taking in as much as I can.

    When I'm not fishing I'm traveling around the us shooting professional motorsports and doing some work within the automotive world, new car releases or working at car shows give product demos etc.

    I've been covering some territory lately form the Sky out to the Yak and many spots in between!

    So far I've found this forum helpful and look forward to using it more, and maybe meeting some people out on the water!

  7. Hello all.

    My name is Gary and I joined today. I'm 24 years old and I am just starting out in the fly fishing world. I grew up in Grays Harbor and have fished gear off and on to this point. I moved to Seattle in 2005 for school and my days in nature dwindled as my schedule got crazier. I graduated from UW las year and started to get back into the wilderness by hiking and doing some gear fishing in alpine lakes. It was one of these trips that I came across an old fly fisherman and had a lengthy discussion about the sport. It compelled me so much that I started doing research and asking around. I am planning on buying a Redington Classic Trout 9' 5 wt, taking some lessons and hitting the rivers, lakes, and sound within 2 hours drive from Seattle to fish for trout. My favorite of which is the coastal cutthroat.

    I appreciate all of the information that you guys provide and will be a frequent visitor. I will do my best to avoid asking questions that may annoy some of the members ;) At any rate, once I get up and fishing I would love to meet some new fishing buddies in the Seattle area as I don't know any fly guys.


  8. Hi everyone!

    I'm originally from W. WA but the past few years I've been living in CO. I just moved back to the NW in July and it's great to be back! I've poked around the forums a few times in the past but never got around to starting up... so I thought I'd give it a try finally. Living in Coeur D' Alene, ID now so I'm glad I can still fish my favorite areas in E. WA while also being able to explore some of the great places Idaho has to offer. These forums have always been a great place to learn from more experienced anglers and I'm really looking forward to being a part of it!

  9. Hey all,

    Came across this Thread but don't think i've introduced myself. Im Tom, 29, seattle,wa. Picked up the sport this year and im loving it, best method of fishing i've done in my years of fishing. Well my opinion at least. I learned most of what i needed from videos posted on youtube from the guys at Reds, thanks. Still got plenty to learn, nothing beats learning first hand, so to the river it is. I love fishing alpine lakes in the spring/summer and i spend a tremondous amount of time on the yakima. This is a very informative forum and i love it. Hope to bump into some of you out on the yak or up in the mountains sometimes. :)

  10. Hello,

    My name is Mark, I have been a member for a couple of years but haven't introduced myself before. I have been fly fishing for about twenty five or thirty years and tie flies for a few local shops and have for the last ten years, as well as being a fly tying and casting instructor. I have a few friends on the site and have enjoyed reading the forum and looking for information from the many experienced anglers here. As I get more familiar with how things work on a forum I will try and offer some of my experience to help others as well. I have lived around this area most of my life and enjoy the hiking, camping, and fishing thats all around us. I retired last summer so I now have time to try some new things and this is one of them.

    Mark M
  11. Hello all, I am new to the site as I am to the area. My name is Dave and I am pumped to find a place that has so many casters talking and fishing with each other. I have been reading through a bunch of the older posts as I am trying to educate myself on fishing in the PacNW. Just got a 8 wt switch and have been hitting all the local shops picking up flies so I have something to tie off of. I am rocky mountain fisher but have made the move to Vancouver WA and will be on the water every chance I get. I just want to introduce myself. Look forward to chatting with you and I hope this NFG can meet you on the river or behind a vice.
  12. Thanks for this excellent site. I moved here in '78, fly fished actively if somewhat unimaginatively for ten years, stopped for no good reason, and took up fly fishing again two years ago after a 20 year hiatus. I quickly got to prefer the barbless / catch-and release ethos of this time, but considering the fact that I get skunked quite a bit it may be mostly irrelevant to the fish. I discovered the WFF site a few months ago.

    My kids and I enjoy tying as well as fishing, and I have been trying to get on the streams year-round and as often as possible. We've been on the South and Middle Forks, the Sound for sea-runs, a few lakes, the Yakima, the Rogue, the Skykomish and some other streams.

    My 15 year old Thomas and I just spent a week on the Yak and enjoyed the beautiful if freezing weather, the genuinely nice guys at Red's, and the lack of competition for the fish and the space. Of course, together we (well, he, really) caught only a giant sucker. But we experienced a lot of the smile-making sights, fresh smells, and both inner quiet and thrills you hope to experience while fishing, including most notably being up to our knees in cold water, looking across the river and up, seeing a coyote chase a deer near the skyline of the canyon wall, then seeing the deer bound all the way down the canyon, plunge into the river, and swim across. This was our second annual 5-day stint on the Yak between Christmas and New Years, but this year Thomas was two inches taller than I and his casting is a bit more patient than it was the prior year.

    I don't yet know how to use or navigate the site well (so if you want to say hi I might miss it!) but will try to learn in months to come, and hope to run into you streamside. Thanks again for maintaining this site and for helping guys like me learn a bit more and enjoy life a whole lot more.

  13. Thats right, another FNG to take up space on the river and no doubt land a fly in your ear or nose or some other sensitive body part. I'm brand new to fly fishing but I've been an outdoorsman my entire life. I live in Dupont with my family, right next door to Fort Lewis (I refuse to call it JBLM). I've been stationed here for a few years and will be retiring here very soon. I'm looking forward to once again being able to escape to the great outdoors on my own terms sans ruck and rifle. After a long career in the Army and Navy both, I am definitely looking forward to the sort of solitude and relaxation that fly fishing offers. I hope to see some of you out there. And by the way, I will be be cutting my casting teeth on the Nisqually near Lewis so you may want to steer clear for a while.
  14. Glad I found this place, looking forward to the wealth of information the site has to offer.
  15. Greetings one and all, I am new to fly fishing and have already been learning quite a bit from this site. I've been a longtime outdoorsman having grown up in Washington State. I've been slowly gaining momentum in my new endeavor of fly fishing which is quickly going full throttle. A couple of years ago when GI Joe's when out of business I picked up a Reddington fly rod. Last spring I took a class at Creekside Angler's in Issaquah. Well last week I finally went fly fishing with a buddy (my starting curve seems more like a snails pace). I caught my first fish on a river and now I'm hooked! I look forward to learning as much as I can while spending countless hours online here. Hopefully I won't ask too many stupid questions for ya.

  16. Hi all, i'm new to the board (and fly fishing). I've been fishing the sound and local lakes for around 26 years. Last year i picked up a fly rod for the first time since i was a teenager (only fished with a fly a couple time back then) and did a little bit of bass fishing with it during the spawn. I mainly fish salmon & steelhead now days and i'm hoping to get my first salmon on a fly rod this year.
  17. Hello all,

    The name is Jon, and I am guilty of trolling this site for the last few weeks trying to figure out fly fishing in the great state of WA. I transplanted here 4 years ago from CA, and spent my days chasing rainbows in the Eastern Sierra's on an old split bamboo rod given to me by my grandfather. Until recently, I've been spending much of my time traveling, and though in the last 4 years, I've landed Dorado in Hawai'i, and Sockeye on the fly in the Russian River in AK, I have yet to spend much time up here in WA on the fly...or at all for that matter.

    But now, the job has me finally stationary in Seattle, I bought me a new house, polished up the Weber Bullet, and am finally ready to make a go at Washington State waters. The old split bamboo has been retired, and I've just picked me up a nice new 7wt. to get me started on my journey. I've quickly found that flycasting in WA, be it on the Puget Sound, or on the 'S' rivers, is an entirely different ball game than what I'm used to. So far, I've been a sponge, and have gotten a lot of great info off of this site. I've been known to be active in forums, and should start becoming active once I get the swing of things. Great to see an active community of local fly fishers.
  18. Was doing research the past few days, trying to weigh fishing/angling Kayaks vs Pontoon boats. I've never been in or on a Kayak, but own two Pontoons and two older float tubes. Been Flyfishing since 1982 and have recently moved back to the Pacific North West (Vancouver, WA) after twenty eight years in Tucson, AZ. Glad to have found the Washington Fly Fishing site and look forward to meeting many of you over the next few years. Maybe even sharing a campfire or two.
  19. Hi All, My name is Chad I was Born and raised here in Renton, WA. Im just getting into the Fly fishing world, working on my 2nd year. Im here to try and learn as much as possible from seasoned FF men and woman. All I know is the Green river and the Cedar, hoping to broaden my horizons and learn about some new rivers and find new friends to fish with. I have a few weapons, my G Lomins IMX 4 wt, and a Lefty Kreh 8wt. My goal is to get into some steelies, so for now I am reading on the "fish of a thousand casts". Hope to see you out there, I will be the one trying to pick your brain and learn.
    Tight Lines
  20. Hi, All -
    My name is David Glassman and I live in Redmond. I am a relative newcomer to the sport (having started about 3 years ago) and feel that I might finally qualify as a Beginner! I discovered tying last Christmas, and loved it at first sight. (Notice I did NOT say: 'got hooked'.) I've recently started exploring local streams and rivers, and look forward to meeting fellow anglers on-line (or in person) and learning more about the sport and local spots.

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